POWER C+, the most powerful anti oxidant combination ever created

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  The illuminator antioxidant Skeyndor program is based on dermatological properties of Vitamin C, the extract of Granada and a synergistic combination of A · E · F acids
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  • 2. We cannot avoid the passage of time, and as the years go by and the cells stop working normally and slow down. Cell regeneration is slower. Oxidation starts to cause havoc. Skin ageing and oxidation This is reflected in the skin with clear signs: Dryness Appearance of wrinkles Lack of elasticity Lack of radiance Appearance of blemishes
  • 3. Dermatological properties of Vitamin C Anti-oxidant power: prevents immunosuppresion through UV radiation (it protects the DNA from the oxidation caused by free radicals) and reduces photoageing. It can revert and eliminate a certain degree of solar damage. It strengthens the skin's protective barrier and reduces the transepidermal loss of water, improving the levels of hydration and skin defences. It stimulates the production of collagen, which increases the density of the dermis. It reduces inflammation at cell level. It strengthens the immunity system and cell regeneration, and therefore, dermal resistance, protecting the skin from environmental aggressions.
  • 4. Dermatological properties of Vitamin C It is one of the most useful molecules for treating sun burns and other inflammatory skin affections, like acne, psoriasis, post-operative scars or stretch marks. In concentrations higher than 5%, the ascorbic acid reduces hyperpigmentation softening blemishes. It provides skin radiance and greater clarity by standardising the permeability of the capillaries, improving the venal tone in general. It is highly recommended for smokers, because nicotine reduces the body's Vitamin C reserves. It improves the effectiveness of dermatological procedures like peelings and microdermoabrasion.
  • 5. *PorSkeyndor.Actividadantioxidanteconefectoluz. THEMOSTPOWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANT COMBINATIONEVERCREATED* Vit.C deriv.+pomegranateHGext.
  • 6. High absorption Vitamin C It is an oil soluble Vitamin C derivative that improve percutaneous absorption and excellent cell absorption. Prevent DNA damage, preventing the peroxidation of cells and promoting collagen synthesis. Also it has a whitening effect as it inhibits melanogenesis. Pomegranate Ext. Mainly it is a wide spectrum anti-oxidant extract, due to its rich content of vitamins and tannins, gallic and elagic acids, its most recognised actions on a cosmetic level are: anti-oxidant, photo-protection and anti-inflammatory. Synergetic combination of acids A·E·P Ascorbic: powerful anti-oxidant in concentrations of 15% (professional treatment). Origin: from synthesis. Elagic: promotes the absorption of ascorbic acid. Origin: the bark of an African tree (Anogeissus Leiocarpus). Phytic: protects against the oxidation of ascorbic acid, enhancing the depigmentation activity. Origin: natural origin.
  • 7. Relentless anti-oxidant activity Vit C deriv. + pomegranate HG ext. Concentrations of pure Vitamin C up to 15% in professional treatments. New generation of Vitamin C with maximum cell absorption of more than 700% on the skin's cells. The activity of vitamin C is enhanced by HG Pomegranate Ext in concentrations of up to 6% for professional treatment.
  • 8. ConcentradoVitaminaCpura 15% ConcentradodeGranada 6% Mascarilla deAloeVera CremaEnergizanteSPF15 El tratamiento en instituto PROGRAMAANTIOXIDANTEILUMINADOR
  • 9. Cleanse the skin around the eyes, face, neck and cleavage with the most suitable SKEYNDOR make- up remover for the client's skin. Tone and normalise the skin's pH using the TERMAL CONCENTRATE WATER by AQUATHERM. Remove excess dead cells with the PEELING SCRUB. Wet your hands, work with circular movements and remove with plenty of water. If necessary, reinforce the cleansing stage with the RADIANCE CLEANSING GEL. Apply the PURE C CONCENTRATE 15% with smooth massage stokes and gentle pressure until it is completely absorbed. Work with smoothing, pumping strokes to help absorption and to help remove toxins. Do not use any apparatus. Continue with the POMEGRANATE CONCENTRATE 6%. Apply 4 ml. to the face and neck and massage until it is completely absorbed. Continue with the same drainage techniques and do not use apparatuses that could activate the skin. Apply the ALOE VERA MASK. With a fine brush, spread a thick layer (20 ml.) all over the treatment area. Leave for 20 minutes and help its absorption. To complete the treatment apply the ENERGIZING CREAM SPF15 . Apply a sufficient amount to the face, neck and cleavage and help its absorption. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Brightening Antioxidant programme
  • 10. Home treatment
  • 11. Proven results of complete treatment Effectiveness test under medical control* In 28 days radiance increased In86% of cases, and more uniform skin colour in 77%
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