Social Media in Ministry 2.0

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  1. Social Media in Ministry 2.0 Effectively using social media as a helpful tool in ministry 2. “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The choice is…
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  • 1. Social Media in Ministry 2.0 Effectively using social media as a helpful tool in ministry
  • 2. “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The choice is how well we do it.” ~Eric Qualman
  • 3. 5 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Ministry 1. Google Hangouts & Skype 2. Online resourcing 3. Quick-Response (QR) Codes 4. Text Messaging 5. Twitter, Instagram, & Hashtags (Oh my!)
  • 4. Google Hangouts & Skype Perfect for: Bible studies Connecting with college students Connecting with youth groups Meetings Conversations with missionaries …….
  • 5. Google Hangouts & Skype Benefits: Can be used on multiple devices Join in from the comforts of wherever Up to 10 people can join a conversation What you need: A web camera A laptop or smart phone device
  • 6. Resourcing Congregations Through Weebly Perfect for providing congregation members & friends with: Daily and weekly devotionals Faith-based activities for kids Faith-based articles for teens and adults Suggestions for church season activities ……
  • 7. Resourcing Congregations Through Weebly Benefits: Resources the congregation outside of the building on personal computer and mobile devices Provides ways for members and friends to incorporate spirituality in their lives throughout the week What you need: A computer with internet
  • 8. Quick-Response (QR) Codes Perfect for linking congregation members and friends to: Church websites Event registrations Liturgy and church announcements Websites pertinent to specific church projects …
  • 9. Quick-Response (QR) Codes Benefits: Provides a quick way to gain access to information without a long URL or taking up too much space on paper What you need: Smart phone (for scanning) Computer and printer
  • 10. Text Messaging Perfect for: Contacting people about a small amount of information, the more concise the better Using as an interactive tool in various settings
  • 11. Text Messaging Benefits:  Contacting people quickly with important information  Allows the receiver time to receive the message and respond on an as-needed basis  Invites introverts to pose thoughts and questions without speaking to an entire group What you need:  A cell phone with text messaging capabilities (Please make sure to ask others if it is ok that you text them. Some would prefer a call. Others still may be charged for texting services.)
  • 12. Twitter, Instagram, & Hashtagging Perfect for: Sharing updates and events related to your churches, youth groups, ministry teams, etc. Creating social communities where church members and friends can interact with one another …
  • 13. Twitter Twitter allows each post to be only 140 characters Helpful for sharing updates about the church, upcoming events, inspiration, etc. Twitter includes private messaging Instead of “friending” you “follow,” which gives an option for following many different people & organizations Instead of “sharing” you “retweet” any informative or meaningful tweets
  • 14. Instagram Instagram is a photo-sharing space Allows a person to post photos for those who follow them to view Hashtags allow others to see related photos Can be used to incorporate all ages in worship Can be used for various youth activities
  • 15. #Hashtags  Creates an online community which allows different people or groups to post photos or statuses separately but be connect by them  To properly create a hashtag, the number (or pound) sign must be placed in front of words and characters. There cannot be any spaces, as that breaks up the hashtag  Examples of hashtags: #IceBucketChallenge, #AddAWordRuinATheologian, #YourChurchNameHere, #WorldCup, #UCC, #ReadingChangesLives
  • 16. Twitter, Instagram, & Hashtagging Benefits: Creating online social communities within the church Connecting with members and friends outside of Sunday mornings/evenings Allows others to share information and insight What you need: Computer Smart phone device
  • 17. Beware Flooding your church social media pages can ultimately turn your followers off. Post 3-4 times a week, and include pictures and videos. Get permission to post pictures and videos that have people in them Add a section to your safe church policy to include social media boundaries Don’t video chat with someone else alone. Consider recording all video chats. Unplug yourself! Being in ministry during an age when you can be connected at all times can be draining. Take technology Sabbaths.
  • 18. Questions??
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