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  1. What? We chose to do a Teen Drama, with a bit of romance and a bittersweet comedy edge. 2. RCCY Productions 3. Persona Non Grata persona non grata pəˌsəʊnə nɒn…
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  • 1. What? We chose to do a Teen Drama, with a bit of romance and a bittersweet comedy edge.
  • 2. RCCY Productions
  • 3. Persona Non Grata persona non grata pəˌsəʊnə nɒn ˈɡrɑːtə,nəʊn/ noun noun: persona non grata; plural noun: personae non gratae an unacceptable or unwelcome person
  • 4. Key Character Boy: Very ‘nerdy’, generally just a weird character. But not so much as that the audience wont connect with the character empathetically as we still want people to laugh at his misfortune, not feel pity for him. Wearing: Psychedelic baggy cat shirt Thick glasses Skinny Jeans Unkept Hair Girl: Bright Red Dress Also relatively nerdy like the boy is. (Hence why they connect) Thick Glasses
  • 5. Brief Outline Our movie is going to be set in a college with the protagonist being a complete outcast from the rest of the school. He is living his painful life, out in college being bullied and struggling to fit in with all his odd habits. A girl then moves to his area and he starts seeing her around college. He quickly falls in love with her, the movie ends up playing out with him trying to ditch all his habits and gain more self confidence to muster up the courage to ask her on a date.
  • 6. Locations In Reigate college Interior: Corridors around the college (County Building) and classrooms that will be un-occupied. Exterior: Still on the college grounds, benches around college and also the school gates as he enters college.
  • 7. Target Audience Profile This is Charlie, he likes watching art house dramas, and romances and is ecstatic when they are combined. He likes TV shows like Breaking Bad, Utopia and Skins and his favorite movie is Submarine. When online he uses websites like Reddit and Pinterest to get in touch with his friends, and talk about all of the teen drama romance comedies he has watched that very day. Charlie would like to watch this film because it applies perfect to his demographic and his likes and interests. (Drama movies)
  • 8. How From our research we have decided to create a teen drama that contains an isolated teen boy that is trying to fit into college. From our research, we have found that choosing to make the boy ‘geeky/nerdy’ will apply to a large audience due to the current time, where many people fit this demographic we have also chosen to follow closely to the ideas of popular teen dramas like submarine, because it ties in very closely with our project. Our research into setting meant that we were able to confidently choose to film directly on the college grounds, as many teen dramas are shot in colleges and schools.
  • 9. What Films and Opening Sequences Have Influenced Us 0 Mean Girls This influenced us because of the heavy emphasis on the ‘teen drama’ genre. It also shows the aspect of isolation in a college atmosphere. 0 Submarine Submarine has influenced us heavily because it fits very closely to the genre we are going for and also the main premise of the film is about a boy that doesn’t quite fit in. Their use of comedic camerawork and characters is also what we are trying to achieve.
  • 10. Structure 0 Act 1: Establishing Setting We will show where the film will be set and also the protagonist 0 Act 2: Establishing Characters In act 2, we’ll show what the characters are like and how they act/ their personality. We will also show a first glimpse of the girl. 0 Act 3: Establishing Narrative and Genre In act 3 we’re going to show that the boy has feelings for the girl and that she is just as isolated/unwelcome as he is
  • 11. What we will include in the opening 0 In the opening we are planning to establish the setting, characters and genre 0 The opening will establish the setting as we are filming the entire scene in the college. We thought hard about how we’re going to establish the characters in the scene and concluded on, rather than dialogue or a voice over, using mise en scene heavily: eg. Using artistic shots like a lone flower to show isolation, or how the boy will sit on a bench on his own away from other people. 0 We also want to show the genre in the opening, but it isn’t our main focus. So we are going to incorporate comedic cuts Edgar Wright style, and also some drama via the boys interest in the girl. 0 We aim to make it a mostly a montage sequence, but it will have continuity in it, so a mix of both
  • 12. How? Basic genre conventions we are including are: 0 Teenage isolation 0 Dramatic suspense 0 Romance 0 College grounds To attract the target audience we are going to try to make the main character connect empathetically with the audience, showing things that would happen in day to day college that people will recognize. We aim to make a dejected atmosphere, with the help of sad music and plenty of long shots to show the loneliness of the character, if it happens to be raining on the day of the filming it will also be beneficial to us, but we can’t count on that.
  • 13. How? Mise en Scene Setting - time and place: Our opening will be set in the morning, as the boy is doing his morning routine. Props: 0 Weird T-shirt 0 Red dress for girl 0 Backpack 0 Glasses 0 Sandwich Lighting: We aren’t going to use any special lighting as we are going for a downcast mood, so the weather of that morning will be fine. Performance and Proxemics: We want to establish to the audience how lonely the protagonist is, so he enjoys being as far away from other people as possible and he also has a relatively strange personality, but so alien as the audience won’t connect with him
  • 14. How? Camerawork
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