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  1. Psychographics! 2. 100% of the people who answered m survey said that they would prefer to watch a music video with a heavier narrative that performance, this tells me…
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  • 1. Psychographics!
  • 2. 100% of the people who answered m survey said that they would prefer to watch a music video with a heavier narrative that performance, this tells me that this is the sort of video I should try to recreate, as it will be most entertaining for my audience. So, to act upon this I will come up with a series o possible narrative options and analyse the positives and negatives of each one. This one sort of contradicts the first response as if the is a performer then its not truly a narrative video. Half of the people who responded said thee doesn’t need to be a performer and half said there did. So to incorporate both of these responses I might try to have the characters in my narrative look into the camera and break the fourth wall, as this will have a more intimate feel which is often achieved by having a performer, but without a performer.
  • 3. The responses I gathered from this question made it clear that in order to create a music video that would be entertaining for my audience I will have to create something with more symbolism and potentially a 90’s/nostalgia feel. So I’ll d a bit more research into themes and think about how I can incorporate these into my video using symbolism and imagery. I think given my genre it would not really make sense to try to incorporate a “cartoon-like” performer as it would not be conventional of the genre and would also contradict earlier feedback that a performer is not always needed. So, I might look at some Ke$ha and Die Antwoord videos and see if there are any aspects that I’ll be able to add in with out it being unconventional.
  • 4. The here key themes hat my audience said they would like to see in the music video were love, isolation and teen rebellion. These are probably also the themes that are most relatable and so will probably be more entertaining to the audience. So, when I am planning a synopsis I will look at ways I can incorporate these themes to make the video more relatable. Both of the highest ranking plot ideas were along the theme of escapism and isolations. So, I think in my music video here should be characters that all have their own problems and at the end of the video there is a moment o escapism which they all have.
  • 5. The genre that I chose typically uses quite slow paced editing. But, as the song I am creating a music video for is quite up beat and fast paced, it does make sense to utilize this feedback and ensure that the editing is quite fast and fits the pace of the video. As the genre typically uses a more social realist feel it makes sense to have less confirmative characters. Also if I am going to use themes such as teen rebellion I think having nonconformities characters would be part of that. So, when I film my video I will ensure that the characters don’t just look like the average teens but are in situations that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. For example I will maybe have a character who looks like they belong to a higher social class bracket (C+/B/A), and a character who is doing an activity that isn’t stereotypical. I will try to utilize both of these things. Initially I was thinking o having one female character and one male character to try and represent them equally but then it occurred to me that it could look like I’m setting up for a traditional pop music video with a heteronormative feel to it. Seeing as this is not the intention, I will maybe think about having three characters, but I will have to consider weather I have two males and one female or wo females and one male.
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