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  1. Script Synopsis Lucy i s a film based on a woman, caught up an illegal drug deal, however when a series of events lead to her turning the tables on her capturers and…
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  • 1. Script Synopsis Lucy i s a film based on a woman, caught up an illegal drug deal, however when a series of events lead to her turning the tables on her capturers and becoming a warrior that is beyond human logic. Pre-Production The fi lm was wri tten by Luc Besson, he based the film on fiction however, and the film signifies the truth in the s cience of using more that 10 percent of your brains capacity. Besson knew that none of the film is fact, but l iked the idea of i t being possible. His idea for the film was original, and not based on a film or TV s eries, Bes son also wrote the original script himself as he was al so the director. The budget was estimated at around $40,000,000 dol lars, the production company was mainly Eropacorp, and this particular production company i s one of the major feature film producers in Europe and France. Lucy was produced by Vi rginie Silla; she is known for producing action and biographical films. She came about being the producer to Lucy as she is in fact Luc Besson’s wi fe. Production Phase The shoot was difficult; this is mainly as Lucy is a high action, s cience fiction film resulting in intense camera s hots a nd filming. A ma in difficulty was the ‘ca r chase’ s cene, Luc Besson actually has to wait for everyone to leave Paris for a Holy event to film this particular s cene, and as a result it took 9 years to make.The location s ce nes were all filmed in Paris, this meant that ‘Arc Fe Tri omphe’ a nd ‘Pl acefe l a concorde’; two of the busiest places in the ci ty; were featured in the film. Scarl ett Johansson is the main actress in the film; she was excited to be playing the main role, and was Be s son’s first choice. However previ ously, there was talk of Angelina Jolie being the main actress however pulled out at the last minute. Eropacorp announced that Lucy was the largest budget fi lm that they has ever founded, a breakdown of the budget shows that visual effects was one of the top expenses when making this particular film. The contributors to the production of the film consist of Eropacorp that I have already mentioned, and also: TF! Fi lms Production, Canal+ and Cine+. Synopsis The anomaly i s a film based on a former soldier who is taken captive and awakens in the back of a van where he learns that he only has a few moments to figure out how he got there. Pre-Production The fi lm was wri tten by a number of different wri tes as there was five credits however the main writer was Simon Lewis, he is a novelist and a s creen wri ter however has only ever worked on this particular film. He i s not a well-known writer and as there was a number of different writers, the idea for the film would have been developed over time by di fferent individuals. The di rector for the film was Noel Clark, he is an actor as wel l as a writer, and he is also one of the main protagonists in the film. The budget for the film was around £10,000 which i s very low for what Noel Clark, the director wanted to do with the film. The anomaly was produced by Noel Clarke, James Harri s, Mark Lane, Jessica Caldwell, Robert Jones, Johnny Fewings, Wayne Marc Godfrey and Damon Lane. Production Phase Noel lark describes the shooting as the easy part, he explains how they spent much more time in editing the fi lm. The fi lm was aspiring to have high quality graphics with amazing special effects however as cri tics agree, the budget let i t down slightly. Within the film there are a variety of location and shoot shots, the film even features New York. The production company involved is Unstoppable Enterta inment, this production company has also produced other films that Noel Clark had worked on including: 4,3,2,1 (2010) and Adulthood (2008). They are a much smaller, British independent production company. The contributors to the production of the film include tea shop & Fi lm Company and thefyzz.
  • 2. Distribution Phase The di stributors include Europacorp distribution and universal pictures. The track records as a distributor for uni ve rsal pictures is that i t’s a n American company, and i s also very well known and has contributed to a number of box office records. There were also a number of contributingfactors that a dded the Lucy’s success. First the a dvertisement of the fi lm highlighted the action packed visualising s tunning effects used throughout the film. Also the main actress hers elf, Johansson, also maximised the advertisement factor as she is an up and coming success fuelled by her re s e nt a ppearances in ‘Black Widow’ a nd ‘Ca ptain Ame ri ca: The Winter Soldier’, a lso the fact that she is the main focus and is presented as an extremely s trong female character has acted as a publicity gain for the fi lms distribution. Other advertisement techniques included huge billboard posters and TV ads. Exhibition Phase When the film was first released, it was shown on July 25th in 3,172 theatres in the United States, it opened with $17,088,110 placing i t in the top spot for the box office opening weekend, ahead of the competing film ‘He rcul es’. The fi lm then proceeded to do better than expected, with i t earning $43,899,340 at the domestic box office for the opening weekend. Lucy was rated four out of five s tars by the telegraph, and they quoted 'everything Scarlett Johansson does is worth watching'. However was then shown with the re view ‘The end of the movi e goes completely off the rails, but in a way tha t i s charming in i ts stupidity.’ By the Guardian. However the film was rated a critical success over all. Distribution Phase The di stributors for ‘The Anomaly’ include: Universal Home Entertainment and Universal Pictures International. Their track record consists of a large number of other films including Spring Breakers, Devil and despicable Me. One factor that could be a reason for some success of the fi lm is the fact that two of the main actors are quite wel l known, Noel Clark has featured in a number of films and even the series of Doctor Who. Ian Somerhaulder, is al so known for being a main protagonist in the successful American series The Vampire Diaries, he has al so featured in a few other films. The fi lm was release on the 25th of June 2014 at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Then released on DVD later in October 2014. Exhibition Phase When the film was first released in June 2014, i t did not make a huge profit at all. For their overall profit they made just over their budget, however as some cri tics have explained, the sales are much more popular on DVD rather than when the film was released in the box office. The fi lm did not get great reviews at all, one of the biggest film magazines rated i t only two s tars, a poor a chi evement, with the ve rdict ‘Big sci-fi ideas done on a budge t doesn't quite translate into a compelling thriller.’ The fi lm did not have ‘l egs’ it was not in the cinema for a long time either. Overall critics posted negative reviews about this film and the main issue was that the budget was way too low for what Noel Clarke has aspired to do with all of the special effects and over the top action s cenes.
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