Sound in movies

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  1. SOUND 2. Diegetic sound ã The sound that comes from the scene. ã E.G. talking, noise of cars, the wind, music from the radio ETC. ã Example from jaws when she…
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  • 1. SOUND
  • 2. Diegetic sound • The sound that comes from the scene. • E.G. talking, noise of cars, the wind, music from the radio ETC. • Example from jaws when she moves through the water when the shark is attacking the woman you can hear the water moving in the wind like the waves then you can hear the sound of her gargling on water when it is teasing her. • Example from Psycho the diegetic sound In the shower scene is the water coming from the shower cap to block out the fact that you can hear the murderer coming and adds tension to the scene.
  • 3. Non-diegetic sound • The sound put on In a film during post-production. • E.G. • Music soundtrack. • Sound effects like crescendo • Example from Psycho when she has been killed the violins are playing but they have been put in to the film when going over it to add more tension to the movie.
  • 4. CRESCENDO AND DIMINUENDO CRESCENDO • Build up of sound or music to imply something is about to happen • Example from The Godfather when he is about to shoot someone the music builds up. DIMINUENDO • Where the music o sound dies down, as if the threat has gone away • Example from CSI when the woman is lying in bed the camera goes through the doors and it gives you the killers POV then the music dies down then it comes back up and then she gets murdered.
  • 5. Sforzando • A short, sharp, loud noise, often used to emphasise a shock or fear. • Example from paranormal activity when the door slams shut and then a big sound of static happens and you se the credits
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