Suntactics Portable Solar Chargers

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  Find out why Suntactics is the best choice for your portable energy needs.
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  • 1. SUNTACTICSSUNTACTICSBuyers GuideContentsAbout SuntacticsProduct InformationDistributor/Reseller PricingContact InfosuntacticsPortable Solar ChargersSun acticsT
  • 2. suntacticsPortable Solar© 2013 Suntactics. All Rights Reserved U.S. Patents pending.TM
  • 3. Sun acticsTSUNTACTICS MEDIA KIT ABOUT USPowerfullyPerfectedTechnologyAmericanMadeChargesFasterMeet Owner and Inventorof the highly acclaimedSuntactics Portable SolarChargers: Dean Sala.Suntactics, a Bay Area Californiacompany, was created by DeanSala, an inventor who has beenperfecting portable solar energyproducts since 2009.Dean Sala first invented his firstcreation called the PC-5, a proto-type of what was to become thegreatest portable solar charger onthe market; the sCharger-5. Alarger unit then followed, calledthe sCharger-12.Suntactics has since thenn made aname for itself locally as the mostreliable solar energy company inthe Bay Area, and continues togain momentum worldwide.Suntactics has sold thousands ofunits to consumers around theworld, and has received dozens ofHow do they Work? Easy, just openthe sCharger, face the solar cellstowards the sun, plug in andcharge, it’s that easy and requiresno batteries to operate.As long as the consumer has adevice that has a USB chargingadaptor, there is no limit to whatthey can charge with SuntacticssChargers.testimonials. The average returnrate is less than 1 percent, which isextremely rare in the portablesolar charging business.devices only.Suntactics has been tested againstother similar portable solar char-gers and has won every time, notonly is Suntactics faster and moreefficient, but they are also water-resistant, its circuitry has beenprotected to ensure reliability.They are simple to use, powerfuland built to last in extremeweather, making Suntactics solarchargers the best tool for anyoutdoor expitition, or where everyou are outside where ever youneed extra power.Other solar chargers with similarwattage units cannot competewith the power of Suntactics. Weuse the most efficient solar cells onour units, and the circuitry isspecifically calibrated for USBTo ensure quality, Suntacticsrefuses to send manufacturingoutside of the United States. Allunits are made in the USA.Other portable solar companiestake the financially easy route,decreasing quality assurance byoutsourcing manufacturing oftheir products.We guarantee Suntactics willalways be anAmericancompany.“Incredibly lightand durably charged myphone in a coupleof hours in directsunlight.”-John BrunerTo become a distributor for Suntactics products, e-mail Visit us today at SUNTACTICS .COM or call us at 1-888-308-4786As Seen On: SUNTACTICS HAS APPEARED ON MOTHEREARTH NEWS MAGAZINE FORBES AND MORE.
  • 4. Insert USB CableInsert DockConnectorSun acticsTSUNTACTICS MEDIA KIT WHY SUNTACTICSThe Suntactics solar chargers can solar charge iPhones, iPods, iPads, iPodtouch, Android, HTC, Blackberry, GPS, Kindles all models, Droid andSamsung phones, many types of tablets, GoPro cameras, and other USBrechargeable cameras, blue tooth headsets, USB batteries, USB AAA/AAchargers, handheld gaming systems, and many more USB type devices.We often get asked if our USB solar chargers can charge a laptop. Laptopcomputers take too much energy to be charged from our solar chargers.However we plan to design a solar laptop solution in the future.2 Charge Anything With a USB ConnectionOur solar chargers have been tested to charge faster than the leadingcompetition, in a side-by-side test comparison between the sCharger-5and Goal Zero Nomad 7, the sCharger-5 was faster, outputting morecurrent (0.214 mA) than the Goal Zero Nomad 7.The sCharger-5 is capable of charging an iPhone in 2 hours or less (thesame amount of time it takes to fully charge an iPhone from an electrical outlet) from 0% to 100%.And our favorite, the sCharger-12 is capable of charging an iPad at the same rate of speed as a homeelectrical outlet.3 Proven to Charge Faster Than OthersTo become a distributor for Suntactics products, e-mail Visit us today at SUNTACTICS .COM or call us at 1-888-308-4786Suntactics solar chargers are very easy to use.1. Take the sCharger solar charger outdoors, find a sunny area, open thesCharger and lay it down flat with the solar cells (black squares) facingup, make sure the solar charger is out of any shade and in completesunlight before plugging into a device.2. Take the standard USB cable (the one that came with the device) andplug the USB end of the cable into the blue USB port of the sCharger,then connect the other end to your device. That’s it!1 Easy to Use and Hassle Free DesignWHY CHOOSE SUNTACTICS
  • 5. Sun acticsTSUNTACTICS MEDIA KIT WHY SUNTACTICSWhat makes the sCharger-5 so powerful is its mono-crystalline solar cells,the most efficient solar cell technology of the 21st century. Not only dowe use the most efficient solar cells, but we use bigger cells that producemuch more current for a quicker charge. We have optimized our solarcells for 5 volt USB charging only, beware of other solar chargers that runon 12 volts, they are not efficient in solar charging USB devices whichrequire only 5 volts.4 Efficient High Quality Solar CellsOur solar charger’s internal circuitry has been protected and is waterresistant and built to last in extreme weather conditions, hot or cold. Thethin laminate polymer that covers the solar cells is naturally water proofto prevent any malfunction to the unit. Our chargers are built to sustaincritical physical damage as well, it is not easy to break thanks to the thickresin composite board that houses the solar cells. The charger can bedropped in water and still work as intended (just dry off before use).7 Durable, Water Resistant and Built to LastTo become a distributor for Suntactics products, e-mail Visit us today at SUNTACTICS .COM or call us at 1-888-308-4786One of the most convenient features of modern-day devices(smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices) is the ability to use thedevice while it’s charging. One of the things to look for in a portable solarcharger is the ability to solar charge your device while using it, like astandard wall charger would allow you to do. Imagine solar chargingyour phone on a dead battery and still having the ability to talk and useyour phone, this is one of the best features Suntactics sChargers offer.6 Use The Device While ChargingMost solar chargers are covered in thick epoxies, making them lessefficient and prone to degradation. If solar cells are covered in thickepoxy or glass, some UV light will bounce off the unit and not beabsorbed by the solar cells. Our solar chargers use thin film laminatingsolar polymer sheet to cover the solar cells, this gives them better UVabsorption which in tern means higher electrical output.9 No Thick Expoxy Coating
  • 6. Sun acticsTSUNTACTICS MEDIA KIT WHY SUNTACTICSSuntactics is proud to be an American made company that producesproducts that are not only high quality, but are made from Americanmanufacturers. Keeping our manufacturing process inside the UnitedStates means that we have better quality control of what we sell to theconsumer, not only does this assure every product is quality tested, buthaving a company that manufactures its own products keeps the U.S.economy on its feet.Problem - Many of our competitor’s panels are supplied with internalbatteries or they recommend their panels be used to first charge internalbattery. The user then charges their personal device with the internalbattery. Why is this?Many competitors can not directly consistently generate the minimalpower required to charge an iPhone or similar device. Internal batteriescan wear out. And charging an internal battery first is a two-step andtime consuming process.Suntactics’ Solution - Suntactics was purpose built to charge as fast as wall charging. And you can talkon your phone while charging. Our sChargers are purpose built to comply with manufacturer’s suggestedcharging rates for virtually all personal devices utilizing a USB port to charge their device.8 Eco-Friendly, Requires No Batteries10 Made in the USATo become a distributor for Suntactics products, e-mail Visit us today at SUNTACTICS .COM or call us at 1-888-308-4786Problem - With some phones, a temporary disruption in charging –such as a cloud - prevents the phone from automatically resumingcharging at a maximum rate or worse – from charging at all - whenpower is returned.Phones that stop charging in these conditions require manual interven-tion. This is inconvenient to the owner and adds to the time required toachieve a full charge.Suntactic’s Unique Solution - Besides being the most powerful charging unit in its class, Suntac-tics completely avoids this issue with its unique Auto-Retry function. Provided as part of Suntacticsoptimized circuitry, this unique capability assures your device always charges at its most optimumrate, even when power is momentarily disrupted. It also means complete convenience to the owneras no manual intervention is required.5 Built in Auto-Retry Technology
  • 7. Sun acticsTSUNTACTICS MEDIA KIT SCHARGER FIVETo become a distributor for Suntactics products, e-mail Visit us today at SUNTACTICS .COM or call us at 1-888-308-4786Fully charge any smartphone in 2 hours or lessCharges at same speed as an electrical outletCharge and run a device at the same timeHigh-efficiency monocrystalline solar cellsDurable, built of high quality materialDoes not require batteries to operateCharge any USB compatible deviceBuilt to last a lifetime outdoorsWater and weather resistantAuto-Retry TechnologyStandard USB “A” connectorUSB output: 5Volts, 1Amp (1000mA), 5WattsOpen size: 6-1/8“ x 11.5” (15.5cm x 29.2cm)Folded size: 6-1/8“ x 5-3/4” / 15.5 x 14.6 cmIndicator LED, surface mount circuitryState of the art flex circuitsWeight 8 oz / 200 gHandles temps up to 160F (71C)Water and weather resistantPatent PendingKey Benefits: The sCharger-5 can do manythings that other solar chargers can’t; fullycharge a smartphone in 2 hours or less,charge a device as quickly as a wall chargerdoes, use a dead device while charging atthe same time (plug a phone into this char-ger in the sun and talk on the phone evenwhen it has a dead battery), no internal bat-teries needed, extremely durable and waterresistant, built to last 24/7 in the outdoors,capable of charging in extreme conditions,meets the needs of the most powerful de-vices, slim and compact weighs and only 8ounces!LEDIndicatorUSB PortA Smarter Way to Solar ChargeFeatures & Specs Benefits & SolutionssCharger-5 Portable USB Solar ChargerSales Price $139.95
  • 8. Charge TWO devices at the same timeCharges at same speed as an electrical outletHigh-efficiency monocrystalline solar cellsCharge and run a device at the same timeDurable, built of high quality materialDoes not require batteries to operateCharge any USB compatible deviceBuilt to last a lifetime outdoorsWater and weather resistantAuto-Retry TechnologyKey Benefits: The sCharger-12 can do manythings that other solar chargers can’t; talk & surfthe internet on a tablet while charging atthe same time, charge TWO tablets at thesame time, fully charge a smartphone in 2hours or less, charge a device as quickly asa wall charger does, use a dead device whilecharging at the same time (plug into aphone and talk even when it has a dead bat-tery), no internal batteries needed, durableand water resistant, built to last 24/7 in theoutdoors, capable of charging in extremeconditions, meets the needs of the mostpowerful devices, slim and compact.Sun acticsTSUNTACTICS MEDIA KIT SCHARGER TWELVETo become a distributor for Suntactics products, e-mail Visit us today at SUNTACTICS .COM or call us at 1-888-308-4786LEDIndicatorDual USB PortA Smarter Way to Solar ChargeFeatures & Specs Benefits & SolutionssCharger-12 Portable USB Solar ChargerIndependent dual output, standard USB portsUSB output: 5Volts, 2.8Amps, 12-14WattsOpen size: 11.5” x 14.5” (29cm x 36.5cm)Folded size: 11.75” x 7.25” (30cm x 18cm)Indicator LED, surface mount circuitryState of the art flex circuitsWeight: ~1.4lb (635g)Handles temps up to 160F (71C)Water and weather resistantPatent PendingSales Price $239.95
  • 9. Sun acticsTSUNTACTICS MEDIA KIT TESTIMONIALSTo become a distributor for Suntactics products, e-mail Visit us today at SUNTACTICS .COM or call us at 1-888-308-4786kind of battery that opens like a book and providesa simple UBS port for charging phones and othersmall devices. It’s incredibly light and durably built(in the United States, no less), and it charged myphone in a couple of hours in direct sunlight onthe roof of the Forbes building.” -Jon Bruner,Forbes Editor"I love it. It will charge an iPhone or iPad in thesame amount of time it takes if plugged in to anelectrical outlet.” -J.Bennet“It is the only way I charge my Ipod now.. If ashadow stops the charge, it resets itself withouthaving to replug." -Mike"Used it for my iPhone 4S during a camping trip inAZ. I cant believe how well this worked!" -Jamie"This charger provides more power than any othersolar chargers I have seen... I no longer lose myphone charge." -Robert"I highly recommend this device. The solar panelsthemselves are excellent.." -Seth"This is one of the devices you should have incase of an emergency." -Emanuel"This purchase has proved to be worth everypenny, AND as a bonus - I really enjoyed theopportunity to buy American." -Danielle"Does its job quickly and reliably. Would be goodfor hikers because its lightweight. Would buyagain and recommend." -Elizabeth“I was amazed at how fast this charger is; itcharged an iPod classic from the last bar to fullycharged in about 90 minutes. It will also chargewhen it’s surprisingly hazy!”-C.Peterson"..This is a no-nonsense charger and well worthevery dollar especially in any emergency situa-tion.." -Bric"In full sunlight, it charges two iPads simultane-ously at about 1 percent every 6 minutes! Even incloudy conditions!" -Joshua"I havent seen anything on the market as wellconstructed as this product. Im glad I made thepurchase." -Cynthia“This product is great! I can just leave it in the sunand plug in the iPad. I just put it in my car backwindow and on a sunny day it charges very fast. Iplug in a device at night and put the solar chargerin the Eastern window and by the time I wake thedevice is charged. I charge 4 devices to 100% ona sunny day easily. I want to go out and buy USBdevices just to charge them! I wish they woulddouble the panel size and add another chargingport.” -Dave“the unit was nothing short of magic while usingit!” “Thank you for building a product with guys likeus in mind as many so-called durable productsoften are junk with a rubber case. Also a side noteto the s12 is that it performed beautifully in sandstorms. The sand did not penetrate the unit and itsomehow grabbed enough sun for a slow charge.”-Sgt. ChuWHAT OUR CUSTOMERS THINKsCharger-12 ReviewssCharger-5 Reviews“The simplest device I tried:the Suntactics sCharger 5,a solar panel without any
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