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  1. 1 THREE BROTHERS BUILDING CENTRE Catalogue 2014 · volume 1 Great prices on everything you need for your building project. 2. 2 3 Everything you need at a…
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  • 1. 1 THREE BROTHERS BUILDING CENTRE Catalogue 2014 · volume 1 Great prices on everything you need for your building project.
  • 2. 2 3 Everything you need at a price you’ll love. C ontents successful merchants have banded together at the Three Brothers Building Centre to offer you personal service at extremely competitive prices. Each merchant is focused on one area of construction to ensure you get the best product for the job – at the best possible price. Three Brothers Building Centre has everything covered, including timber, paint, hardware, flooring, trellises, trowels and every type of door. We have a full range of hire equipment to suit all building jobs. Whether you’re a contractor looking for professional supplies or a homeowner starting a DIY project, the Three Brothers Building Centre has the range and value you’re looking for. 10 PAGES 21-23 PAGES 4-5 PAGES 18-20 Panmure’s independent building centre, Three Brothers, has introduced a new retail concept that’s set to change the way New Zealanders buy building supplies. Following the lead of overseas markets, it has re-invented itself as the Three Brothers Building Centre – a partnership of 10 independent retailers that cooperate closely on one convenient site. Each partner specialises in one area of construction materials, so customers benefit from the keenest prices in each category, with the bonus of expert advice from the business owners on site. Building a better alternative. The new approach recognises that builders and renovators want access to quality products at competitive prices – but they also value the convenience of dealing with specialists who can provide a total solution. Lisa Clark, Three Brothers’ property manager, points out the diversity of options on one site. “A builder can stock up on timber from Timber King, get their painting supplies at the Paint Centre, choose glass balustrades from Pro Hardware, get kitted up with panel products at Panel & Ply, and even buy a complete bathroom fit-out from Dolphin. “But that’s just the beginning. Customers can choose from an incredible range of doors at Door to Doors, while our new Trowel Trades outlet has everything for plastering and grouting. You can hire all the equipment you need to do the job at GI Hire, and even get a custom-made awning or shade sail at Cool Awnings. “It really is a better way to buy everything you need for a building or DIY project. Come in for just a tub of adhesive, or get a complete house lot quoted for a project. Pick up a roll of quality carpet, grab some tiles and get your wooden flooring sorted too. “It really is easier when you’ve got 10 independent merchants working together on one site.” Cutting out the middleman. The building trade demands high-quality products at the sharpest possible prices. So how does an independent building centre compete with the big chains? The answer is that it imports reputable brands directly from overseas and Three Brothers re-invents itself as one-stop hub for building trade. passes on the savings to customers. For instance, the Paint Centre at Three Brothers Building Centre can offer savings up to 80% on its four-litre tins of USA-manufactured paint in pre-tinted colours. It’s a similar story with other businesses on the Three Brothers site. However, this dedication to bringing customers the most competitive price doesn’t come at the expense of service. Customers deal direct with the independent business owners in each area, so they reap the benefit of specialist know-how. Three Brothers Panmure has already built a reputation for hard-to-beat pricing in key building categories. With the addition of new retail partners on one handy site, customers can save on a wider range of construction essentials and avoid the time-consuming hassle of shopping around town. P R E S S R E L E A S E Three Brothers Building Centre at a glance 10 independent businesses on one convenient site, focused on serving all the requirements of the building trade. Each retailer deals directly with the public while also co-operating with its partners in Three Brothers to provide comprehensive quotes for complete building projects. The Three Brothers Building Centre promise is built on three principles: They have everything you need, they only stock high-quality construction materials, and they will work hard to bring you the most competitive prices. Whether you’re a contractor looking for professional supplies or a homeowner starting a DIY project, Three Brothers has the range and value you’re looking for. Three Brothers also operates in Hamilton at 499 Te Rapa Road. PAGES 6-8 PAGES 14-15 PAGE 10-13 PAGES 16-17 PAGE 9 Site Map
  • 3. 4 5 Every building project calls for timber – whether it’s decking, framing, weatherboards or mouldings. Timber King stocks a comprehensive range of timber and mouldings for both internal and external use. With timber stored under cover and in racks, you can be sure it’s dry and straight. Just the way a builder likes it! The Timber King team are experts in helping you choose the right timber and calculating the correct quantities from basic measurements. They’ll answer your questions and make sure you get the best job lot of timber for your purpose. Bring your project to Timber King and find out how competitive their prices can be. Your trusted source for timber... DECKING 90 x 19 PREMIUM H3.2 P.O.A. 90 x 35 MERCH H3.2 GRIP-TREATED 90 x 19 MERCH H3.2 GRIP-TREATED 140 x 32 H3.2 SMOOTH PREMIUM GRADE 90 x 35 PREMIUM H3.2 GRIP-TREATED 140 x 32 CLEARS2 H3.2 SMOOTH MERCH GRADE FENCE RAIL 75 x 50 H3 RS 4.8m POST SAWN 100x100 2.4m/3.6m H4 RS FENCE RAIL 100 x 50 H3 RS 4.8m WEATHERBOARD 250 x 25 BBK FJ H3 PP 6.1m POST SAWN 100 x 75 2.4m/3.6m H4 RS 70 x 19 KWILA DECKING GRIP-TREATED P.O.A. 200 x 50 H4 RS 6m/4.8m 90 x 19 KWILA DECKING GRIP-TREAT P.O.A. FENCE PAILING150x19 H3 1.5m EACH RETAINING 150 x 50 H4 RS 6m x 4.8m EACH FENCE PAILING150 x 19 H3 1.8m EACH Come and see us for a chat about all your timber needs. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A. 09 574 0313
  • 4. 6 7 Look no further for the widest range of... If your project needs panel products you’ll find an unbeatable selection at Timber King. They stock an extensive range of plywoods and wall linings of all descriptions. Choose from Gib and gypsum boards, bamboo and hardwood linings, MDF, fibre cement panels, PVC, polycarbonate and Coloursteel roofing, and much more. Whether you’re a builder, cabinetmaker, shopfitter or home renovator, Panel & Ply has all the panel products you need. They import direct and buy in volume – and they pass the savings onto you. Bamboo Ply • Comes in vertical and horizontal form • Either natural or cabonized finish • The hand-woven bamboo sheets come in square or crossed pattern • Provides a robust lining with a surface that withstand knocks and other rough treatment • We stock over 9 patterns of Bamboo ply on our floor 2450x1230mm, 3.4mm/3.5mm thickness Flat from $ 6900 Woven from $ 10990 Budget Grade Plywood • When you need a temporary solution and cost is also important, this ply is the answer. • Use in construction sites, safety fences or temporary floors • Available in sizes of 2400 x 1200, 7mm / 9mm / 12mm / 18mm thickness Plywood Cladding • A quality plywood with a Hardwood Okoume face and back • Moisture resistant glue making it idea for interior use • 2440 x 1220mm in thickness of 4mm to 18mm All Panel & Ply products advertised are available only while stocks last. Subject to availability Price from $ 1990 Available in 2440 x 1200 x 12mm at $ 8990 • Plyclad is a H3.1 treated natural wood exterior cladding that has a textured/ bandsawn face. • Available in vertical grooves at 150mm centres and un-grooved. • Plyclad has a vertical, shiplap joint for easy installation and achieving a watertight joint. Hardwood Ply Price from $ 2990 Alulite Wet Wall Lining Aluminium composite material, very strong and perfect for bathrooms. Many colours available. 2400 x 1200mm from $ 12990 Insulation • Improve your environment with Bradford Insulation • Help improve the warmth, energy efficiency and acoustics of your home or office R2.7 Ceiling $ 10900 Polycarbonate • Sunshied polycarbonate sheet roofing has a UV coating to cut out 99.5% of harmful UV rays • Perfect for verandas, conservatories or anywhere you want to enjoy the sun without the burn • Corrugated and greca profiles • Multiwall Price from $ 2990
  • 5. 8 9 Gypsum Board • Versatile use in building industry • Wall lining, cabinetry and many other home projects • Full range on stock 2440 x 1220 size • Available in: 4mm / 6mm / 9mm / 12mm / 15mm / 16mm / 18mm / 25mm / 30mm 2440 x 1220 x 3mm (Utility Grade) $ 990 MDF • Brothers Gypsum Plaster Board • A quality plaster board with affordable price Standard 2400 x 1200 x 10mm 2700 x 1200 x 10mm Aquaguard 2400 x 1200 x 10mm $ 1590 $ 1890 $ 3380 MDF Groove Guarantee and/or service statement??? • An ideal substrate for Ceramic tiles in wet and dry areas 1800 x 900 x 6mm $ 1580 1800 x 1200 x 6mm $ 2250 Primaflex Cement Board • A multi-purpose board with superior fire performance dimensional statility and durability. 2400 x 1200 x 4.5mm $ 2954 1800 x 1200 x 6mm $ 3496 2400 x 1200 x 6mm $ 3990 Primaflex Slate & Tile Underlay • In 7mm/9mm and 12mm MDF sheets • Excellent strength, quality surface smoothness and stability • Can be painted or polyurethane 2440 x 1200 x 7mm $ 3500 All Panel & Ply products advertised are available only while stocks last. Subject to availability Quality custom made shade and rain protection solutions for both residential and commercial sectors. We select only the best quality fabrics and hardware and offer a 5 year warranty. Our free measure and quote service means you can take advantage of our team’s wealth of experience and knowledge onsite. Our range includes: Lateral Arm Awnings Drop Curtains Fixed Frame Awnings Shade Sails Showroom: 6 Morrin Road, Panmure, Auckland. Open Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 1pm Ph 09 570 6353 Email Free phone 0800 100 266
  • 6. 10 11 Paints, stains and incredible savings at... Roofmaster 350686_Grey Friars 350672_Karaka Green 350682_Charcoal 350674_Sandstone Grey 350670 _Scoria 350678_New Denim Blue 350688_Titania 350680_Tuscan Red 350684 _Permanent Green Made in NZ for NZ conditions. Brush, roller or spray application. Touch dry 45 mins. Recoat 2 hours. Coverage 6-8m2 per litre. 2 coats recommended. Water clean up. Weatherbeater Flat Housepaint 600213_Exterior Acrylic Flat Finish Housepaint Quick drying. Low odour. One coat cover, mildew resistant. Ideal for siding, doors and trim. Resists peeling and cracking, fade resistant. Brush, spray or roller application. Soap and water clean up. Weatherbeater Exterior House Paint 600213_Exterior acrylic house paint. Satin finish. Once coat coverage. Mildew and chalk resistant. 15 year durability. Ideal for siding, doors and trim. Resists peeling, cracking and fading. Water and soap clean up. Touch dry 30 mins. Recoat 2 hours. Brush, roller or spray application. White Knight Exterior House Paint 607421_Exterior Acrylic House Paint. Low Sheen Finish. Self priming paint. Ideal for pergolas, weatherboards,wood work and fibro surfaces. Excellent durability and washability. Touch dry 30 mins. Recoat 2 hours. Covers 10m2 per litre. Water and soap clean up. Brush, roller or spray application. Red Seal Exterior House Paint 600221_Exterior Acrylic House Paint. Satin finish. Low spatter. Excellent durability and colour retention. Mildew resistant. Recommended for exterior siding, wood and metal. Touch dry 30 mins. Recoat 2-4 hours. Brush, roller or spray application. Soap and water clean up. Pratt & Lambert Exterior House & Trim Paint 600181_Exterior Acrylic House Paint. Semi Gloss, White. Excellent durability, gloss and colour retention.Has good flow and levelling. Mildew resistant. Coverage 10m2 per litre. Brush, roller or spray application. Soap and water clean up. Easy Living Interior Acrylic Paint 600205_Interior Wall & Trim House Paint. Semi Gloss White. 600205_Interior Wall Paint. Flat finish. White. 600205_Interior Wall Paint. Satin Finish. White. Recommended for all interior surfaces, doors, walls and trim. One coar cover. Easy application over oil or latex finish. Quick dry. Low spatter. Spot resistant. Washable. Colourfast. Brush, roller or spray applciation. Touch dry 30 mins. Recoat 2 hours. Soap and water clean up. Trem clad Rust Paint 600321_Direct to metal rust paint. Charleston Green. Formulated to penetrate rust and bind to metal. Excellent rust inhibitor. Paints on dark green but dries. Black. Interior/exterior. Gloss. Easy Living Interior Acrylic Paint 600203_Interior Wall Paint. Semi Gloss Finish - White 600203_Interior Wall Paint. Satin Finish. White 600203_Interior Wall Paint. Flat Finish. White Recommended for all interior walls and trim, drywall, stone, brick, concrete, wood and metal. Suitable also for ceilings. One coat cover. Quick dry. Low spatter. Spot resistant. Washable. Colourfast. Brush, roller or spray application. Touch dry 30 mins. 7 Litre $ 6990 Diamond Collection Acrylic House Paint 600281_Interior Exterior House Paint - White Satin finish. Suitable for all interior and exterior surfaces. Durable and stain resistant. Dutch Boy Dirt Fighter Acrylic Paint 600027_Interior Acrylic Wall and Ceiling Paint. Ultra White. Flat finish. Dirt and satin resistant. One coat cover. Durable and washable. 4 Litre $ 3990 3.78 Litre $ 3990 3.78 Litre $ 3990 3.78 Litres $ 4990 3.78 Litres $ 3990 946mls $ 990 19 Litres $ 13990 Pratt & Lambert Acrylic Paint 600123_Interior Wall Paint - White Flat finish. Smooth, no spatter. Durable and washable. 946mls $ 990 Dutch Boy Porch and Floor Paint 600405_Pretinted Acrylic Porch and Floor Enamel. Assorted Colours. Suitable for concrete and wooden floors. Offers maximum protection. Resists fading and weathering. Scuff resistant. Soap and water clean up. Interior/exterior use. All Grip House Paint 600110_Premium Interior House Paint - White. A highly durable top coat. Adheres to old enamels. No odour. Superior hardness & toughness. Non toxic. Interior use 946mls $ 990 3.78 Litre $ 2990 18.9 Litre $ 13900 3.78 Litre $ 2990 4 Litre $ 3990 Trowel Trades believes that most New Zealanders are paying too much for paint. That’s why they offer huge discounts on their premium range of professional paints, manufactured in the USA and imported direct. You could save up to 80% on 4-litre pre-tinted colours, with no compromises on quality. Trowel Trades also stocks the industrial specialist paint range from Cotec. These include decorative house paint, industrial coatings, floor finishes and a number of other quite highly specialised areas such as protection of concrete and anti- graffiti coatings. Using the latest water-based technologies, Cotec have created a range of paints that are designed to 09 574 0331 stand the test of time while having minimum impact on the environment. As well as a fantastic selection of house, fence and roof paints in all colours, Trowel Trades supplies brushes, rollers and all the accessories you’ll need.
  • 7. 12 13 premium Acrylic fence Stain 350693_Premium Fence - Black 350691_Premium Fence - Green 305696_Premium Fence - Mahogany 350701_Premium Fence - Redwood 350703_Premium Fence - Dark Brown 350699_Premium Fence - Grey 350705_Premium Fence - Pine Green Semi gloss finish. Specifically designed for dressed or rough sawn timber fences. Made in NZ. Pre-Tinted Housemaster Paint 600342_Pre-tinted house paint. Cappuccino Colour. Washable and scrubbable, mildew resistant, low VOC, low odour. Exceptional hide and durability. Low sheen finish. Interior/exterior use. Barn & Fence Paint 600170_Self priming weather resistant barn and fence paint. White. Ideal for barns, fences and utility buildings. Easy spatterless application. Quick drying. Use on timber, masonry & primed metal. Exterior. Pre-Tinted House Paint 600105_Pre-Tinted House Paint . Assorted Colours. Totally washable and scrubbable, mildew resistant, low VOC, low odour. Exceptional hide & durability. Available in: Flat, Eggshell, Satin & Semi Gloss Finish. Interior/exterior use. Great Impressions House Paint 600113_Premium Interior House Paint. Architectural White. A highly durable top coat. Made with non- yellowing acrylic polymers blended with 100% acrylic. Semi gloss acrylic enamel. Ideal for walls & trims where frequent cleaning is required. Interior use. Infinity Floor Paint 380016_Skid Resistant Floor Plaint - White. Ideal for all floor surfaces, porches and steps, walkways and disability ramps, tennis courts and pool decks. Interior/Exterior. TPS Oil Based Undercoat (Total Priming System) 600011_Oil Based Enamel undercoat - White. Seals bare wood and plaster. Easy sand. Provides excellent adhesion. Topcoat with acrylic or oil paint. Interior use. Forestwood Traditional Oil Stain Oil based exterior wood stain. A penetrating stain that adds colour and protects whilst allowing the wood grain to show. Fungus and mould resistant. Turps clean up. Forestwood Decking Oil Stain Oil Based Exterior Decking Stain. A penetrating oil based protective stain specifically for walk on surfaces. Ideal for softwoods, hardwoods. Fungus and mould resistant. Turps clean up. Forestwood Deck and Furniture Oil Oil Based Exterior Wood Stain. A penetrating oil stain that’s formulated to protect and enhance the natural beauty of garden furniture and timber decks. Fungus and mould resistant. Turps clean up. 7 Litres $ 2290 7 Litres $ 4995 3.78 Litres $ 2990 4 Litres $ 1995 946mls $ 990 946mls $ 990 3.78 Litres $ 4990 Sherwin Williams Pigmented Sealer 600017_Multi-purpose oil based Primer - White. A versatile sealer and satin blocker. Use on timber, hardboard, cured plaster, wood panels, ceiling tiles and previously painted surfaces. Interior. 3.72 Litres $ 3990 5 Litres $ 7400 5 Litres $ 7690 5 Litres $ 7400 Trowel Trades is a true one-stop- shop for concreters, bricklayers, tilers, painters, interior and exterior plasterers, fixers and stoppers. If you need it, they stock it. Their range covers plasters, jointing compounds, paints, cements, grouting, sealants, adhesives and levelling compounds in both wet and dry packages. They also stock the widest range of trowel trade tools in New Zealand. Trowel Trades is constantly sourcing new and innovative products from top brands around New Zealand and overseas to offer you a great selection, quality and price. There are volume discounts for large orders plus the chance to join the exclusive Trowel Trades rewards scheme and receive a bonus for your business. Our Customer Base is: • Plasters • Stoppers • Concreters • Brick & Block Layers • Tilers • Painters The one-stop-shop for all your trowel-related jobs. TROWEL TRADES PANMURE: 4 Morrin Road, PANMURE. Phone: 09 574 0331
  • 8. 14 15 For the best deal on carpets and flooring, as well as complete kitchen and bathroom fit-outs, come to Dolphin. You can fit-out a new house or complete an entire property development at a price that’s hard to beat. Specialising in kitchens, bathrooms & all kinds of flooring Dolphin imports high-quality products and can supply them at very attractive prices. There are high-grade carpets, solid and laminate flooring, and a huge range of tiles, plus ready-made kitchen units that are great for apartments and office lunchrooms. The Dolphin range of high-quality shower units is ideal if you’re looking to add value with a bathroom renovation. Carpet • Made by Polypropylene • Heavy duty • 3 colors available Tile • Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles • Polish, Matt and Rough finish • 300 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm, etc • assorted colors Laminate Flooring • Vari
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