POWER HYALURONIC: Moistur revolution

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  1. MOISTUR REVOLUTION 2. Water is life Everydayourbodylooses liquids andminerals neededforcorrectlycarryingoutvital functions. Whenanyphysicalactivityis…
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  • 2. Water is life Everydayourbodylooses liquids andminerals neededforcorrectlycarryingoutvital functions. Whenanyphysicalactivityis started,thebodytemperatureincreasesandwateris essential forregulating it. Wemustdrinkabouttwolitres ofwater every day. Hydrationis very importantbecause it improves thebody’sperformanceand prevents injuries.
  • 3. The defect: Dehydration Whenwedo nothaveenoughwaterin thebody wesufferfromdehydration: 1 We feel particularlylistless andtired. 2 We loose musculartone andfirmness, whichacceleratesthepremature ageingprocess. 3 Itreduces theskin’s naturalprotection, epicutaneous emulsion. Mainproblems associatedwith the skin Lackofradiance,Dull, Listless Appearanceof wrinkles Lossofmuscularandcutaneoustone Pigmentationdisorders,etc.
  • 4. INFORMACIÓN CONFIDENCIAL· Uso exclusivo interno·Prohibida su reproducción ·Derechos deimagen protegidos
  • 5. 5
  • 6. POWERHYALURONIC: Skin hydrodynamics Hydrodynamics is the measurement of water supply (inlet) and loss (outlet) flows in the skin. If they are balanced, the skin maintains is optimum degree of hydration, which guarantees the renovation processand standardisesthe cutaneousmicrorelief.
  • 8. Apply2 ml.ofHAINTENSIVECONCENTRATE andspreadoverthefaceandneckwithupward massage strokesorusingtheMESOSCIENCE BY SKEYNDOR equipment,5 minutesonnegative polarity. Removeeyeandlipmake-upwiththespecific SKEYNDOR eyemake-upremover.Cleanand tonetheface,neckandcleavageusingthe appropriateSKEYNDOR hygieneline. Inordertofacilitateabsorptionoftheactive ingredients,exfolliatetheskinwiththemost appropriateSKEYNDOR peeling,preferably, GLYCO-30 orSK-ENZYME PEELING. 1 2 3 4 5 6 ApplytheAQUAPORINMASSAGEGELwitha soft,modellingmassage. Optionally,helpthe productpenetratetheskinusingthe MESOSCIENCE equipment,usingthe ELECTROPORATIONcurrent. Thenspreadan amountofHAULTRA HYDRATINGGELandhelpit penetratetheskin usingthePOLARISEDWATER. Applytherestof thegelas a finemaskandleavefor20 minutes. Usea dampspongetocompletelyremoveany productexcess,andtonetheskin.Endthe treatmentwiththeINTENSIVEMOISTURISING EMULSION. HADYNAMIC PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMME
  • 9. Home treatment
  • 10. FragmentedHyaluronic acid MOISTURISESSKININ DEEP LAYERSAND AVOIDSLOSSOF WATERINTHE SKIN Power Hyaluronic has been formulated using fragments of very low and high molecular weight to hydrate the skin in deep layers and to protect it from premature water loss caused by aggressive external agents. Aquaporins activator INCREASESLEVELS OF CUTANOUSAQUAPORINSBY 36% Aquaporins aremembrane proteins thatallow transporting water and other solutes across the insideof thecells (transcellular transport). Their quantity andquality allows water to bedistributed andpenetrate intoall parts ofthe epidermis: the middle anddeep layers.
  • 11. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Aquaporins actuator Aquaporinsactuator Aquaporins are membrane proteins that allow transporting water and other solutes across the inside of the cells (transcellular transport). Their quantity and quality allows water to be distributedandpenetrateintoall partsofthe epidermis:themiddleanddeeplayers. 12 IT INCREASESTHE LEVELSOF CUTANOUSAQUAPORINSBY 36%
  • 12. Followusin:
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