Lantiq/Tollgrade Metallic Line Testing

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  Tollgrade and Lantiq Offer Next Generation DSL Line Testing for All-IP Networks. Industry First end-to-end solution ushers in a new era of testing capabilities for high-speed DSL networks. October 21, 2014 –Tollgrade Communications, Inc. and Lantiq announced today that they have partnered to offer broadband carriers a best-in-class, seamless and standardized line testing solution for Next Generation Networks (NGN). The solution combines Lantiq’s MELT chipsets with Tollgrade’s LoopCare Operations Support System (OSS) software and allows telcos to migrate field proven and mature test expertise to the requirements of new all-IP networks. The combination of Tollgrade’s LoopCare software and Lantiq’s industry-leading Metallic Line Testing (MELT) enables broadband service providers to execute seamless DSL testing that starts at the chip and ends with Tollgrade’s trusted fault diagnostics and analysis software. Half of all existing broadband lines in use today are tested using Tollgrade’s OSS software and more than 30 million shipped MELT lines use the Lantiq chipset (which represents nearly all IP-based DSL deployments today). With this partnership, customers benefit from the market leading expertise position of both companies as they migrate to Next Generation Networks to improve DSL performance. Comments: Edward H. Kennedy, President and CEO, Tollgrade Communications: “This is a high-speed data driven world. As broadband service providers roll out NGN networks, it is imperative that they not lose the testing capability the industry has come to trust as its standard over the last two decades. With this solution, we continue to future-proof the investment broadband service providers make as they migrate to new DSL networks.” Johannes Eiblmeier, Vice President and Head of the Voice and Telecom Products Business Line, Lantiq: “As broadband service providers continue migrating network infrastructure towards NGN architecture, the introduction of efficient and seamlessly integrated line testing software and chipsets is paramount. With Lantiq’s MELT chipsets, carriers can perform PSTN-grade line testing even in all-IP networks. Single infrastructure IP-based networks for voice and data transmission require accurate measurements that can be directly performed, elaborated and processed by the Lantiq/Tollgrade offering.” Key Benefits of the Partnership: •Combined solution from Tollgrade and Lantiq eliminates the need to compromise speed for accuracy of testing, allowing broadband service providers to confidently build out their NGNs without losing the automation, accuracy and availability needed by customer service and repair organizations. •Market leading MELT chipsets and Tollgrade LoopCare OSS software future-proof investments when migrating to new DSL networks. ... Read more at:
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  • 2. Lantiq MELT and Tollgrade’s Loopcare Integration  Lantiq and Tollgrade are partnering to integrate Lantiq’s advanced MELT testing functions into Tollgrade’s broadband loop test systems  Tollgrade is the world leader in access network test systems, having an embedded base of over 200 million lines under test across many of the world's largest telecommunications carriers  The solution integrates Lantiq’s accurate MELT measurements using the VINETIC-LTC128 + Smart SLIC-T16/MLT16 chipset into Tollgrade’s “tried-and- true” measurement and dispatch algorithms to provide automated “flowthrough” testing on low line count DSLAMs Copyright © Lantiq & Tollgrade 2 2014. All rights reserved. Lantiq
  • 3. Next Generation Access Networks (NGN) ATM/IP IP Data Next Generation Network Video, Data & Voice PSTN Voice Voice Class 5 switch Copyright © Lantiq & Tollgrade 3 2014. All rights reserved. (IP based) Traditional Voice & Data Network Structure MSANs (incl. xDSL and Packetized Voice) ATM-DSLAM + splitter DSL and Voice Subscriber IPTV, DSL and Voice Subscriber DSLAMs are being replaced by smaller, more flexible and cost-efficient IP-based solutions, that tend to be deployed much closer to the subscriber Transition to All Digital Loop (ADL) and cabinet applications require new small/no footprint test methodology
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  • 5. Lantiq MELT: Multi-channel Line Testing Solution for "All Digital" Loops 24h Lantiq MELT is “the” MELT solution  Metallic Test Support for ADL (All Digital Loops) SELT plus MELT offers complete solution for fault location and periodic maintenance  DSLtechnology and supplier neutral Significant BOM Savings  Significant system cost advantage + no relays + no switching matrix (separate board) Non-Stop Access  MELT In-Service testing works in parallel with DSL without service interruption  Frequent and parallel testing possible, support of up to 8 loops testing in parallel, 20 second test times for complete metallic suite of tests Significant Power Savings  Extremely low (negligible) power consumption supports the European Code of Conduct requirements  fully compliant to the G.LT test standard from ITU Lantiq’s MELT solution in combination with Lantiq’s next generation V/ADSL only requires Smart SLIC-T16/MLT16 separately, LTC integrated in DFE Further BOM saving Copyright © Lantiq & Tollgrade 5 2014. All rights reserved.
  • 6. Lantiq MELT: Integrated Line Testing Solution for xDSL Access xDSL DFE μController DSL/MELT API Lantiq xDSL AFE Lantiq xDSL AFE Lantiq Lantiq Smart SLIC-T16/ VINETICTM-LTC MLT16 LD LD LD LD MUX-16ch. Smart SLIC-T16/MLT16 Integrated 16-ch multiplexer to connect up to 16 DSL ports  Line testing & wetting with no DSL disturbance  No external relay required  Line feed to generate all required signal for line testing  Line sensing to perform MELT measurement  Wetting current function  Package: LFBGA-119 VINETIC-LTC128  8 Smart SLIC-T16 interfaces to control up to 128 xDSL ports  xDSL MELT API software  Package: LQFP-100 Supply Voltages  1.5V, 3.3V and 15…25V  +/-60V will be generated by integrated DC/DC  No additional Rails for existing linecards Perfect solution in terms of Cost, Density and Reliability Copyright © Lantiq & Tollgrade 6 2014. All rights reserved.
  • 7. -Deteriorated cable -Leakage to ground -Construction Work 1. One line testing concept for ADSL, VDSL, SHDSL & Voice 2. Line Testing & Wetting with no DSL disturbance 3. Frequent and parallel testing possible 4. “Free of charge” wetting function 5. No splitter 6. No external test head Lantiq’s Network Line Testing Philosophy -Set not plugged in -Wrong connector -Broken cable (where?) -Too many phones -Manipulation by subscriber Copyright © Lantiq & Tollgrade 7 2014. All rights reserved. -Electrical hazard -Mains power voltage -Power Cross -Power Induction
  • 8. Tollgrade Test System Architecture Using Lantiq’s MELT User Interface DSLAM EMS Copyright © Lantiq & Tollgrade 8 2014. All rights reserved. IP Test Request MELT Line Test Control VRS Field Technicians Port Database Tollgrade Test OSS + In-Built Testing DSLAM Node VoIP + DSL
  • 9. Carrier-Class, Fully-Automated Testing for Networks of Any Size Call Center (Customer Service Agent) Subscriber Trouble Entry Repair Testing & Analysis Work Force Management Copyright © Lantiq & Tollgrade 9 2014. All rights reserved. Technician Trouble Closure  Lantiq MELT is:  Part of the ITU-T G.996.2 standard: “Single-ended line testing for digital subscriber lines (DSL)”  Fully compliant to G.LT standard and supports VDSL2, ADSL2+ and SHDSL flavors  This chipset replaces traditional test heads and enables DSL loop testing through DSL line cards where metallic line testing over POTS is no longer available  When controlled by Tollgrade test systems, MELT results can be integrated into OSS/ BSS systems and trouble ticket processes for automated testing of DSL lines
  • 10. Benefits of Tollgrade + Lantiq Test System Integration  Benefits when Lantiq MELT is added to existing deployments of Tollgrade test systems:  End User Interfaces remain the same  Dispatch Statements do not change  Northbound OSS interfaces are not impacted and can therefore be reused  Benefits when Lantiq MELT is implemented as part of a new Tollgrade test system deployment:  MELT test results are automatically analyzed and converted to easy-to-understand test results and dispatch recommendations  Test system provides the user with common test results for multiple and mixed DSLAM suppliers in the network  Test results can be benchmarked and stored for subsequent analysis  Installation and repair expenses are significantly reduced through the reduction of unnecessary dispatches  MTTR and call handling times are reduced  Automation and flow-through of trouble reports reduces process cost and improves efficiency  MELT tests can be performed from the field using integrated voice response or mobile web access as part of trouble ticket close-out Copyright © Lantiq & Tollgrade 10 2014. All rights reserved.
  • 11. Carriers using Lantiq MELT and Tollgrade Test Systems  Lantiq has been shipping MELT chips for field deployments with all leading system suppliers  A considerable number of carriers have already deployed MELT in an “All- Digital” environment, and it’s still growing  Tollgrade’s test systems are already deployed by some of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers Copyright © Lantiq & Tollgrade 11 2014. All rights reserved.
  • 12. For further information, please contact: Mark B. Peterson VP of Global Sales Tollgrade Communications Inc. Bus: (724) 720-1421 Mobile: (412) 848-0275 Email: Johannes Eiblmeier VP, Head of Business Line VTP Lantiq Deutschland GmbH Bus: +49 (89) 89899-7680 Mobile: +49 (171) 3343771 Email:
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