Parivartan's Just Do It ...Season One...Journey...

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  1. Don’t Think A Lot.. “Just Do IT”… A Journey… 2. Number of Squares Covered In Season One ã Shashtri Chauk Square ã Brahm Nagar Square ã Chawla Market…
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  • 1. Don’t Think A Lot.. “Just Do IT”… A Journey…
  • 2. Number of Squares Covered In Season One • Shashtri Chauk Square • Brahm Nagar Square • Chawla Market Square • Vivek Talkies Square • Gumti No. 5 Square • Afeem Kothi Square • Arya Nagar Square • Huddard Square • Moolganj Square • Chetna Square • Mariumpur Square • Vijay Nagar Square
  • 3. Our First “Just Do It”… At Arya Nagar Square (22nd June, 2014)
  • 4. Before After
  • 5. Our Second “Just Do It”… At Huddard Square (29th June,2014)
  • 6. Before After
  • 7. Our Third “Just Do It”… At Moolganj Square (13th July,2014)
  • 8. Before After
  • 9. Our Fourth “Just Do It”… Chetna Square (20th July, 2014)
  • 10. Before After
  • 11. Our Fifth “Just Do It”… At Mariumpur Square (27th July, 2014)
  • 12. Before After
  • 13. Our Sixth “Just Do It”… At Vijay Nagar Square (3rd Aug, 2014)
  • 14. Before After
  • 15. Our Seventh “Just Do It”… At Shashtri Chowk Square (24th Aug, 2014)
  • 16. Making of Shashtri Square,, Ratan Lal Nagar…
  • 17. Our Eighth “Just Do It”… At Brahm Nagar Square (31st Aug, 2014)
  • 18. Before After
  • 19. Our Ninth “Just Do It”… At Chawla Market Square (7th Sept,2014)
  • 20. Before After
  • 21. Our Tenth “Just Do It”… At Vivek Talkies Square (14th Sept, 2014)
  • 22. Before After
  • 23. Before After
  • 24. Our Eleventh “Just Do It”… At Gumti No. 5 Square (21st Sept, 2014)
  • 25. Before After
  • 26. Our Twelveth “Just Do It”… At Afeem Kothi Square (28th Sept, 2014)
  • 27. Before After
  • 28. And the Journey Continues…
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