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  1. How to advance in your career Goals Resume Work Experience References Skill Set Interview Questions 2. Goals    ã  Personal /Your goals ã  Professional Goals…
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  • 1. How to advance in your career Goals Resume Work Experience References Skill Set Interview Questions
  • 2. Goals    •  Personal /Your goals •  Professional Goals •  Brian Tracy Goal Setting program –  Set 10 goals every day and write them down doesn’t matter the area, just set 10 goals each day and put them on paper •  Family •  1. Go with the right person (as an assistant, as a head coach the right administrator) •  2. Go where your skills are utilized •  3. What level? What league •  4. Location
  • 3. Resume     •  Professionally  done  and  edited   •  What  do  you  want  to  know  about  a  candidate  if  you   were  on  the  other  side?   •  Keep  out  information  not  pertaining  to  your  story   •  Tell  your  story  with  the  resume  with  spark  (something   different  about  you  than  others  applying  for  the  same   job)  
  • 4. Work Experience •  All  relevant  work  related  jobs  to  the  one  you   will  be  applying  for   •  What  have  you  done  to  prepare  you  for  the   next  job?   •  Frame  your  job  descriptions  by  giving  a  vivid   picture  of  what  you  have  done  
  • 5. References •  Written out names and contact information •  Legit references who know you and more importantly know you •  Who will call on your behalf? •  Circle of Influence (150) Always building your circle (coaches, referees, players you have coached, local business leaders, administrators, friends)  
  • 6. Skill Set •  What is your niche? •  You do something better than anyone else •  How do you articulate that skill on paper? •  How have your separated yourself? Do you know it, can you teach it, can players improve from your teaching, can you recruit with it, does it sell to administrators?
  • 7. Interview Questions •  The tough questions •  Practice interview/ Have someone give you a practice interview •  The Dan Sullivan question •  Why, Why, Why? –  Why should we hire you? Why are you the best candidate? Why do you want this job? •  Have a back up plan –  This is not your only option/ Have something to fall back on if this job does not come through. Don’t seem desperate
  • 8. Have your portfolio updated    •  Each  year  update  your  resume   •  List  all  accomplishments  and  new  jobs,   assignments  or  skills  learned   •  What  you  bring  to  the  position?   •  Prepare  yourself  for  the  next  opportunity,  do   not  position  yourself  
  • 9. How  do  you  have  success?    Two  words      Good  decisions   How  do  make  good  decisions?    One  word      Experience   How  do  you  do  get  experience?    Bad  Decisions  
  • 10. Please  contact  with  questions       Tom  Kelsey   225  578  1265  
  • 11. •  Scou?ng  Principles   •      •  How  well  do  they  get  back  in  transi?on?   •  How  do  their  post  men  get  back  down  the  floor?   •  How  well  do  they  pick  up  shooters?   •  How  well  do  they  stop  the  ball   •  Do  they  press?   •  Where  are  they  effec?ve  on  their  press?   •  Where  are  they  weak  on  their  press?   •  Where  can  you  get  easy  baskets  vs.  them  on  the  break?     •  Who  is  the  last  one  down  the  floor  the  majority  of  the  ?me?   •  Who  on  their  team  does  a  poor  job  of  geIng  down  the  floor?   •  Who  is  the  best  on  their  team  at  geIng  back  and  protec?ng  the  rim  and  the  paint?   •  Where  can  you  get  a  easy  basket  in  the  post  on  the  break?   •  Where  can  you  get  a  quick  drive  off  the  break?   •  Where  can  you  get  a  quick  3  point  shot  off  a  down  screen  off  the  break?   •  How  is  their  a  size  mismatch?   •  How  do  they  guard  the  post?  Front,  ¾,  behind?   •  How  do  they  guard  screens  block  to  block?   •  How  do  they  guard  ball  screens  with  their  post  players?   •  How  can  we  score  on  their  post  players?   •  Drive  them,  make  them  guard  ball  screens,  make  them  guard  cross  screens,  etc.   •  Can  we  seal,  dribble  down  or  feed  from  on  top  to  get  the  ball  in  the  paint?   •  Who  can  we  drive  the  ball  against?   •  Who  is  poor  at  closing  out?   •  Who  cannot  contain  the  ball  up  top?   •  Who  is  their  best  on  ball  defender?   •  How  do  they  guard  screens  away  from  the  ball.   •  How  is  their  helpside  defense?   •  How  well  do  they  contest  shots?   •  How  do  they  guard  staggered  and  flare  screens?   •  Who  on  their  team  will  go  for  the  shot  fake  on  the  perimeter  or  in  the  post?   •  How  well  do  they  help  and  recover  to  the  ball?   •  How  long  will  they  play  defense  each  possession?   •  15  sec.  20  sec.  25  sec.  30  sec.  35  sec   •  How  good  are  they  once  the  ball  is  swung  twice  around  the  perimeter?   •  How  well  do  they  blockout?   –  Post  Players   –  Wings   –  Point  Guards   •     
  • 12. •  How  to  they  block  out  on  the  Free  Throws?   •  What  type  of  Zone  Defense  do  they  play?   •  Where  do  most  teams  score  against  their  zone?   •  Can  you  screen  them  in  their  zone?   •  Blocks   •  Elbows   •  Can  you  overload  their  zone?   •  What  is  the  best  way  to  get  the  ball  in  the  paint  vs.  their  zone?   •  What  are  op?ons  to  get  the  ball  on  the  block?   •  What  are  op?ons  to  get  an  open  3  pointer  vs.  their  zone?   •  What  makes  their  defense  effec?ve?   •  Can  you  center  screen  their  zone?   •  Can  you  ball  screen  their  zone?  Inside  ball  screen  or  outside  ball  screen?   •  Can  you  penetrate  vs.  their  zone?   •  Can  you  rebound  vs.  their  zone  and  which  side  of  the  zone  can  we  get  offensive  rebounds.   •  Can  you  dribble  and  tbrowback  vs.  their  zone?   •  Can  you  get  the  ball  in  the  short  corner  and  high  post  vs.  their  zone?   •  Can  you  dribble  loop  vs.  their  zone?   •  What  are  the  weak  areas  of  their  zone?   •  Poor  at  closeouts   •  Poor  at  rebounding   •  Will  go  for  fakes   •  Can  be  screened.     •  Do  they  foul  much?   •  Who  on  their  team  is  the  most  foul  prone?  
  • 13. Staff       How  to  handle   Off  the  court  issues   On  the  court  issues       Recrui?ng  logs   Recrui?ng  grid   Recrui?ng  map   Recrui?ng  schedule  for  the  next  6  months,  3  months,  1  month,  2  weeks,  upcoming  week       How  to  handle  game  situa?ons:    Special  situa?ons   One  coach  in  charge  each  ?me  whistle  blows  during  the  game   Foul-­‐who  was  the  foul  on,  how  many  toward  the  team  foul  amount   Timeouts  taken  (mark  ?me  on  clock  when  ?meout  taken)   Clock  situa?ons-­‐shot  clock  (?me  remaining  on  shot  clock)   Make  sure  clock  stopped  and  is  accurate   Do  not  talk  or  make  comments  to  the  refs  during  game  ac?on  or  while  the  ball  is  live.   Never  blame  outcome  on  the  officials  to  family,  friends  or  team       Speaking  with  Boosters  and  Alumni    Know  the  rules  and  who  you  can  and  can  not  comment  on  during  a  conversa?on.    Use  general  terms  when  speaking  about  a  par?cular  recruit      
  • 14. Take  every  name  or  recommenda?on  through  phone  call,  lecer,  email,  neighbor  or  person  on  the  street.  Make  them  feel   special  –grateful  they  are  wiling  to  help.       Recrui?ng  is  the  lifeblood  of  the  program,  but  our  team  comes  before  recrui?ng.  The  rela?onships  with  our  players  are  the   most  important  job  we  have.       Recruit,  recruit,  recruit-­‐but  spend  as  much  ?me  thinking  about  our  present  team  and  how  to  help  them  improve  on  and  off   the  court.       Spend  ?me  on  the  phone,  wri?ng  lecers  and  in  face  to  face  conversa?on.  Social  media  and  on  the  phone  with  buddies  will   not  help  us  get  players.  Can  be  an  asset,  but  not  the  main  cog.       Understand  how  to  get  players  here-­‐Hard  Work,  Rela?onships,  Follow  Up  and  Belief  in  the  Dream.       Sell  the  dream       Believe  the  dream       If  you  come  to  the  point  you  don’t  believe  the  dream  you  need  to  do  something  else.         Work  for  the  University  1st,  the  Athle?c  Department  2nd,  the  Head  Coach  3rd.    All  3  important.  Each  decision  you  make   affects  these  three  groups.      
  • 15. Come  to  work  each  day  with  a  way  to  make  things  becer       We  catch  young  men  at  the  best  ?me  and  most  vulnerable  ?me  of  their  lives.     We  have  to  be  at  our  best  to  care  of  them.         You  must  take  care  of  yourself    Physically    Eat  right    Get  proper  rest    Exercise       Present  yourself  well       Young  adults  are  looking  up  to  you  for  an  example  in  your  appearance       Educate  yourself      In  our  profession    In  other  areas  outside  basketball       Be  well  rounded  so  you  can  talk  with  people  outside  of  basketball.  It  will  expand  your  horizons.         Parents  want  their  children  to  get  a  great  educa?on  and  to  be  around  the  quality  people.       Be  the  kind  of  person  that  has  quali?es  a  parents  wants  their  child  to  be  around.  
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