Mathematics in our daily life

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  1. MatheMatics in our daily life- a reality!!! BY: Ancella Martin X-B 2. the great ones… 3. Maths in Day to Day Life  Maths is all around us, it is everywhere we go.…
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  • 1. MatheMatics in our daily life- a reality!!! BY: Ancella Martin X-B
  • 2. the great ones…
  • 3. Maths in Day to Day Life  Maths is all around us, it is everywhere we go. Not only does Maths underline every process and pattern that occurs in the world around us, but also, a good understanding of it will help enormously in our every day life. Being fast in Mental arithmetic can save your money when you go to market!
  • 4. Maths in Commercial Usage • Discount • Banking • Foreign Exchange • Stock and Share • Arithmetic ( Profit & Loss, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Time problem)
  • 5. Discount Simple Discount. If you buy Many, get one free/two free. Paired Discount.
  • 6. Banking Transactions Stocks and Bonds AND AGAIN, IT IS JUST MATHS…
  • 7. CURRENCY MARKETS Here also in the Transactions.
  • 8. Stock and Share Stocks are sold by Brokers. The Cost Price = Market value + Brokerage
  • 9. How Algebra is Useful? Let us say that you are in a shopping mall. And you have purchased 10 grocery items. You need to get shopping bags that can accommodate all the 10 items, where each bag has only room for 3. how many bags will you need? This easily includes Algebra!
  • 10. Statistics It is a mathematical science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data. Also with prediction and forecasting based on data. It provides ways to get the data needed for a study without waste, such as surveys and controlled experiments.
  • 11. Statistics form a key basis tool in business and manufacturing as well. It is used to understand measurement systems variability, control processes for summarizing data, and to make data-driven decisions. Some fields of inquiry use applied statistics so extensively that they have specialized terminology. Ex- engineering statistics, social statistics, statistics in sports, etc…
  • 12. How the concept of Mean, Median & Mode are used in daily life? Suppose a company is considering expanding into an area and is studying the size of containers that competitors are offering. Would the company be more interested in the mean, the median, or the mode of their containers? An ad agency is planning an ad campaign for a city. Would they be more interested in the median or mean family income for the city?
  • 13. An economist is comparing interest rates on 90-day CDs in 8 major cities. Should he compare the mean, the median, or the mode?
  • 14. Calculus • It is the study of change, in the same way that geometry is the study of space. It includes limits, derivatives, integrals and infinite series. It helps us to find the area of figures, to know the acceleration of a car moving in a highway with a uniform speed. Also, the movement of an artificial satellite, ship etc. It is also used to clarify a blurred image to a clear one.
  • 15. • Calculus has widespread applications in science and engineering and is used to solve problems for which algebra alone is insufficient. Calculus builds on algebra , trigonometry, and analytic geometry and includes two major branches: • Differential calculus- can be used for finding the acceleration of a object. • Integral calculus-used to find the areas of figures that are not geometric.
  • 16. Number Theory It is the branch of pure Maths concerned with properties of numbers. It is used for creating codes for ATM/ Credit Cards.
  • 17. Graph Theory It is the study of graph. To find the easy route that can be used by a sailor from one port to another. The best way to reach all the port is shown by the arrows
  • 18. Geometry Study of shape, size, relative position of figures with properties of space. • For example, space is a huge issue when planning various construction projects. • Designing professions such as interior design and architecture.
  • 19. NATURE Sunflower -34,55 Seashell- square root of numbers (√1, √2, √3, √4…)
  • 20. The Fibonacci sequence is even found in the ancestry of bees.
  • 21. Trigonometry Astronomy- to calculate large distances. Finding heights of tall objects.
  • 22. Maths In Biology SYMMETRY is a general concept of studies in Science. Lokta-Volterra equation Fish Sea Anemone
  • 23. MATHS IN MEDICINE Reconstruction of the shape of a tumor from CAT ('computerized axial tomography‘) scans and other medical measurements. A lot of geometry is used in these. Protein modeling etc.
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