Key job roles in documentaries

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  1. KEY JOB ROLES IN DOCUMENTARIES By Kirsty Mitchell 2. Directors  A Director is someone who will supervise all the actors and staff who are in the film/production. In…
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  • 2. Directors  A Director is someone who will supervise all the actors and staff who are in the film/production. In the preproduction stage the director will have to create a mental idea of how the music should sound. They will also have to create an ideal vision for how the film will look. Also looking at deciding where it will be filmed that will help tell the story, identifying significant events that will occur during the films and overseeing the scripts and storyboards and lastly recruiting the crew. Generally the film director will control the film’s artistic and dramatic aspects whilst guiding the crew and actors to fulfil the vision. Then comes the post production process which is important for the director.
  • 3. Editor  The editor works with the raw footage. When film editing is done well it is completely invisible to the audience. The most important elements is to understand the directors vision of the film, Visit the location of were the film is being taken so that they can get a better sense on how the shooting is progressing. Then ago through the footage after the shooting has been done and take the scenes that are the based and are based on their dramatic and entertainment value and ones that have the contribution to the story continuity. The segments will then be trimmed down to lengths that are needed for the films and start putting them into order. Also they will have to go onto working with sound editors and musical directors on the sound that is going to be added to the film. Next the music and dialogue will be added using editing equipment. Now the film with be reviewed to then sort out all corrections for a rough cut so that it can be reviewed by the movie director and movie producers and lastly the rough cut will then go on to be edited as requested and the final cut will then be prepared to go onto to be released to the film house.
  • 4. Producer  A film producer have a variety of roles, the depends on the type of producer. Producers plan and coordinate various aspects of film production. A producer might do some or all of the jobs which involve:  Choosing the cast that fit the role.  Hire the director  Shape the idea into a viable film  Mastermind the marketing The producer job role involves a lot of responsibilities and are responsible for everything that goes on behind cameras.
  • 5. Script supervisor  The script supervisor are a part of the camera department and are also in charge of making the scripts for the scenes. They are to make sure that continuous verbal and visual integrity are used in the production. Whilst the production is going on the script supervisor will work closely with the director to note down any of the changes that are going to be made throughout the production.  Another main job for them is to have evidence of any costumes, props, action, dialogue, lens details and all scene number information so that it is easier when different footages are edited together.
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