How To Get Business From LinkedIn

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  Want to know how to get business from LinkedIn but not sure where to start? This presentation is for you!
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  • 1. Get Business From LinkedIn How To The Step-By-Step Recipe For Success
  • 2. Most white collar business professionals use LinkedIn and list their current and past positions on their profile. Why LinkedIn?
  • 3. This makes it easy to locate, keep in touch with, and form relationships with your existing and potential customers. Here is a step-by-step overview of how to start generating business from LinkedIn today.
  • 4. Setup and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Success
  • 5. Once people find your profile, you want them to be impressed. You want your profile to be easy for people to find. Much of the networking you do via LinkedIn will be through your personal profile.
  • 6. How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Easy To Find? The most important things you can do when setting up your profile to make it easy to find are: 1. Complete all sections of the profile; 2. Use the terms that people use when searching for your products and services throughout your profile.
  • 7. If you look at my profile you will find words like small business, online marketing, and sales sprinkled throughout the different sections. This is because I want my profile to rank highly when people search LinkedIn, Google, and other search engines for those terms.
  • 8. You’ll want to make sure it impresses your existing and potential customers when they find it. You do this by having: How To Make Sure Your Profile Is Setup To Impress A professional looking photo
  • 9. A strong headline That highlights why your potential customers should want to connect with you.
  • 10. A targeted summary That acts as an elevator pitch, and backs up your headline. Erica Swallow has a great article on how to write a great LinkedIn summary. You can see my LinkedIn summary here.
  • 11. A well crafted experience section That lists each of your positions, along with a summary that focuses skills and attributes your customers care about.
  • 12. A well managed skills and endorsements section When you connect with people on LinkedIn, they have the ability to endorse you for specific skills.
  • 13. A well managed skills and endorsements section Set this up yourself so that people are asked to endorse you for the skills that are relevant to your current business. If there are already skills listed, then replace non-relevant skills with those that you want to be known for.
  • 14. Keep in mind: That the more complete your profile, the better the chances are that it will rank highly.
  • 15. Under “manage public profile settings” you have the ability to change your profile. Try and use your primary keyword in the link. For example, I changed my link to: davidwaringsmallbusiness.
  • 16. Why You Want As Many As Possible LinkedIn Connections: You want to have as many connections as possible on LinkedIn for the following reasons:
  • 17. you connect to someone you can see who they are connected to.1When This is powerful for identifying other potential customers and getting an introduction from your existing contact when you do.
  • 18. others connect with people that you are connected to, it makes it easier for them to find you.2When
  • 19. the changes your connections make to their profile and the content and other updates that they share.3You See This makes it easier to keep up to date on what is happening with your current and potential customers, and other business relationships.
  • 20. see the changes you make to your profile and updates that you share. 4Your connections This helps keep your business at the forefront with your network. It also allows you to establish yourself as a thought leader in the space.
  • 21. How To Connect And Grow Relationships
  • 22. and show you all the people you know who are already on LinkedIn. This saves a lot of time and effort vs. searching them out one by one. LinkedIn will scan your email contact list
  • 23. If you are already a LinkedIn member and want to enable this feature, you do so by clicking the head with a plus sign beside it in the upper right hand corner of the window. It looks like this: Once you have connected to a few people, you will get recommendations for other people you already know and should connect to.
  • 24. but do not have a concrete relationship with. Connect with people You have met LinkedIn is a great way to turn people you have met briefly, into solid business contacts. An example would would be people who you met at a tradeshow.
  • 25. Once connected you can start following their activity on LinkedIn. When they have a birthday or update their profile with a promotion or job change that information will show up in your LinkedIn newsfeed: They will also see your updates in their LinkedIn newsfeed; keeping your business at the forefront with these potential prospects as well.
  • 26. As A Thought Leader In Your Space Position Yourself Through its LinkedIn Pulse program, the LinkedIn team has signed up some impressive content providers. These include thought leaders in specific industries and Fortune 500 CEO’s. Even President Obama now writes for the LinkedIn Pulse program.
  • 27. LinkedIn will make news recommendations tailored to your background and industry. Based on your profile, This has made the LinkedIn Newsfeed the go-to spot, not only to keep up with people in your network, but also to stay on top of and learn about trends affecting your industry.
  • 28. This includes blog posts you have made elsewhere and other articles and resources you think your network will benefit from. you can share content from other sites on LinkedIn.
  • 29. Attracting Clients Through Content Keep in mind when sharing content; personal changes, which are important to you, are not likely important or interesting to your potential clients.
  • 30. Think about your target client.Who are they and what do they care about? What information is going to be interesting to them? How can you help them stay informed on the topics they care about? How can you help them solve problems?
  • 31. People are coming to LinkedIn to network and learn, not to be sold to. Remember A good rule of thumb is that you should be sharing 4 pieces of interesting/ educational content for every one share that is promotional in nature.
  • 32. Comment On the status updates and articles that others in your network are sharing. When you do they receive a notification, which makes this another easy way to stay at the forefront with your contacts.
  • 33. Follow & Comment Business owners can set up a company page for their business. As with LinkedIn profiles, when you “connect” with a company page, updates made to that page will show up in your newsfeed. On LinkedIn Company Pages This is a great way to keep on top of what is happening with the businesses you are targeting.
  • 34. Ask For Recommendations When someone writes a recommendation for you through LinkedIn, and you approve the recommendation, it shows on your profile. This is a powerful way to add additional credibility to your profile when prospects visit. Here is a great article from Laura Rubinstein about recommendations.
  • 35. Set Up Your Company Page LinkedIn company pages allow you to post updates about your company, job openings you have available, and share industry related news and education. As with LinkedIn profiles, company pages show up in LinkedIn searches, as well as when people search Google and other search engines.
  • 36. People to follow your page is another great way to keep your company at the forefront with your current and potential customers. Setting up and encouraging
  • 37. Setting up your page is simple and straightforward. Just click the Interests tab at the top of the page: For more tips on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn company page, see this article by Susan Gunelius at
  • 38. Start Participating In LinkedIn Communities + Setup Your Own Group There are over 1 Million groups on LinkedIn. Odds are there is at least one that is specifically devoted to the industry you serve and the topics that your potential clients are interested in.
  • 39. answers to questions. People use LinkedIn groups to find When you post in a group, anyone who views the discussion sees your response.
  • 40. To peoples questions and leaving well thought out comments in community discussions are great ways to showcase your expertise. Responding
  • 41. your own LinkedIn Group requires a lot of time and effort, I recommend starting with all the other things you can do on LinkedIn first. Because setting up If and when you are ready to setup your own group, see this article from Melonie Dodaro at
  • 42. Consider LinkedIn Premium & LinkedIn Ads Everything that we have discussed up to this point is 100% free. If you want to put the already highly powerful networking capabilities of LinkedIn on steroids, then you should consider LinkedIn’s Premium service and advertising on LinkedIn.
  • 43. Click Here For Our Full Presentation on How To Leverage LinkedIn Premium
  • 44. Click here to tweet this presentation. Join The Community: See the full article here
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