How to Get Rid of Fleas

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  Learn how to get rid of fleas in your house, on your pets, and how to stay rid of them once they're gone. This simple guide to flea control will help you get rid of your flea infestation by following a consistent plan of action that attacks all four stages of the flea life cycle, which is a critical part of effective flea control. It also contains information on treatment for pets, the best flea powders to use on your carpets, and natural flea control.
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  • 1. How to Get Rid of FleasThe Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Fleasin Your Home, On Your Pets, and Staying Rid of Them Once They’re GoneBrought to you by the ultimate flea control resource at for downloading this eBook on getting rid offleas. We’ve done our best to make it a quality resourceon flea control, and we hope it’s valuable to you.We’ll start off with some of the basic concepts that you’llneed to know in order to be effective in your flea controlefforts. These will include how to get rid of fleas in yourhome, on your pets, and how to continue the program sofleas don’t re-infest either.We’ll follow that with some ideas on natural flea controlmethods, a bit of miscellaneous information on fleas, anda guide to useful products that are available (and pretty cheap, for the most part) eBook is designed to be portable, and it’s entirely free and entirely yours at thispoint. So, feel free to print it out, email it to friends, or pass it around in whatever fashionyou like.So, without further ado, let’s get to it...The Three Basic Steps to Effective Flea ControlIn order to properly understand how to be successful at eradicating fleas, you need tounderstand the fleas themselves, and specifically the flea life cycle. Fleas go throughthree stages before they become adults; eggs, larva and pupae.Obviously, each of these stages is slightly different. Most importantly, flea controlremedies that work on adults might not work on eggs and larva. In fact, they often don’t.When buying products to kill fleas, it’s very important that you buy those that will killeggs, larva and pupa, or prevent them from developing.In terms of most insecticide sprays for your home, and oral and topical treatments foryour pet, we’ll give you the low down on which ones meet these criteria. There are alsosome natural remedies and household items (such as borax and salt) that can
  • 2. accomplish the same thing and kill eggs and larva by damaging the immature fleas’exoskeleton, without the use of toxins!The Three StepsThe three steps to effective flea control are as follows:1. Get rid of the fleas on your pet.2. Kill the fleas in your home.3. Continue the program of flea control until you’ve killed all the adult fleas, eggs, larvaand pupa in your home and on your pets so that you don’t get re-infested.It’s really pretty simple, but it can be quite challenging, especially if you have a seriousflea infestation. The most important thing is to keep at it. Don’t stop as soon as the fleasseem to be gone. Stick to the program until well past the time you think the fleas aregone.Flea eggs and larva are notorious for hiding out in carpets and furniture, hatching, andmaking your life miserable after you think you’ve won the battle.Get rid of fleas on your petsGenerally, the best way to kill the fleas on your pets is with a topical or oral medication,such as Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix, Novartis Capstar and the like. These are quiteeffective and work quickly. They will also often protect your pet for up to a month. So, aslong as you remember to keep up the treatments, the first step in the plan should betaken care of.Kill the fleas in your homeUnfortunately, eradicating the fleas in your home is not quite as easy as killing the fleason your pet. Homes are generally filled with carpets, furniture, pet bedding, nooks andcrannies and other areas that are perfect for fleas to hide out.Start your home flea control program by gathering up everything that will fit in a washingmachine, such as pet bedding, throw pillows, carpets, etc, and wash them in hot waterand detergent. If you can’t wash the items that might be holding fleas or eggs and larva,consider throwing them away.One of the best things you can do, that also doesn’t cost much of anything and isentirely non-toxic, is to vacuum as much as you possibly can. If you can vacuum yourfloors and furniture every day, that’s great. If not, shoot for every other day, or at leastevery third day.It’s also a good idea to supplement your vacuuming program with some appropriateinsecticide products that you can spray on carpets, furniture, pet bedding, etc to kill
  • 3. adult fleas, as well as eggs and larva. You can use these pretty sparingly at first, andtarget problem areas, so that your don’t overwhelm your living area with insecticides.Another very popular product are flea bombs and foggers, which you can set off in aroom or apartment, fill the area with insecticide, and come back to a flea-free residence.It would be nice if it were that simple, but in practice these bombs are not really aseffective as they pretend to be.Plus, when using these foggers you indiscriminately fill your home with insecticide, asopposed to targeting it on specific areas. Therefor, you really need to prepare beforeusing flea bombs by removing all your kitchenware, moving furniture, and removingyourself and your pets from your home beforehand. So, you may end up spending moretime doing this than you saved using the bomb to begin with.Continue the programMaybe the most important part of the flea control program is to continue the processpast the time you think all the fleas are gone. Remember, you’re not just waging war onthe adult fleas. You need to kill all the eggs, larva and pupa as well. So, keep up thevacuuming, and keep treating your pet every month.If there’s a secret to getting rid of fleas, it’s being consistent and keeping at it.Natural Flea ControlFor many people, the idea of using insecticides on their pets or in their homes is notvery appealing. Fortunately, there are a lot of natural flea remedies that can be prettyeffective. They may not kill fleas like the insecticide products do, but they’re worth a try ifyou are opposed to using insecticide products, or if your infestation is not too bad.One of the best first steps to preventing your pet from getting fleas is good nutrition andregular bathing. Bathing in fact can help to keep you aware of your pet’s basic healthand the presence of fleas.Using a flea comb, which is a comb with very fine teeth, to comb fleas out of kittens’ andpuppies’ coats is effective and eliminates the need for insecticide products which can’tbe used safely on young animals.Flea traps which will trap and kill fleas without the use of chemicals can be purchasedas well, or you can even build your own.
  • 4. Product GuideBelow are some of the most popular and effective flea control products. Check theproduct guide on the website for even more ideas.For your petsThese are some of the most popular and effective topical and oral flea treatments foruse on your pets.Frontline Plus is probably the most well-known and effective of the topical fleatreatments. The liquid is dropped between your pet’s shoulder blades and shouldprovide protection for a month.K9 Advantix is another topical treatment, similar to Frontline Plus, which is applied oncea month.Program is an oral treatment that uses the hormone lufrenon to prevent flea eggs fromhatching. It should protect your pet for up to a month.Comfortis is a relatively new oral treatment that provides month-long protection fromfleas in the form of a small, beef-flavored tablet.For your homeHere are some effective flea sprays that are good for use in your home; on yourcarpets, furniture, drapes, pet bedding, etc.Orvitrol Plus Flea is an effective spray that comes in a 16oz pump bottle. It contains theinsect growth regulator (IGR) Precor, and kill eggs, larva and pupa for up to two months.Ultracide Flea Tick Professional is an aerosol which will kill adult fleas very quickly. Italso contains the IGR Nylar, so it will kill eggs and larva as well.Virbac Knockout ES Area Treatment is another good spray that contains an IGR to killeggs and larva. Should prevent re-infestation for up to seven months.Siphotrol Plus II (Premise Spray) will kill adult fleas within ten minutes, and themanufacturer claims it contains a “carpet penetrating formula.” Treats 2000 square feetand should prevent re-infestation for 30 weeks.
  • 5. Flea PowderFleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus is a borate based flea powder that is quite effective oncarpets. It’s statically charged, so it will cling to carpet fibers as well as fleas and theireggs. It’s also relatively non-toxic.Flea BombsIn case you want to give flea bombs a try, even though there are some drawbacks aswe explain here:Siphotrol Plus Fogger is a 6oz flea bomb that contains the IGR Precor. Kills adult fleasright away, and prevents eggs and larva from developing for up to seven months. Oncan treats 750 square feet.Adams Flea & Tick Room Fogger Plus is another good fogger to try. This bomb alsocontains Precor, and will basically kill all the insects it comes in contact with.Yard SpraysIf you have a yard and outside pets, you might want to treat that as well. Here are a fewsprays that are effective.Adams Plus Yard Spray will kill all the insects in your yard, so bear that in mind. It canbe used safely on plants though, Treats up to 5000 square feet.Bio Spot Yard & Garden Spray is another good spray to try. It will also kill a broad rangeof insects, but is safe for lawns, trees, shrubs, etc.SentryHOME Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray comes in a large 96oz jug, which isgood for large yards or kennels. Kills adult fleas, larva and eggs, and remains effectivefor up to eight weeks.Some other useful productsHere are some other flea control products that can be quite useful in your overallprogram.Flea TrapVictor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap is a non-toxic method of flea control that relies on heatand light to attract fleas onto a sticky pad that traps them. Requires electricity, but it’ssafe for use around humans and pets.
  • 6. Flea ShampooA good quality flea shampoo can be an effective addition to your program and great foruse on dogs.Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with IGR is a good shampoo that contains an IGR tokill eggs and larva, as well as adults.Hartz Ultraguard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo contains pyrethrins to kill adult fleas andticks, as well as oatmeal to soothe itchy bites.Best of Luck!Thanks for taking the time to read through this eBook. We hope it’s been helpful, andyou have success in getting rid of your flea infestation. If you have any other questions,or would like to give us some feedback, please comment on the relevant page on thewebsite:Thanks again,Robert Griffin
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