Historical Background of I/O psychology

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  Historical Background of I/O psychology, what id Ind. Psychology, What terms are given to people who are Ind. Psychologists. Its use in industry, Data and facts related to it. every detail in a nut shell about Industrial Psychology, will surely help student and faculty members.
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  • 1. 1 Historical Background of I/O Psychology
  • 2. 2 Overview: Industrial/ Organizational (I/O) Psychology What is I/O Psychology? I/O Psychology as a Career
  • 3. 3 The application of psychological principles to the workplace (anywhere people work) Help people do their jobs help employers treat employees fairly help make jobs more interesting and satisfying help workers be more productive Prepared by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology - SIOP © 1998 What is I/O psychology?
  • 4. 4 Treat employees fairly Treat people from diverse backgrounds fairly select people for jobs provide training reward promotions/raises address harassment Prepared by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology - SIOP © 1998 What is I/O psychology?
  • 5. 5 Make jobs more interesting/satisfying Design jobs people will find satisfying rewarding work safe, efficient work areas (Human Factors) Motivate employees to perform Create teams that work well together combine diverse talents and perspectives Prepared by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology - SIOP © 1998 What is I/O psychology?
  • 6. 6 Help workers be more productive Design work patterns that enhance efficiency Provide skills training and development Help to meet the challenges of competition Move past downsizing Prepared by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology - SIOP © 1998 What is I/O psychology?
  • 7. 7 I/O Psychology: Science and Practice As a SCIENCE, I/O psychology uses scientific methodology to research and advance knowledge about people at work And as a PRACTICE, I/O psychology is a profession concerned with the application of psychological knowledge to solve real- life problems in the world of work
  • 8. 8 Science and Practice Scientist-Practitioner Model: Interaction of scientific knowledge and application Practitioner: Create Plan Problem Science: Turnover Theories Past Empirical Studies A call center has a three week training program for new employees. The average employee quits after three months.
  • 9. 9 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Industrial Recruitment Selection Classification Compensation Performance Appraisal Training Organizational Socialization Motivation Occupational Stress Leadership Group Performance Organizational Development Organizational Psychology is part of a broader field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I/O Psychology
  • 10. 10 ENGINEERING PSYCHOLOGY/HUMAN FACTORS Person-machine systems Working conditions Equipment, tool, and machine design and function in recognition of operator limitations in strength, perception, reaction-time, etc. I/O Psychology
  • 11. 11 INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Labor-union relations Employee/employer relations Cooperation & conflict resolution Arbitration, negotiation & bargaining I/O Psychology
  • 12. 12 VOCATIONAL & CAREER COUNSELING Career choice, change, and retirement CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY Consumer choice and preference for products Purchasing behavior & decision making I/O Psychology
  • 13. 13 Activities and work settings of I/O psychologists Employment in I/O psychology (salary surveys) Training for I/O psychology Professional involvement of I/O psychologists Licensure Overview: Professional Life of the I/O Psychologist
  • 14. 14
  • 15. 15 Where do I/O Psychologists Work? Dual orientation (science & practice) reflected in principal work settings of I/O psychologists Universities (37%) Consulting firms (38%) Industry (18%) Gov't (7%)
  • 16. 16 I/O Psychologists’ Salaries Median Salaries for 2000 MA/MS: $67,000 Ph.D.: $90,000
  • 17. 17 Professor of . . . Psychology, Management, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations Staff member, Manager, Dir, VP of . . . Personnel, HR, Organizational Planning, Personnel Development, OD, Management Development, Personnel Research, Employee Relations, Training, Affirmative Action Management Consultant Common Job Titles for I/O Psychologists
  • 18. 18 Professional Associations related to I/O Psychology American Psychological Association (APA: www.apa.org) Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP: www.siop.org) Academy of Management (AoM: www. aom.pace.edu) Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM: www.shrm.org) American Society for Training and Development (ASTD: www.astd.org)
  • 19. 19 Licensure requirements vary by state SIOP’s policy – recognize the requirement and offer guidance SIOP’s Guidelines for the Education and Training of I/O Psychologists Organizational requirements for licensure Licensure for I/O Psychologists
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