morphometric analysis

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  Morphometric analysis in Bangla
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  • 1. f~wgiƒcwgwZ we‡klb (Morphometric Analysis) m¤ú‡K© Professor of Geography, Cambridge University Richard J. Chorley Gi e³e¨ n‡”Q- The need for the precise description of the geometry of landforms, particularly those of domnantly fluvial erosive origin, has been a recurring theme in geomorphology.This topogrphic, hydraulic and hydrological unity of the basin provieded the basis for the Morphometric system of R.J. Horton(1954), as elaborated by Strahler(1964), and it is now employed as a basic erosional landscape element. -Introduction to fluvial processes, 1977. b`xgvjv AeevwnKvi Aa¨q‡bi KviY- K) b`x wbqš¿‡bi Rb¨; L) cvwb mieivn Ae¨vnZivLvi Rb¨ I M) cvwb P‡µiAe¯’v Rvbvi Rb¨|
  • 2. AeevwnKvi ‰ewkó¨ we‡klb- wewfbœ b`x weÁvbx AeevwnKvi ‰ewkó¨‡K wewfbœ fv‡e we‡klb K‡i‡Qb| Horton,(1932) Ges j¨vs‡eb(1947) AeewnKvMZ w`K †_‡K b`x‡K we‡klb K‡i‡Qb| Djg¨vb (1967)b`x Ges DcZ¨Kviw`K †_‡K b`x‡K we‡klb K‡i‡Qb| Rb÷b, µm Ges †MÖ b`xgvjv AeevwnKvi cÖwµqv mg~‡ni we‡klb K‡i‡Qb| ÷ªjvi Ges †Pvwj© AeevwnKvi cÖwµqv I AvK…wZ‡K we‡klb K‡i‡Qb| AeevwnKv b`x LvZ LÛvsk cÖ¯’ AvqZb AeevwnKvGjvKv b`x LvZmsjMœ AvqZb b`x LÛvs‡kiAvqZb cÖ¯’‡”Q` AvqZb ˆ`N©¨ AeevwnKvˆ`N©¨ b`x LvZˆ`N©¨, b`xgvjv NbZ¡ b`x LÛvs‡ki‰`N©¨ cÖ‡¯’iˆ`N©¨ AvK…wZ AeevwnKvAvK…wZ RvwjKv AvK…wZ, b`x AvK…wZ eµZvb`x LvZ AvK…wZ cÖ‡¯’iAvK…wZ eÜziZv| AeevwnKveÜziZvev AeevwnKvXvj RvwjKv eÜziZvev RvwjKv Xvjev b`x Xvj b`x LvZeÜziZv,b`x LvZXvj eÜziZvicÖ¯’‡”Q` MfxiZv ‡MÖMix I Iqvwjs b`xRf~wgiƒc we‡klb mviYx
  • 3. b`xR f~wgiƒc we‡klb- 1964 mv‡j ÷ªjvi b`xR f~wgiƒc†K mvavibZ wbgœwjwLZ wZb fv‡e we‡klb K‡ib - 1| b`xAeevwnKvi mij ˆiwLK cÖK…wZ, 2| b`xAeevwnKvi AvqZwbK cÖK…wZ I 3| b`xgvjv AeevwnKv Ges b`x LvZ RvwjKv eÜziZv| 1| b`xAeevwnKvi mij ˆiwLK cÖK…wZt A) U‡cvjwR‡Kj `„wó‡KvY-- b`x ch©vq µg (Order) wØfvRb AbycvZ(bifurcation ratio) Av) R¨vwgwZ¨K `„wó‡KvY b`xi ˆ`N©¨ (Stream Length) b`xi Mo ˆ`N©¨( Average Stream Length) b`xi ‰`N¨©AbycvZ(Stream -Length Ratio) AeevwnKvi AwfKl© †K›`ª †_‡K `yiZ¡ (The Distance to the centre of Gravity of the Drainage Basin) `xN©¨Zg AeevwnKvi e¨v‡mi ˆ`N©¨ b`xi ˆ`N©¨ I DcZ¨Kv ˆ`‡N©¨iAbycvZ
  • 4. b`x AeevwnKvi AvqZwbK we‡klb (Areal aspects of the Basin) K) b`x AeevwnKvi AvqZb (Area of the Basin) L) AeevwnKvi b`x NbZ¡ (Drainage Density of the Basin) M) AeevwnKv I AvqZ‡bi cvi¯úvwiK cv_©K¨ (Basin –Area Ratio) N) AeevwnKvi AvK…wZ (Shape of the Basin) b`x gvjv AeevwnKv Ges b`x LvZ RvwjKv eÜziZv(Relief aspects of the Basin) K) b`x Lv‡Zi Xvj L)AeevwnKvi Xvj M) AeevwnKv eÜziZv N) b`x ˆ`N©¨I Xv‡ji m¤úK©
  • 5. K) b`x ch©vqµg (Order) mvs¸ b ` x e v›` i e vb c Ö_ g c h ©vq 2 q c h ©vq 3 q c h ©vq 4 _ ©c h ©vq nU©‡bi b`x ch©vq µg
  • 6. mvs¸ b ` x e v›` i e vb c Ö_ g c h ©vq 2 q c h ©vq 3 q c h ©vq 4 _ ©c h ©vq StrahlerGi b`x ch©vq µg
  • 7. mvs¸ b ` x e v›` i e vb 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 12 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 5 14 18 28 19 5 9 ‡kª‡fi b`x ch©vq µg
  • 8. wØfvRbAbycvZ (bifurcation ratio) Rb= Nu Nu+1GLv‡b, Rb= wØ-fvRb AbycvZ, Nu= †Kvb ch©v‡qi b`x Lv‡Zi †gvU msL¨v, Nu+1= cieZx© ch©v‡qi b`x Lv‡Zi †gvU msL¨v| (k-u) Nu= Rb †Kvbch©v‡qi b`x Lv‡Zi †gvU msL¨v(Nu) wbY©‡qi Rb¨ wb‡gœv³ myÎ e¨envi K‡ib - GLv‡b, k= AeevwnKvi D”PZg ch©vq msL¨ u = b`x avcevch©vq
  • 9. K L ZvwRbWscvnvo b`xiˆ`N© DcZvKvˆ`N© b`xi eµZv= b`xi ˆ`N©¨ DcZ¨Kvi ˆ`N©¨
  • 10. g‡nkLvjx†P‡bj C ` Mv I b ` x A e e v wn K v C` MvI b ` x K · e v R v i ‡R j v K · e vR vi Dc ‡R j v
  • 11. L)AeevwnKvi b`x NbZ¡ (Drainage Density of the Basin)t †Kvb GjvKvi b`x ¸‡jvi †gvU ˆ`N©¨‡K H GjvKvi AvqZb Øviv fvM Ki‡j AeevwnKvib`x NbZ¡ cvIqv hvq| GLv‡b, D =AeevwnKvib`x NbZ¡, ∑Lk=†Kvb GjvKvi b`x ¸‡jvi †gvU ˆ`N©¨, Ak =AeevwnKviAvqZb| Dc‡ii wPÎ I mviYx †_‡K K·evRvi ‡Rjvi 35 wKwg ˆ`N©¨wewkóC`MvI b`x AeevwnKviAvqZb 142 eM© wKwg I b`x ¸‡jvi †gvU ˆ`N©¨ 516.2 wKwg| myZivs C`MvI AeevwnKvib`x NbZ¡ 3.6 wKwg/ eM© wKwg| Ak Lk D 
  • 12. g‡nkLvjx†P‡bj C ` Mv I b ` x A e e v wn K v C` MvI b ` x K · e v R v i ‡R j v K · e vR vi Dc ‡R j v 198wg 28wKwg b`xLv‡Zi Xvj t b`xiDrmn‡Z †gvnbv ch©š— D”PZvI Abyf~wgK`~i‡Z¡iAbycvZ‡Kb`x Lv‡Zi Xvj ejv nq| b`xLv‡Zi Xvj †K wgUvi/wK‡jvwgUv‡i cÖKvkKiv nq| f~`„‡k¨Xvj D‡jL †hvM¨ f~wgKv cvjb K‡i _v‡K| Xvj wb®‹vkbaiY wba©vibK‡i Ges f~-c„‡ôi cwieZ©b NUvq| Xvj AeevwnKvi Dw™¢`,cÖvYx,emwZ , †mP,cwienb, AbycÖ‡ek,cvwb aviY, cvwb cÖevn BZ¨vw` wbqš¿Y K‡i _v‡K| wewfbœ ch©v‡q b`xiXvj mgvb _v‡K bv| mvavibZt 1g ch©v‡q b`xiXvj †ekx _v‡K Ges b`xi ch©vq I Xvj wecixZ fv‡e m¤úK©hy³| wP‡Î C`MvI AeevwnKvi b`xLv‡Zi Mo Xvj 5.65wg/wKwg| Xvj (S) = H = †gvnbv n‡Z Drmch©š— D”PZv(198wg) L = b`xLv‡Zi Abyf~wgK`~iZ¡(38wKwg)| C`MvI b`xAeevwnKv,K·evRvi L H
  • 13. K¨vwj‡dvwbq©v wek¦we`¨vj‡qi f~‡Mv‡ji mn‡hvMx Aa¨vcK Leal A. K. Mertes b`xLvZ m¤ú‡K© e‡jb- “River, any body of fresh water flowing from an upland source to a large lake or to the sea, fed by such sources as springs and tributary streams. The main parts of a river include a channel, in which the water flows, and a floodplain—a flat region of a valley on either side of the channel”. - Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2008. ÷ªjvi(1964) Gi g‡Z b`xLvZ nj cÖevwnZ cvwbi kw³i d‡j MwVZ GKwU mi“ ev PIov, Mfxi ev AMfxi, †mvRv ev evuKv, Lvov mylg Xvj wewkó GB c_ hvi ga¨w`‡q axi ev cÖej †e‡M KL‡bv mweivg ev KL‡bv Aweivg fv‡e cvwb cÖevwnZ nq| Bnv KL‡bv Ggb mi“ nq †h GK jv‡dB cvi nIqv hvq Avevi K‡qK gvBj ch©š— cÖk¯’ n‡q _v‡K|
  • 14. the River Severn
  • 15. Meanders on the Severn (middle course)
  • 16. mvaviY fv‡e b`xi †h ¯’vbw`‡qcvwb cÖevwnZnq Zv‡K b`x LvZ e‡j| AvK…wZ I ˆewk‡ó¨iDci wfwË K‡i b`x LvZ †K K‡qK fv‡efvM Kiv hvq| George Harry Dury Introduction to Fluvial Processes cy¯—‡K G‡K AvU †kªbx‡ZfvM K‡i‡Qb| †hgb- mwc©j (Meandering) webywb (Braided) mij (Straight) Straight- simulating Deltaic- distributary Anabranching Reticulate Irregular.
  • 17. Channel Length (ft.) SINUOSITY = ------------------------------ Valley Length (ft.)
  • 18. mwc©j b`xLvZ (Meandering channel) t b`x Lv‡Z Pjvi c‡_ †h mvgÄm¨ c~Y© eµZvi m„wó K‡i Zv‡K mwc©j b`xLvZ (Meandering channel) e‡j| Dbwesk kZvãxi ga¨fvM †_‡K mwc©j b`xLvZ(Meandering) Gi msL¨vZvwË¡K w`K wb‡q cÖPzi M‡elYv n‡q‡Q| 1954 mv‡j cvwbweÁvbx iv‡gj b`xi mvgÄm¨ c~Y© eµZvi †¶‡Î Meander kãwU cÖ_g e¨enviK‡ib
  • 19. A Braided channel is one that have development into sevsral channels which successively meet and redivided. - Leopold Wolman & Miller.
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