What is hummingbird and the entity search revolution

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  The 2014 London SMX was way different than the one in NYC just a few months back. SEOs and marketers are now looking at the softer attributes of marketing in search, exploring how to develop authority,enhance their reputation and generate trust with their audience.
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  • 1. What is Hummingbird and the Entity Search Revolution How Search Has Changed 1David Amerland SMX London 2014
  • 2. What is Search? The ‘easiest’ concepts are the hardest ones to define. 2
  • 3. Search Used to be ‘Easy’ 3
  • 4. In a way it was no different to counting cards 4 Yandex still has a very traditional approach to search Keyword matching based on statistical lexical analysis cannot easily filter out spam.
  • 5. The same search query in Google search: 5
  • 6. And from an SEO mentality the change is even more marked: 6 We go from this: To this: Which also means that search changes from being the broadest net possible bringing in as many people as possible to a search query, to being the best answer possible.
  • 7. It means that SEO work that used to look like this: 5/17/2014Footer Text 7
  • 8. Now looks like this: Source: Stone Temple Consulting 8
  • 9. Because search that looked like this: 9
  • 10. Now looks like this: 10
  • 11. We know what Hummingbird really looks like: 11
  • 12. Though this is the more familiar look: 12
  • 13. So what is Hummingbird, really? • One man has the answer: http://goo.gl/ym5Xx1 13
  • 14. So a search engine is made up of: 14
  • 15. And the moment you add the human element you begin to also demand: • Comprehension • Historical Context • Personal data • Search History • Search Patterns • Usage habits • Intelligence in the results • Social connections • Social activity • Personal context 15
  • 16. Search now looks not just at information but also, knowledge And this is where Entities come in. In order for an Entity to be formed it requires the indexing and verification of a host of attributes. 16
  • 17. Entity Attributes 17
  • 18. Entities transform search from an activity that was focused purely on search engine metrics to one that now takes into account the full spectrum of human engagement and interaction. 18
  • 19. This makes SEO harder to game because it changes the economic dynamic that drives human behaviour. 19
  • 20. So we go from … 20
  • 21. 21
  • 22. And that really changes everything: • Keywords • On-page SEO • Backlinks • Publishing frequency • Link dumping in social networks • Content length • Keyword stuffing • Keyword placement • Anchor text • Link sculpting • Etc… 22 • Concepts • Search queries • Trust • Authority • Reputation • Citations • Social network footprint • Comments • Sentiment • Social proof • Brand equity • Authenticity • Etc …
  • 23. David Amerland www.davidamerland.com @davidamerland 23 http://goo.gl/AVWmEhhttp://goo.gl/wcL9fS
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