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  1. OCR Media Studies – A2 Level Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio Mind Map and Research Name: Alex Westbrook Candidate Number: 3152 Center Name: St. Andrew’s Catholic…
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  • 1. OCR Media Studies – A2 Level Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio Mind Map and Research Name: Alex Westbrook Candidate Number: 3152 Center Name: St. Andrew’s Catholic School Center Number: 64135 Generation of Ideas for Ancillary Product 1) – TV Magazine Front Cover
  • 2. History of the product - First published in October 1992 - The editor of the magazine is Stephen Murphy as of 2009 - Owned by Nat Mags - Started selling weekly in September 2003 - Currently covers the soaps : Coronation Street, EastEanders, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and Home and Away. Publisher - Hearst magazines - Matthew Hayes (Publishing director) Circulation Figures - From July to December 2015 its circulation figures were 117,539 Price range - The price of the Inside Soap is usually around £!.65 yet it does vary with certain issues. For the stereotypical working class audience of Soap Opera’s this may be out of their price range as it is rather expensive especially when compared to competitors such as ‘What’s on TV’ which has a much lower price of around £0.50. However, Inside soap is a 100 page magazine and therefore is rather in depth and has a large amount of content and so therefore the price is understandable. Socio-economic needs The genre of soap opera magazines would generally appeal to ‘care givers’ in regards to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Source of inspiration
  • 3. Masthead Ideas Masthead Name: - “SoapCity”. The verbal code of this masthead denotes a large community solely focused on soap operas and therefore will draw in fans of soaps wanting to be metaphorical ‘citizens’ of ‘SoapCity’. Colours: The main colour scheme shall consist of red with a white background. The white background is simplistic and allows for the bold red to stand out. The red is vibrant and catches the eye Font Style: The font style shall remain simplistic, basic and bold so that it does not displease the elderly demographic and that is legible to them, as, to use an example, the average reader of ‘Soap Opera Digest’ was over 50 years of age, thus the font must be appropriate and suitable for a similar audience.
  • 4. Main Headline Ideas Main Headline Ideas: - The language typically utilised in a headline of a soap opera magazine are bold and usually a statement or question of some sort follow by an exclamation/question mark. They are often rather large and bold in order to give off an exaggerated sense of urgency. - ‘Shock Murder’ -This headline is direct and straight to the point and reveals what happens within the trailer but still holds an element of secrecy as it does not give off what happens and to who. - ‘Brand New: Grange Road’ . Although this headline is perhaps not as intriguing as ‘Shock Murder’ , it would however be more successful with those who are fans of current soaps and therefore the prospect of a new soap opera could possibly attract them in. Font Style: -The font I will most likely use for the main headline “Millionaire”, a bold uppercase font that particularly stands out as the main headline is what you want an audience to be initially drawn to. - “Haettenschweiler” is also a viable option. It is similar to the other font yet is much slimmer and so if it was to opt for a longer main headline then I would be able to fit it in with ease without having to drastically reduce the size of the font. Colour - Upon selecting an appropriate colour for my magazine I took to my magazine of inspiration ‘InsideSoap’ who often use the colour orange for main headlines. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, attraction, encouragement, and stimulation. Therefore this is the perfect colour for my main headline as it must enthuse and fascinate the potential reader and must also stimulate in order to make it memorable. - Red is perhaps another option as it is a rather emotionally intensive colour that represents danger, which would suit on of my possible main headlines; ‘Shock Murder’. However, red is the colour that I shall likely be using for my masthead and if this is the case I shall avoid also using red for my main headlinen as otherwise the headline will fail to stand out.
  • 5. Images needed Main Image: - The main image I believe will best suit my magazine would be a medium shot/medium close up at around eye level of key characters within the Soap. The characters shall be mostly wearing black or rather dark clothing as this will contrast with a white background. There facial expressions shall be negative, either fearful or angry, in accordance to the austerity of the soaps themes. Cover images For my cover images I will need a wide shot of the characters of another soap opera in order to show that although my soap is the main focus, it is not the only soap to feature within the magazine. I shall also near a long shot of a dead body as this shall draw the readers attention.
  • 6. Language/price Puff Promotion Soap opera magazines such as Soap Opera Digest, TV Choice and What’s on TV all feature some sort of promotion in some form. Although my magazine of inspiration (InsideSoap) does not use puff promotion, I decided to be ‘different’ (Steve Neale – 1980) from my competitors and feature a competition as a form of puff promotion. I will likely use social media (i.e. Facebook) in order to create synergy between the hard copy magazine and its online platforms. Colours The colours of the puff promotion need to be bold and standout as the promotion has the purpose of drawing people in. Therefore, I will likely go for a bold colour that has not yet been used elsewhere within my magazine, such as aqua blue or purple. These colours are often not featured within soap opera magazines and therefore they will particularly stand out to the reader.
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