The Benefits Of Using An Outdoor Atomic Clock

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  An atomic clock is a type of clock that uses an atomic resonance frequency standard as its timekeepi...
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  • 1. The Benefits Of Using An Outdoor Atomic Clock An atomic clock is a type of clock that uses an atomic resonance frequency standard as its timekeeping element. They are the most accurate time and frequency standards known, and are used as primary standards for international time distribution services, and to control the frequency of television broadcasts and GPS satellite signals. Atomic clocks do not use radioactivity, but rather the precise microwave signal that electrons in atoms emit when they change energy levels. Early atomic clocks were masers with attached equipment. Currently the most accurate atomic clocks are based on absorption spectroscopy of cold atoms in atomic fountains such as the NIST-F1. National standards agencies maintain an accuracy of 10-9 seconds per day (approximately 1 part in 1014), and a precision set by the radio transmitter pumping the maser. The clocks maintain a continuous and stable time scale, International Atomic Time (TAI). For civil time, another time scale is disseminated, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). UTC is derived from TAI, but synchronized, by using leap seconds, to UT1, which is based on actual rotations of the earth with respect to the mean sun. What are Outdoor Atomic Clocks and World Atomic Clocks? So what is an outdoor atomic clock or a world atomic clock? Well, a lot of people have never even heard of these marvelous devices that will keep you on time every time. They are 100% reliable down to the second. Everyone these days needs one. You need to know about them, and you will certainly need one when you learn how helpful they can be to you. Designed to hang on your garage or elsewhere on the outside of your house, the outdoor atomic clock will keep time precisely. Major differences between world atomic clocks and regular clocks are that they never gain or lose time. The world and outdoor atomics clock renews itself six times per day. It does so by the atomic movement within atoms within the electrons that surrounds it. Though the exact mechanism might be best understood by a physicist, the most important thing to know is that it that it won't let you down. If will always keep perfect time regardless of time zone. So many kinds of outdoor atomic and world atomic clocks are available. In fact, you can even get models to hang in your garden so you can keep track of time as you work. Gone is the day of the wrist watch that loses or gains time. Now you can know the time for sure.
  • 2. How to Use it Outdoor Atomic Clocks and World Atomic Clocks With the varied uses of the indoor and world atomic clocks, you will find uses that you never thought of. For instance, when camping or other outdoor activities you can utilize it for navigation. These clocks have many more uses then just hanging on your living room wall or hanging outside your garage. Many are weather resistant and just perfect for the outdoors. These are perfect for use in any situation that calls for use in the outdoors. Atomic clocks and world clocks are so useful that that every family should have at least one. Even if the outdoors isn't calling for you this summer, atomic clocks will always be and wonderful addition to your home. By: Father Time
  • 3. Article Directory: Father Time invites you to enjoy his blog covering all aspects of atomic clocks and grandfather clocks at where you can find resources and comment on all types of clocks. To participate, visit today.
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