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  1. BRINGING A BIG BUSINESS CONFIDENCE TO YOUR BUSINESS I used to joke years ago when I ended my career at Siemens Canada to start my own business that I had just left the…
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  • 1. BRINGING A BIG BUSINESS CONFIDENCE TO YOUR BUSINESS I used to joke years ago when I ended my career at Siemens Canada to start my own business that I had just left the biggest company in the world, for the smallest company in the world. KEVIN SIMPSON Business Edge Coaching, M 403-688-3668, My business’s Open sign was only going to hang as long as I showed up to hang it, my customers would only be served by the solutions I had to deliver myself, and biggest of all, my company’s supply and access to cash was going to have be secured by my own house I had worked so hard to buy. Stress took on a new and real meaning. I realized quickly that gone were the days of international diversity, big budget revenue forecasts and a large team of experts dedicated to showing up and contributing every day.
  • 2. international bank, trading in multiple currencies and working in every time zone on the earth everyday - there was no question the company would survive, and thrive. Its success, given its corporate diversity was almost guaranteed. Resources seemed limitless Key strategic corporate decisions were made in the corner offices either thousands of kilometres away, or floors above me. Of course all of that changed when I opened the doors of my own business, a high end boutique bike shop in the Canadian Rockies, an hour from Calgary. I had waited 13 years to be in a position where I could be the one who made all the decisions, and now, everyone one of them was seemingly Terrifying Working for a German company like Siemens had huge advantages. The Germans aren’t world leaders in worker productivity by accident. Although my colleagues worked as hard as other companies I had experienced what was different was a commitment to developing, learning, and mastering processes that described virtually everything we did.Training was not an option, it was a way of life. Being at that time the 2nd largest company in the world - virtually an As days went by, one decision lead to another and I quickly realized that the biggest danger I faced was not making a wrong decision - it was in fact not making a decision at all. I’m going to repeat that. Making no decision was worse than actually making a bad decision. This knowledge really stuck with me and when I started to reflect on the similarities (or lack of similarities ) of skills I had learned as a leader at Siemens versus the skills I relied on every day in my new life one commonality hit me hard. Despite the differences in size, in staff, in capital, and in history all companies have three core pillars that define them, direct them and ultimately decide their fate: Assets Processes Priorities
  • 3. Assets: Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is equipment, cash or intellectual property but assets are also people, and a companies ability to hire and retain those assets through their brand. Big companies are usually ripe with assets, have entire departments to manage them, their growth and their future. Still choosing great people can be any company’s biggest challenge - big or small. Processes: Are the methods, procedures and actions a company takes to utilize, develop and refine those assets. Processes are a methodology to define operation in a repeatable, efficient and (hopefully) profitable way. This is the number one area lacking in small to mid-size businesses - the failure to define, document and commit to process, and as a result they forfeit any chance of consistent repeatable success. Priorities: A company’s priorities are usually defined by their vision and mission statements. Often they are forgotten about if times are tough financially or otherwise. Priorities define the way we decide how we will deploy our assets, what processes we will choose and why. This is consistently the number one area where big companies fail. For example, flush with resources and world leading processes, bad decisions made to cut corners that result in an otherwise avoidable accident.
  • 4. By the time I was 5 years into the ownership of my business, I started to understand that not only were the three pillars I mentioned above always in play, but more importantly the degree of importance for each one was constantly shifting - sometimes yearly, sometimes monthly, most often daily. So the question must be posed: If the three supports of my business are always moving and changing how do I know if my business will ever be stable - how do I decide which pillar must be given attention now and why? It was the ability to break these questions down for my business and others I worked with that led me to the world of Consulting, Coaching and a new career. A FORMULA FOR SUCCESS As a consultant working in my own company, I was proud of my ability to help other business owners successfully manage and prioritize the three foundations. To provide them with more tools then they had, guiding when needed, coaching when asked to do so, and building a new tool when required. But I realized that on my own, my ability to reach a wide array of business, with their myriads of opportunities was limited by my own time. Every tool created from scratch, every customer acquired on my own.The “Do” in my world would be all consuming, and it was this formula, BE x DO = HAVE - shown to me by Nagui Bihelek from Business Edge Coaching - that made me realize I wanted to be a part of something bigger than me.This formula and its ability to define my own company’s challenges brought me to Business Edge Coaching and ActiveCoach.
  • 5. ASSETS • Hiring & Employee Profiling • Business Valuations • Personal & Professional Coaching • Inventory Analysis • Tax Strategies PROCESSES PRIORITIES • Process Evaluation & Mapping • Best Practice Analysis • Business Consulting • Policy & Procedure Definition SOLUTIONS • Personal & Professional Coaching • Strategic Planning/Way-finding • Exit Strategy & Financial Planning BE DO HAVE I’m excited to join Business Edge Coaching and ActiveCoach.To share my experiences, learn from my customers, and support the team of professionals here. It’s obvious that there is a wealth of information and a fully stocked tool kit supplied by Business Edge which can only make this journey more rewarding for me and my future customers. As I go through the three pillars of business we serve, I look forward to BEing the best I can, DOing the best I can, and HAVING a fabulous time along the way. Let the journey begin. Kevin Simpson A PATH TO SUCCESS
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