Using Mini Novels Jamboree 2014

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  1. Jamboree 2014 Bethany Ergican | Redondo Union High School 2. USING MINI-NOVELS IN CLASS TO ACHIEVE BIG GAINS IN LANGUAGE ACQUISITION Jamboree 2014 Bethany Ergican…
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  • 1. Jamboree 2014 Bethany Ergican | Redondo Union High School
  • 2. USING MINI-NOVELS IN CLASS TO ACHIEVE BIG GAINS IN LANGUAGE ACQUISITION Jamboree 2014 Bethany Ergican Redondo Union High School
  • 3.! /my/polls Do you currently teach with mini-novels in class? If yes, what mini-novels do you read with your classes? What types of activities do you already utilize when teaching with mini-novels?
  • 4. Why read with or tell stories to students? The "Comprehension Hypothesis": We acquire language when we understand what people tell us and what we read. There is no need for deliberate memorization; rather, firm knowledge of grammatical rules (a feel for correctness) and a large vocabulary gradually emerge as language acquirers get more "comprehensible input," aural or written language that is understood. In support of the Comprehension Hypothesis are many studies showing that foreign language classes that contain more "comprehensible input" produce superior results when compared to traditional classes: Comprehensible input students do far better on tests of communication and at least as well on grammar tests. Stephen Krashen Second Language "Standards For Success": Out Of Touch With Language Acquisition Research
  • 5. Activities to use with Mini-Novels Pre Reading Activities During Reading Activities Post Reading Activities
  • 6. Pre-Reading Activities Analyze the book cover Study culture & country where book is based Pre-teach vocabulary Reading Action Chain Predictions
  • 7. Book Cover Discuss characters & pictures on cover Write a short description of book cover in target language to read with class Discuss plot & background of story in great detail Discuss book title Translate back cover to target language and read as a class Probable character traits
  • 8. Study Country & Culture Geography  States, provinces & capital  Flag, colors, significance National symbols: flowers, trees, bird, music, dance,  Cultural words or phrases Economy & export products Money & value Environment, national Parks, animals & wildlife Traditional food & drinks
  • 9. Study Country & Culture Present information with: a fill-in-the-blank worksheet a bookmark to color that has space to take notes on country a webquest a competition using Socrative a jigsaw
  • 10. Cultural Participation & Research Project (CPR) Cook food Visit restaurant Reproduce famous artwork Create a mask Take a dance lesson Watch a movie Adrián Gómez
  • 11. CPR Project Project includes: Evidence: 7 pictures with captions in Spanish Minimum 1 page research paper Action, Connection, Reflection form Parent note Project plan Cynthia Leathers
  • 12. Pre-teach Vocabulary Teacher needs to read book first Select vocabulary that students don’t know Select most high frequency words to teach Go narrow & deep, not broad & shallow Don’t pick too much vocabulary! Slideshows Stories Personalized questions
  • 13. Pre-teach Vocabulary Slideshows Elena López
  • 14. Pre-teach Vocabulary Slideshows Elena López
  • 15. Pre-teach Vocabulary Slideshows Elena López
  • 16. Pre-teach Vocabulary Personal questions Elena López
  • 17. Pre-teach Vocabulary Personal Questions & Answers Start with a vocabulary word or phrase Brainstorm as many questions as possible “Brains Crave Novelty” – Carol Gaab Use Four square – vote with feet Post-it note responses  Gallery walk Whiteboards 2 lines / Stand up if…
  • 18. Pre-teach Vocabulary Stories Elena López
  • 19. Pre-teach Vocabulary Stories – Embedded Readings - MovieTalk Martina Bex
  • 20. Pre-teach Vocabulary Total Physical Response (TPR) TPR up to 7 words or phrases Class creates gesture Praise and compliment student who creates gesture Class performs gesture when you say that word/phrase Use notecards to review Say word – students perform gesture Show word – teacher says word/phrase Teacher acts out – students say word/phrase
  • 21. Reading Action Chain Write sentences in a story-like sequence that use target structure vocabulary Project sentences on board out of order Discuss with partner what you think logical order is Hand out cut up sentence strips Students act out sentence strips in a logical order Class must watch and say what they are acting out Carol Gaab
  • 22. Reading Action Chain Donkey ran very fast to Princess Fiona’s house Princess Fiona was listening to rock music and didn’t hear the phone Donkey said, very tired, “Let’s go eat!” Princess Fiona was very scared and screamed Shrek called Princess Fiona to eat frogs one night Donkey kicked down Princess Fiona’s door Shrek yelled out, “Donkey, go get Princess Fiona!”
  • 23. Reading Action Chain Shrek called Princess Fiona to eat frogs one night Princess Fiona was listening to rock music and didn’t hear the phone Shrek yelled out, “Donkey, go get Princess Fiona!” Donkey ran very fast to Princess Fiona’s house Donkey kicked down Princess Fiona’s door Princess Fiona was very scared and screamed Donkey said, very tired, “Let’s go eat!”
  • 24. Predictions Create a list of statements about each chapter Students read & decide whether they think it is true or false Go back to predictions after chapter and review Correct false statements Students write own prediction before reading Correct & support with evidence from text Prediction Games Fortune teller Magic 8 Ball Word Clouds
  • 25. Word Cloud Predictions Type text of chapter into word cloud generator Highlights most repeated words Students write prediction based on word cloud Carol Gaab
  • 26. More Prediction Activities Project pictures or illustrations that portray plot of chapter Discuss plot and make predictions Project quotes from chapter Guess who will say it Guess how that character will say it Teach/review emotions Say quote happily, sadly, angrily, shyly, excitedly, etc… Carol Gaab
  • 27. More Prediction Activities Project color coded sentences from story plot Give students strips of paper in different colors Sequence in logical order Follow up with a writing activity Write sentence in between each sentence to add details to and fill out the story Carol Gaab
  • 28. Methods to Read a Chapter Group choral reading With a partner With a group Listen to audio book on CD Give word cloud of chapter Highlight words as they hear them Highlighter wars – competition between two students
  • 29. Methods to Read a Chapter Go slowly, circle, PQA Check for comprehension often Chorally translate after every paragraph Skip some paragraphs or pages if they aren’t interesting or aren’t essential Spin scene from paragraph Instead of Ana studying in Spain and being worried about going to a bullfight, it’s actually your student Ben! Ask questions. Create a new, parallel storyline. See where it takes you. Continue if the parallel story has energy. Stop and continue with book if it doesn’t.
  • 30. During-Reading Activities Key or Taboo Word Teacher is forbidden from saying word. Only students can say it. I heard it! (Martina Bex)  Project translations of key words or phrases  Use 1-2 per page of text  Add in 2-3 fake ones that aren’t in text – identify at end  Read chapter as class or in groups  Listen for words or phrases, raise hand, and shout, “I heard it!”  Student must read translation of quote just read
  • 31. During-Reading Activities Class vs. Student (Kristy Placido)  Select one of your top students in class. Everyone knows how smart and talented this individual is. Make it a comprehension competition between the class and student. See who can translate a specific piece of text faster and keep track of points. Class Comprehension Wars  Divide class into groups of 2-4  Randomly call on them to link meaning
  • 32. Post-Reading Activities Review Characters Quotes from the novel Running Dictation Retell the Story Reader’s Theater Freeze Frame Snapshots Games Comprehension Quizzes
  • 33. Connect to the Characters Trait Revealed by List characteristics Back-up with evidence from text
  • 34. Connect to the Characters Compare the characters to yourself Compare two characters within the book Describe how and why the characters have changed
  • 35. Connect to the Characters Yearbook Awards Most likely to…  succeed  become president/nun/model/teacher/comedian  go into politics  win the lottery but lose the ticket  have a reality TV show  commit a crime  solve a crime  be the victim of a crime Carol Gaab
  • 36. Connect to the Characters Best…  dressed  hair  smile  pick-up lines  poker face  sense of humor  musician  legs  laugh Carol Gaab
  • 37. Connect to the Characters Make students explain why character was chosen for that award Show evidence from the novel 6 word memoir Draw characters name from hat Must summarize character in 6 words Can save memoirs written by other students and use as a reading/listening activity Use to create collage and write memoir on it Carol Gaab
  • 38. Quotes from the Novel Write the names of characters on paper bags Hand out quotes to students and have them place in bags Pull out quotes and read – check to see if that is for the correct character Or ask students to write the quotes and place them in the bags
  • 39. Quotes from the Novel Who said…? Provide list of quotes to students & they identify character Ask students to write a certain number of quotes Share with partner, small group or class & let others identify the character Who would say…? How would they say it? To whom would they say it? Carol Gaab
  • 40. Quotes from the Novel Review Charades Student acts out quote while group members search for the exact quote they are performing Say a quote with a variety of emotions Students illustrate a story board with about six quotes from chapter
  • 41. Running Dictation Students work in partners Teacher posts quotes or summaries from book out in hall Students take turns reading and writing Cannot write anything down or take a picture out in the hall First student reads and must tell partner as much as they can remember of the quote while partner writes it down Switch roles
  • 42. Running Dictation Bugün hava çok güzel!
  • 43. Retell the Story Rewrite & illustrate main parts of chapter using a blank story board Write caption to match pictures Groups of four identify the four most important events from the chapter, four most important character traits, or compare characters in a Venn Diagram Gallery Walk – travel to different groups to review/assess their work Use Puppet Pals, Powtoon, Cartoon Strips, Educreations, Photopeach or Voki Or use vocabulary to create a new story Reading Whip
  • 44. Retell the Story Storytelling Dominoes Make 20 pictures to represent characters or main events from story Cut up pictures into small rectangles Students divide up cards in groups of 4-5 Student with first event will lay card down and tell the first part Student with the second event lays next card down and narrates it etc. until all cards are side by side on the table and the story has been retold Carrie Toth
  • 45. Reader’s Theater Reenact a short passage or action scene that you’ve already read Select & coach actors Use props & sound effects Video tape, watch & show to other classes Demand perfection Ask other students to model it Get more reps Fire and hire a new actor if they aren’t doing well
  • 46. Freeze Frame Snapshots Divide students into groups of four Read a short segment Give students 15 seconds to freeze in a pose that depicts that scene Class decides if their snapshot is accurate – must reposition if it isn’t Take a picture of them Post the picture on the wall or project it Write caption, speech or thought bubble
  • 47. Games Peligro / Jeopardy Family Feud The Dating Game Kahoot
  • 48. Comprehension Quizzes True/False Arrange events in order Kahoot Photopeach Create quiz with a built-in timer
  • 49.
  • 50. COACH Products Playful Literacy Lenguaje para la vida 2
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