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  1. Magazine advert ideas/ development 2. ã With the first idea with the cream background, after gathering peer feedback we decided it looked too much like a certificate…
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  • 1. Magazine advert ideas/ development
  • 2. • With the first idea with the cream background, after gathering peer feedback we decided it looked too much like a certificate and that that colour and amount of writing made it look quite amateur and unconventional. • Next I tried to change the colour of the background to a similar shade that was in the photo, this worked better but there was still too much writing. • I did notice quite a lot or writing on some adverts though so it does appear to be a convention, therefore I tried to move it around and change the colour to see if it would make it look any better. • I found changing the font to white clashed a bit against the background, and in the end I decided that it was potentially the pictures that were limiting what I could do with the advert, and making it look a bit muddled. • I removed the pictures next and went for the more minimalist look by using the fame colours and shapes that I had experimented with on the digipak. • I much preferred this, and after finding a better colour for the background than the blue I decided to try adding in the photos again just to see how it would look now. • Again after some peer reviews I decided that the most conventional thing to do would be to use the shapes and the bold contrasting colours. I also removed most of the text to keep it cohesive with the minimalist theme. • I later added in a stroke on the outside of the shapes as I found the yellow against eh pink was a but uncomfortable to look at, it also made the motif stand out from the pink background, and as it contains the main information about the album, I think having it stand out is important.
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