Why Track Social Media?

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  Instead of posting blindly on social media, tracking the results of posts can visualize what works, where the most followers come from and when followers respond to posts. This presentation highlights some key benefits of tracking social media results. InspireAnalytics offers a free SaaS product, cogniSocial, which is a great way to start tracking your metrics. www.inspireanalytics.com
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  • 2. Why Track Social Media? Because You Can!
  • 3. Why track social media? • The number one reason to track your results on social media is, that you can. The most popular social media platforms make metrics available. • Facts are better than guesses. You might have a pretty good idea of how your are doing, how much response you are getting and what works. But wouldn’t it be better to back it up with facts? • Automate and save time. You can get all the metrics by going to each of the social media platforms you use, and look at their analytics. But wouldn’t it be easier if it was all done automatically, and the highlights were presented to you in one place?
  • 4. 6 key benefits of knowing the metrics 1. You can stop guessing, and start knowing 2. You can see what type of posts you gain most traction from 3. You can see what social media platforms you get most traction from 4. You can test and evaluate strategies, based on the metrics 5. You can see when (time, weekday etc.) you get most traction 6. You can easily compare results across social media platforms
  • 5. Get started! If you are new to social media analytics a good place to start is getting the metrics and do basic analytics. You can get your metrics from the social media platforms’ own analytics. It’s free, but you have to go to each social media platform you are using to get the metrics, and it’s hard to see the big picture. Or you can use social media analytics tools to collect metrics from each social media platform and present them in one place!
  • 6. Data levels • Generally speaking, there are three levels of data: • Metrics, Analytics, Insights Metrics Analytics Insights • Metrics is the raw data, typically likes, comments, shares, tweets etc. • Analytics is mining the metrics and show trends, summaries etc. • Insights is connecting the analytics to user behavior, like seeing the big picture and reason behind the numbers
  • 7. Tracking with cogniSocial • Of the three levels Metrics, Analytics and Insights, cogniSocial focus on the first two. • The metrics are unified, so it’s easy to compare results, e.g. Facebook vs. Twitter. This makes it easier for beginners to start tracking their social media efforts. • Insights can be derived from the data presented as charts and tables, sorted by categories, types and dates.
  • 8. Tracking with cogniSocial • Some key benefits of tracking your social media platforms with cogniSocial: • The basic features are available for FREE, so you don’t have to pay a subscription to get started • cogniSocial allows you to see results from all your connected social media platforms in one overview chart so it’s easy to see where you get the most traction • You can also dig in deeper and get the results from each social media platform individually. • If you need more than what the free features offer, you can pick and choose between optional paid features. You only pay for what you need.
  • 9. Tracking with cogniSocial • cogniSocial free features: • Tracking of up to three different social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) • Tracking of one of the same platform (e.g. one Facebook account + one Twitter account + one YouTube account) • 30 days data retention, track progress and development over a 30 day time span • Overview with the past week’s reactions from all connected platforms in one chart, useful for comparison across platforms • Overview with a list of the past week’s Top 5 most active posts, tweets, videos from each connected platform • Detailed views of each connected social media platforms with charts and tables showing progress and distribution of likes, comments, shares, views etc.
  • 10. Tracking with cogniSocial • Get started tracking the results of your social media efforts for free with InspireAnalytics cogniSocial. • Learn more about cogniSocial on our website: www.inspireanalytics.com
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