Learning HR Skills From Lord Hanuman.

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  How about learning Life's Lesson or Management Lesson's from Lord Hanuman (The Monkey God). I did a comprehensive literature review of Ancient Hindu Literature and I found that 40 Verses written by Tulasidas is full of Life's Lesson and Management Lesson. The reader will be able to.. 1) Understand how to cope up with the Individual and Corporate Problems. 2) The Essentials of Goal Setting 3) The Secret of Sustainable Success 4) The art of communication for great success.
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  • 3. HUMILITY  सुनि प्रभु बचि नबलोनि मुख गात हरनि हिुमंत चरि परेउ प्रेमािु ल त्रानह त्रानह भगवंत  Ram praised him saying how he would be able to return his favour. On this, Hanuman was very joyous but instead of being arrogant he urged Shri Ram to save me from the tentacles of egoism. Even at the pinnacle of success one should keep ourself not to become egoist , and take new task with balanced mind without any preconceived notions of ego.
  • 4. ADAPTABILITY  सूक्ष्म रूप धरर नसयनह निखावा नविट रूप धरर लंि जरावा  Hanuman changed his size from micro to macro when meeting with Goddess Sita and while destroying the palace of Ravana i.e. Lanka. A Good professional needs to adapt to the conditions based on the requirement of the situation . He should be ready to come out from his comfort zone and change according to the market and industry requirements .
  • 5. NET OWNERSHIP OF TASK  लाय सजीवि लखि नजयाए श्री रघुबीर हरनि उर लाए  Hanuman was caught in the dilemma of distinguishing vital sanjivani buti from other herbs. So without wasting a huge amount of time, he took the whole mountain to save Laxman’s life. Professionals should take total responsibility of the task till the end and get the desired result even if they are met with anticipated events during the course of accomplishing the task.
  • 6. UNIDIRECTIONAL DEDICATION  विद्यािान गुनी अति चािुर राम काज कररबेको आिुर  Hanuman was always ready to do anything for his boss Rama. His loyalty was commendable and reaches to the extent where it can easily be qualified as devotion. A good manager must have quality to work for his organization and boss with unidirectional dedication . Firm can fully entrust business in his hands.
  • 7. MANAGERIAL SKILLS  िुगगम िाज जगत िे जेते सुगम अिुग्रह तुम्हरे तेते  When Rama was required to cross the sea with whole of his army, It was seeming impossible task, Hanuman made this possible by floating the stones over the sea with the help of Nal and Nill. Manager has to be knowledgeable , skillful , quick learner as well as open to new views. The person should listen to all the views without any preconceived notion and then , take in formed decision . It will help the organization to grow faster.
  • 8. AIDING INTUITION  तुम्हरो मंत्र नबभीिण मािा लंिे श्वर भये सब जग जािा  Hanuman’s intuition helped him in recognizing Vibhisha as a friend even when he was brother of Ravana. Eventually Vibhishan has been instrumental in making it feasible for Rama to kill Ravana. Rama after killing Ravana and taking over lanka made Vibhishan king of Lanka . Professional’s has to use their intuition in many decisions and problem solving to take each decision backed by complete data due to lack of time and resources. Intuition should also be backed up by research .
  • 9. A SKILLFUL MENTOR  अष्ट नसनि िौ निनध िे िाता अस बर िीि जाििी माता  Hanuman Ji played a very good role of a mentor at some places like : • Taught lesson of ‘Niti’ to Luv and Kush. • Taught lesson of humbleness to Bheem and Arjun. As a professional one should focus on development of skills and taught that skills to others so that they can work according to you.
  • 10. MULTI-TALENTED  साहस िे सागर हिुमत श्री वो महाबली थे, ज्ञाता भी, अनभमाि रनहत वो सयमशील नमत्र अनतनप्रय, परम भक्त वे थे स्िेही भ्राता भी  Lord hanuman develops a long term relationship with peoples. These are: • Relationship with Sugreev and his army. • Relationship with Lord Ram and his family. As a professional it is very important for him to develop a long term relationship with clients that the business grows tremendously.
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