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  1. PORTFOLIO Ankita Prasun _ M.Tech _ Disaster Mitigation & Management _ IIT Roorkee 2. Major Works During M.Tech: Managerial Aspects of Kosi Flood Fire Hazards:…
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  • 1. PORTFOLIO Ankita Prasun _ M.Tech _ Disaster Mitigation & Management _ IIT Roorkee
  • 2. Major Works During M.Tech: Managerial Aspects of Kosi Flood Fire Hazards: Safety Measures for Prevention In Commercial Spaces Issues dealt: • Impact of Flood on State and Administration • Pre and Post Disaster Management • Focus on Synergy and Responsiveness • Pro-active Approach and Contingency Plans Issues dealt: • About Fire Hazard • Electrical Faults and Safety • Architectural Safety • Fire Fighting: New Developments Presentation Hyperlink
  • 3. Major Works During M.Tech: Japan Tsunami 2011 Bio-Terrorism: Ebola and its Effects Issues dealt: • Parameters of causative earthquake • Areas affected • Fault Plane • Impact on Social Infrastructure and human Issues dealt: • About Bio-Terrorism • Mitigation Measures • Ebola Virus Disease • Effects
  • 4. Major Works During M.Tech: Preventing Industrial Hazards: Health and Safety Australian Wildfire 2009 Issues dealt: • About Industrial Hazard • Managing Industrial Hazard • Construction Accidents:  Safety Signs and Triggering Factors  Percentage of fatalities according to accident type  Few facts and Special Measures Issues dealt: • Wildfire and Australian Climate • Wildfire history and causes • Adaptation and Mitigation Measures Presentation Hyperlink
  • 5. Major Works During M.Tech: Solid Waste Management: National Policies and case-studies Issues dealt: • Sources of solid waste • Waste generation in India • Waste Scenario in India • Implementation and Effectiveness of Policies • Case-studies: • Greater Bangalore • TISS, Mumbai Presentation Hyperlink
  • 6. Major Works During M.Tech: Building Typology of Epicentral Tract of Bihar- Nepal Earthquake-1934 Kosi Flood: Financial and Psychological Impact Assessment Issues dealt: • History of Kosi Flood in Bihar • Social Impact: • Health and Environment • Education and Livelihood • Economic Impact: • Infrastructure and agriculture Issues dealt: • Case-studies of past earthquakes in Bihar • Building typologies of epicentral tract • Housing profile • Population
  • 7. Major Works During M.Tech: Seismic Risk assessment due to Scenario Earthquake: A case- study for Bihar-Nepal Earthquake 1934 Topic of Dissertation Issues dealt: • Risk Identification • Loss Calculation: • Social and Economic • Results • Peculiar behaviour of some districts • Districts with emerging threats
  • 8. Paper Title: ‘Stampede Management for Religious Events in India’ Research Publication Major Works During M.Tech: Issues dealt: • Introduction to Stampede • Case-studies: • Sri Kalubai Yatra Mandhardevi, Wai, Maharashtra (2005) • Dussehra Festival Stampede, Patna, Bihar (2014) • Guidelines for Stampede Management • Additional Recommendation: • Pre-event planning recommendations • During event planning recommendations • Architectural considerations Paper Hyperlink Paper link: urst.org/siteadmin/upload/7420U1015337.pdf Presented in an International Conference (ICDMCE’15) at Phuket, Thailand on Oct. 2nd 2015.
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