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  A brief overview of one of the largest denim producing industry of the southest asia...
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  • 1. ADP(cs) Third semester Submitted To: Sir Waseem Shehzad Date of submission:25th of march 2015
  • 2.  I would like to dedicate this report to my dear parents and respected teachers especially Sir Waseem Shehzad who guided me through my studying carrier and still doing his best for me. To be here in this institution at this level I am just because of my parents, especially their training, guidance, love, affection and motivation. I pray that I can serve my parents as best as I can. “Parent’s Blessings are Our Most Valuable Assets”
  • 4. Executive E1 to E5 (EVP, SVP, AVP) Manageria l M1 to M6 (SM, SDM, DM, SAM, AM) Staff grades S1 to S2(officers, Junior officers, & supervisors) Work man S3 to S5 (operators, Senior operators, and assist operators)
  • 5. Departments and Their Abbreviations: •GQ Garment Quality •HR Human Resource •BFL Bahuman Forestry Limited •IT Information Technology •PG Power Generation •SY Security •IE Industrial Engineering •SW Sewing •SV Services •SCH School •WP Garment wet Processing •HO Head Office •IR Industrial Relation •CV Civil •CT Cutting •WV Weaving •QA Quality Assurance
  • 6.   Crescent Bahuman, the largest vertically integrated denim manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia  Crescent Bahuman prepares jeans and denims related items for the manufacturers. We will expand production capacity of jeans and denims & threads. We prepare the top five percent, in terms of quality standards, of all jeans on the market. Our customers seek this product as it provides them with a point of differentiation to specialty roasters. In the past six years, demand for our products has exceeded the amount we are able to supply and we have been forced to refuse requests for larger shipments.
  • 7.  Mission: “To be the best supplier of the products and services to our global communication customers at the lowest total cost of ownership”  Vision : To promote the products and services in international markets. To be a customer focused organization with product quality and Service excellence
  • 8.  1:The most big challenge for the organization is to maintain the quality of their product and to provide a better product to the people as compaired to their competitor.  2:The other big challenge faced by the organization is to provide a friendly environment to their employees and to also provide the basic facilities to the employees working in their organization.
  • 9.  A. HR department plays a linkage role between the processes, strategies, and people. The main function of this department is to facilitate the stakeholders.  B. Recruitment and selection process fulfill the future requirements of talented sourcing and their appointments or entry in the organization. Once a new employee or associate selected his naturalization process begins.
  • 10. C. Training and development function is directed towards individuals, who have potential to grow and commit for long term association with CBL. Three main areas: Human Resource Industrial Relation Co- workers services
  • 11.  Strengths:  1:Biggest Unit  Biggest unit in South Asia and exports 9 billion jeans per year..  2:Independent Manufacturing Firm  The organization is completely independent manufacturing firm, it takes cotton as input and gives output in the form of garments, fabric, and yarn.  3:Quality Conscious  Quality is the main factor for the success of any organization. That’s why CBL is ISO 9001 certified company for his quality products.
  • 12. 4:Own power generation plant CBL is having its own power generation plant. So can’t be affected by energy crisis faced by the industry now days. 5:No illiterate labor Illiterate labor intake is zero, minimum education level for worker class is middle but primary is also accepted. ths:
  • 13. WEAKNESSES: 1:High turnover rate Turnover rate is very high at worker level, which effects the hiring and trainings cost. 2:Complex Hierarchy Management is divided into many levels (like SAM AM and JAM) so low career development chances for management level employees. 3:Marketing Department cost There is a market department in CBL but is not that much effective as it should be as marketing department of being the biggest unit of South Asia.Other competitor are spending more on it as compare to CBL 4:No Advertising Local sales are very low, Because no advertisement on radio or T.V. by using advertisement in local country it can increase its sales.
  • 14. OPPORTUNITIES 1: First movers CBL enjoys opportunity of first movers in that industry. So is much developed and well reputed in the industry internationally 2: Still Biggest contractor of LEVI STRAUSS LEVI STRAUSS is the most renounced brand of jeans, and CBL is the biggest manufacturer of LEVI STRAUSS in Pakistan yet. 3: Economical Barriers To new entrants The industry is quiet expensive to enter for any new comer, especially in the current scenario of economic and energy crisis.
  • 15. THREATS Market share is divided with competitors Now LEVI’s has given a part of the contracts to new firms like US Apparel and Auzgard. 1:Foreign investors Foreign investment in textile sector in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India is a danger in future for Crescent Textile Mills . 2:Dumping duties South Africa is thinking about to impose the anti- dumping duties on Pakistan textile exports. If it is imposed, a reasonable export share and big market may be lost.
  • 16.  I got a lot of experience from Crescent Textile Mills. During my internship we came to know that how the different activities take place, what are the procedures  The Crescent Textile Mills is on the way of progress. It has been earning profit for the last five years. The management is professionally qualified and experienced.
  • 17. The Crescent Textile Mills should motivate their employees by providing different incentives. Their salary package is also not attractive. The performance of the Human Resource department is also not satisfactory. Crescent Textile Mill’s product is of high quality. The demand of Crescent Textile Mill’s products is increasing with the passage of time. The company is expanding its capacity to satisfy the demands of their customers. Management of the company is trying to improve more and more to earn profit and improve the economy of the Pakistan.
  • 18. l Analyzing all the chapters conclusions and the interviews and surveys that I have conducted, it is finally concluded that CBL management is working in a more focused and formalized manner. However, to achieve their objectives successfully on the International standards, the following suggestions are offered: •The CBL should also take interest in the local marketing to increase the profit. •It is recommended to CBL that they should go for news paper advertisement also, both for recruitment purpose
  • 19. •It is recommended to the CBL management, that the department mangers must also be given opportunity to go abroad for updated training courses. •The CBL management must also arrange local training sessions for special purposes to be refreshed after every 3-4 months, like stress management, time management, crises management etc. •As the turnover rate is very high, the management should look for the reasons and take effective steps to overcome the causes and not only the symptoms.
  • 20. For the completion of this Report I collect information from the following sources Search engines: Name of websiteDate visited time visited 28.02.2015 01:20pm 01.03.2015 5:30Pm 02.03.2015 6:00Pm Practical Internship at:
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