Occ Sci: Component 1, Task 2

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  1. Part Two: Practical Task This PowerPoint contains 10 slides that I believe are significant factors to make up my Occupational Identity. Component One: Occupational…
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  • 1. Part Two: Practical Task This PowerPoint contains 10 slides that I believe are significant factors to make up my Occupational Identity. Component One: Occupational Identity and Satisfaction
  • 2. Soccer/Football I view soccer as a huge part of my occupational identity as I have been engaged in the sport since I moved to NZ when I was 7. I have been involved with provincial, school and club teams coaching and playing. I see it as a huge part of my occupational identity because I grew up managing up life around soccer and setting goals to develop as a player
  • 3. Spending Time with Family • Family is a vital part of my occupational identity. It is them who I believe have given me the opportunities to make me the person I am today. I feel that my family have led me to becoming my future self. They have provided me with a sense of belonging which has enabled me to be enriched in the relationships and to be immersed in any areas of occupational performance I identify with as I know they will always be my biggest supporters.
  • 4. Being a Student in Dunedin I have been a student in Dunedin for 3 years now. I have been in a hall, and am now in my second flat. I view being a student in Dunedin as part of my occupational identity as it is where I have moved out of home and where I begun a tertiary education, made new friends, and found my direction in life. Dunedin has been a place where I have done the majority of growing up and have became the person I want to be.
  • 5. Australia Australia is my birthplace and is where I spent the first 7 years of my life. Although I do not identify as being an Australian I do see it as being a huge influential part of my childhood and growing up. It has a sense of belonging as it has given me some of the most brilliant memories and friends that I still cherish and see to this day. Because of this, I see Australia as a part of my occupational identidy.
  • 6. Music/ Attending Concerts I have loved music since I was young and danced around the lounge with my mum to the wiggles. As I have grown older my passion for music has grown, I identify myself as being a ‘Directioner’, ‘Swifty’ and a fan of Ed Sheerhan. It is something I passionately do on a regular basis whether it be following their music, the people themselves, or attending their concerts. I feel that through liking bands such as One Direction it allows me to belong to a group of people whom share the same interest.
  • 7. Motorbike Riding with Dad Since I could walk I was on the front of my dads motorbike blatting around the bush. I view motorbiking with Dad to be part of my occupational identity because it has given me the tools to persevere with tricky situations, given me the strength physically and mentally as it has made me proud to be a woman on the motorbike track and give the men a run for their money, it has also given me a sense of adventure. I really feel that motorbiking has made me become the person I am today.
  • 8. Partying/ Dancing I have danced since I was 4 years old, tap and jazz predominately. I have always found it to be a good way to use some energy and let out some emotion in a way which I thought was fun. I gave up dancing when I was around 15 due to other commitments but because it is still something I do whether it be at a party or at home I still think it is apart of my occupational identity as it was something I did for a significant amount of my life.
  • 9. Qualified Occupational Therapist For the past year I have been studying at the Otago Polytechnic to become an Occupational Therapist, I see this as my occupational identity as being an OT is what is in the imminent future for me, it is what I want to become. I also see this degree to be one which embodies my personality and things that I value such as treating people with equal respect and supporting people in times of need.
  • 10. Athletics I have been involved in Athletics for around 13 years now, I competed for school, club and at national tournaments in 100m, highjump and triplejump. I enjoyed the individual aspect of the sport, as I was always trying to beat my best and get better by setting goals and training to reach them. It helped me become a better sports person both physically and mentally because there is only you to rely on. This is why I see athletics as being apart of my Occupational Identity.
  • 11. Friends I see my friends as being part of my occupational identity, they are people whom have supported and encouraged me with whatever decisions I make. They are people that are there through the good times and the bad. They have helped me become the person I am today I believe through their supportive and encouraging nature.
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