Richardson Research: Teamwork in Selling

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  Richardson Research: Teamwork in Selling
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  • 1. WHY ARE ORGANIZATIONS USING TEAM SELLING? In today’s world, there is a complex selling environment. So, sales teams need: • Subject matters • Technology experts • Sales leaders • Implementation specialists
  • 2. TEAMWORK IN SELLING SURVEY Over 81% of respondents said that they teamed in 50% or more of their critical meetings. This was consistent across industries and roles but not size. 68% of respondents from companies with less than $200 million per year in annual sales reported that multiple people attended critical sales meetings 50% or more of the time. 85% of respondents for companies with annual sales of $1 billion or more
  • 3. TEAMING BEFORE MEETINGS For successful meetings, the three biggest contributors were: • Discussing goals and roles (82%) • Sharing information about the client or prospect (74%) • Reviewing presentation materials (60%)
  • 4. TEAMING DURING MEETINGS In successful meetings, the four most cited responses were: • Asked questions (95%) • Conveyed our value proposition (89%) • Supported each other (83%) • Handled questions/objections (82%) “Cutting each other off … Too much talking … Not enough questioning and listening …”
  • 5. TEAMING AFTER SALES MEETINGS For effective teamwork after a sales meeting, the most frequently chosen contributors were: • Assigning accountability for client follow-up (86%) • Assigning internal accountabilities (75%) • Conducting a prompt group debrief (71%)
  • 6. WHY DO PEOPLE TEAM SELL? 1. Salespeople team up with others for a significant share of client meetings that are critical to advancing a sale. 2. There is work to be done — by team leaders, members, sales managers, and senior executives — to drive greater consistency and better outcomes when colleagues must collaborate to win. 3. Barriers to better teamwork for sales meetings include conflicting demands and goals.
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