in the eye of the bull

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  in the eye of the bull
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  • 1. In the Eye of the BullIn the Eye of the Bull
  • 2. It was a great bullfight in Seville, Spain, in a way. Rosa and I were excited about being introduced to the young good looking matador, he must had been no older than twenty-one.
  • 3. A young couple was sitting about ten-feet away from us in the arena, Americans like us. The bull had gored the young matador; he had caught the blind spot with his eye when the young matador swung his cape in front of his horns, and for a second couldn't see those long thick horns, and gored him in his armpit, throwing him clear in the air above him. Rosa looked my way caught my attention, and shrugged her shoulders to show her discontent.
  • 4.  To my understanding there had not been a goring in a long while here, it was 1997. The second matador was called in, to replace the wounded one, while he was being taken out on a stretcher: both being about the same height, weight, built, and age. Both matadors were slack in their approach, and careless, a lack of skills it appeared, it took the second matador six times sticking the sword into the back extended hump of the bull, before it dropped to its knees, he had missed the mark every time. The bull was a young, skinny bull, weak to start out with, but he wasn't careless, and he had courage.
  • 5. Resources:   the-Bull-(Bullfight-in-Seville,-a-Short- Story)&id=2184358
  • 6. Thanks for reading
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