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  Want more customers for your restaurant? In this presentation we give you everything you need to know about marketing a restaurant.
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  • 2. If you can successfully run a restaurant, with all its moving parts, you can definitely run a successful marketing campaign. All you need is the right tools, and that’s what we’re here for. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to restaurant marketing. Let’s start off with this declaration:
  • 3. Guests in your restaurant are there to buy, not browse. Make it easy for them to spend their money, have a great experience and be profitable for you at the same time. The single most important restaurant marketing tool you have is Your Menu
  • 4. menu power tips5
  • 5. Leader dots make your guest treat your menu like a price list. They’ll immediately be focused on price and select as such. No. 1) No leader dots to Prices
  • 6. Doesn’t this: $ make you think of money? Don’t make your guests think of money. Your price should say 13.99 instead of $13.99. No. 2) No $ signs.
  • 7. Descriptions sell: ! “Our large, delicious omelettes are prepared with four farm fresh eggs, whipped to fluffy perfection then folded with locally sourced freshly prepared vegetables, hand- sliced meats and hand grated cheeses.” ! This is far better than, !“Four eggs, vegetables, meat and cheese.” No. 3)
  • 8. Is the single most valuable piece of real estate on your menu. Research shows this is the first place a guest’s eyes go. Use the top right corner wisely to highlight and feature your highest profit items. The upper right hand corner No. 4)
  • 9. In addition to great descriptions, pictures are critical to your success. Full color, excellent food photography makes items fly off your menu. Choose your most profitable or highest dollar contributors to feature with food close ups! No. 5) Pictures
  • 10. But the one I use was built from the ground up for restaurants, and to which I track $5.8m in sales. They offer a completely FREE $5,000 90- Day Marketing Jump Start. There are many loyalty programs on the market
  • 11. Successful operators use their walls, table tops, table tents, menu inserts, bathroom stalls, messaging on guest receipts and other tactics to communicate with guests while they are in your house. Every campaign you conduct can have an in-house component. Four Walls Marketing
  • 12. Training is the ultimate fulfillment of your marketing promise.: Your hosts, servers, bussers, prep and line cooks, chefs, even the dishwashers must know what your brand is about and why guest service and an excellent experience count. They must know what to say, how to say it, when to say it.
  • 13. Training is the ultimate fulfillment of your marketing promise.: They must know how to treat each guest with the utmost respect and courtesy and with the right attitude/approach for your brand.
  • 14. Be sure to include at or near the top of your page, your: • Physical address(es) with Google map • Hours • Menu • Your phone number ! Build Your Website
  • 15. Approximately 90% of customers are influenced by online reviews. Get Social Reviews Under Control
  • 16. For restaurants, social media is a necessary platform. A lot of restaurants know that social media is important, but don’t know where to start. So, here’s the answer: Meet your guests where they are Facebook.
  • 17. Getting the media to notice your restaurant may seem difficult, but not if you follow this rule: Always have the reporter and the audience’s goals in mind. Develop the relationship with your food reporter before you need a story, then tell a meaningful story when you do. ! Get Press
  • 18. Dominos is great at branding. They brand their pizza boxes, the drivers’ cars, their t-shirts, their visors. When it comes to marketing, think like Dominos. Take Out and Delivery Advertisement
  • 19. • What exactly do you want to advertise and why? Of course, the big picture is your restaurant, but it’s important to be specific about it. • Who is your target market and what are they interested in?
 Always have one, ideal customer in mind when you answer this question. Answer These Questions
  • 20. Whether it’s the Super Bowl or the U.S. Open, if it’s a sporting event, there’s likely to be a crowd of people who want to watch it together. If applicable, be sure to incentivize it with special one-time deals, like .50¢ wings or $2 beers. Don’t Overlook Sporting Events
  • 21. Remember the importance of your menu. It’s your number one most strategic marketing tool. Don’t waste one more guest visit without having a database building system in place. Train your associates to deliver an excellent guest experience. We hope this guide gives you the boost you need to start marketing your restaurant. In Closing
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