Here are the Easy Steps to Give Your Best Sales Demo

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  Sales presentation can be a sure shot way of inspiring the consumers to take the final plunge of buying the product. However, it is not as easy as it seems. If the demonstration goes wrong, it can cast a negative impression of the company.
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  • 1. Here are the Easy Steps to Giving the Best Sales Demo
  • 2. Introduction • Sales presentation can be a sure shot way of inspiring the consumers to take the final plunge of buying the product. • However, it is not as easy as it seems. • It requires a lot of practice, spontaneity, and refinement at each stage. • When the callers approach the demo as an art instead of looking at it as just another regular sales practice with set guidelines, you will be able to harness its power to its full potential. • If the demonstration goes wrong, it can cast a negative impression of the company.
  • 3. Tips to Give Great Sales Demo Presentation Agenda:  Know Your Audience  Confirm the Appointment  Be Prepared  Know The Product  Act Human  Try & Incorporate Stories  Involve the Customer  Follow-Up
  • 4. Know Your Audience • Always be prepared your call keeping in mind the target audience. • Anticipate the concerns, questions, objections and hesitations that the consumers can raise. • Do not assume their needs. • Have a list of questions that you can ask in order to know them better. • Employ the technologically updated outbound call center software in order to know more about your clients. • You can also connect with your clients on Social Media Platforms, this can help you to know their likes and dislikes. • It also helps you to give them a personalized experience.
  • 5. Confirm the Appointment • It is essential that you always confirm the appointment once the prospect agrees to meet you. • It is important that you give the consumers the option of changing the time in case they are not comfortable. • Always send the reminder mail to the customers. • It is “Mandatory” that you value your client’s time. • Always be on time.
  • 6. Be Prepared • In the case of a formal face-to-face meeting, your body language, and the way you emote yourselves matter a lot. • It is important that you dress up well for the meeting. • Do a thorough background research on your prospects before meeting them. • Try and make your presentation visually appealing so that it creates a lasting impression. • Use the smart tools like Skype, JoinMe, and GotoMeeting etc in order to facilitate virtual presentations. • Keep the demo short and crisp as this piques curiosity and maintains the interest level.
  • 7. Know The Product • You should be well versed with the technicalities of the product, • Keep talking to the minimum. • Instead, use visual and pictures in order to keep them engaged. • Do not READ your presentation. • Try to talk about the product experience in your own animated way. • Never sound scripted as this may lead to disinterest among the clients. • Always be prepared to answer the queries regarding the products.
  • 8. Act Human • Never start your sales pitch as soon as you meet your client. • It is wise to talk about general things before jumping into the agenda. • This stage of the sales cycle is perfect to know more about them in person. • Something as how the day has been or how the project shaped up can give them an idea that you are interested to know more about them. • Always be genuine with them, they will in turn be appreciative and will open up easily. • It is very important to break the ice with the customers by doing some general talks.
  • 9. Try & Incorporate Stories • It is essential that you structure your demo in such a manner that it remains interesting as well as memorable for the clients. • Try and tweak around a story mirroring the daily life of the prospect. • When they are engaged in the presentation, they are more likely to buy the product. • Use the true consumer stories and references in order to make them understand the benefits of the product.
  • 10. Involve The Customer • The attention span of the customer is very limited. • Listening to your sales pitch without any interruption can be a painful task for the clients. • Give them their share of space to talk. • Do not make your demonstration a one-way conversation. • Involve the client and allow the exchange of dialogue. • Allow them to share their inputs, encourage questions and give them the products for testing. • This helps them to understand the product in a better manner.
  • 11. Follow-Up • It is essential that you do regular follow-ups about the status of purchase. • Check if the client has any more doubts regarding the product. • A good quality outbound calling solution can be of a great help in such case. • It generates automated alerts so that you never forget to check back on the buyers. • It is essential that you keep the momentum going by getting back to them personally in a pro-active manner.
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