Healthtech QLD Inaugural event 21 October 2014

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  1. Healthtech Innovation Queensland Thankyou for supporting our inaugural event We are here to: Build a dynamic healthcare innovation community in Queensland…
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  • 1. Healthtech Innovation Queensland Thankyou for supporting our inaugural event We are here to: Build a dynamic healthcare innovation community in Queensland Foster, attract, retain and globally commercialise healthtech start-ups Make a difference to individual & community health & wellbeing
  • 2. Entrepreneurs Transforming Healthcare This is an excellent 5 minute video introducing Startup Health A USA based group driving healthcare innovation and investment with a globally accessible peer network and a dynamic coaching program. This video encapsulates our vision for our group.
  • 3. Healthcare Innovation Investment Around the World is on the Move In the USA alone • $5 billion invested in the 1st 3 Qtrs 2014 • Funding to nearly double year-over-year We MUST tap into international eco-system startup-resources-guide/
  • 4. Healthcare Innovation in Australia • Australia’s health tech start-up scene is booming, both in terms of interest and innovation • Funding remains a major issue for start-ups • No dedicated healthcare incubators and accelerators
  • 5. “The Australian Government will invest $188.5 million in Industry Growth Centres to pursue global excellence in areas of competitive strength” • Establishing 5 ‘Industry Growth Centres’ • Priority areas include medical technologies • Centres will receive funding of up to $3.5 mill. PA • Centres to become self-sustaining after four years • More Centres if the programme is successful. • Access to $63 million ‘Growth Centre Project Fund’
  • 6. What’s the Queensland Government Doing? Not a lot compared to Victoria! Victoria's Medical Technology Strategy $18.8 m to support and assist Victoria's medtech industry
  • 7. What Can We Do to Make Queensland A Healthcare Innovation Hub? We MUST • Get researchers, innovators, government, corporates and investors collaborating, supporting and investing in the sector • Build national & international networks and strategic alliances
  • 8. Outcomes for Tonight! • Showcase some world class healthcare technologies being developed in Queensland • Get some great networking happening • Get YOUR feedback on - what the CHARTER should be for this group - how future meetings should be conducted - other initiatives to make this successful • Encourage everyone to spread the word The Larger the Membership – The More Leverage!
  • 9. Tonight's turnout is a great start! Here is just a sample of the world class innovation coming out of Queensland Many of those presenting are from or currently in one of Queensland's wonderful incubators/accelerators - Silicon lakes on The Gold Coast - ilab in Brisbane - Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast
  • 10. ● Elliot Smith ● CEO/Cofounder
  • 11. OUR SOLUTION ● Pairing of Medical and Mobile Tech ● Interactive real time feedback ● training exercises and games ● Together over the platform
  • 12. Where we are today. Wrapping up a trial at Mater Children’s. Working on version 1.5 Setting up the next trial. Growing the business.
  • 13. Challenges Ahead Regulation bodies (FDA/TGA) Mass manufacturing costs. The unknowns.
  • 14. Thank You
  • 15. Dr Ramana B Panda CEO Telehealthnetworks Pty Ltd 57/56 -58 Riverwalk avenue,Robina,Qld Australia 4226
  • 16. • Telehealthnetworks aims to deliver a comprehensive healthcare solution over the 16 “Give us the web, we will deliver Healthcare” Dr. Ramana Panda web. • Telehealthnetworks completes the telehealth ecosystem by bringing in Device Telemetry, Unified Communication, Social Collaboration, and Analytics together. • We are confident that our platform will enable specialty care accessible and affordable to the remotest of patients
  • 17. We deliver end to end telehealth solution facilitate turnkey solutions • One stop: End-to-end Telehealth solution • A range of clinically precise and reliable telemetry medical devices • Intuitive yet truly advanced software platforms for patients, doctors and health organisations. • Low bandwidth video-conferencing @ just 130 kbps • On-line appointment and referral systems • Enterprise friendly - Seamless integration capability with all the EMRs – HL7 capabilities • Scalable and Secure • Works over Wi-Fi, SAT band, 3G/4G • Any platform, Any system, Anywhere
  • 18. Where we are today? • Commercialization phase • Flexible Sales Models • Talks in progress with various large organisations and hospital groups across the globe • Till date, we have successfully conducted 2000 tele-consultations on our platform. We have plans under way to conduct pilot programs with the two leading healthcare organisations in Australia. We expect a rapid growth for telehealth in the following sectors AVIATION MINING AGED CARE MARINE HOSPITAL GROUPS MEDICAL TOURISM RURAL HEALTHCARE CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT
  • 19. Challenges ahead… • Mindset - Considered impersonal • No definitive numbers to build a business model around it • Lack of reimbursement for telehealth • No financial incentives for healthcare providers to implement the technology • No set technical standards, infrastructure and licensure laws Telehealthnetworks Pty Ltd 57/56 -58 Riverwalk avenue,Robina,Qld Australia 4226
  • 20. Thank you Telehealthnetworks Pty Ltd 57/56 -58 Riverwalk avenue,Robina,Qld Australia 4226
  • 21. Kevin Marshall CEO/Founder Silicon Lakes Gold Coast
  • 22. Who We Are  Core business is in research and development of next generation medical devices.  Over the past 12 months PSP has developed and refined its patented Portal Technology in the form of 3 medical devices for use in:  laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery;  caesarean section;  general wound closure procedures, as well as first aid applications.  The worldwide market for the technology is substantial, ranging in the millions of units per year. We believe it is potentially the most valuable I.P. in the medical device space worldwide.
  • 23. Our Product/Technology  PSP has developed a revolutionary non-invasive method of controlling the opening and closing of surgical incisions and the closing of accidental skin wounds.  The versatility of the technology provides a significant number of benefits, including:  savings in time and therefore cost;  an increase in safety by reducing the risk of needle stick injury;  a reduced risk of infection;  an accelerated healing process - subsequently reduced recovery time; and  better cosmesis - with a potentially scar-less result.
  • 24. Where we are today Proof of concept prototypes highlighting the key benefits of the technology have been demonstrated, attracting significant interest from a number of institutions, some of which are now our collaborative partners, including:  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).  Internationally – at both corporate and government levels.  Australian National Fabrication Facility, including the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN).  University of Massachusetts: a collaborative research project.  The Biomedical Materials Transformation Facility – a collaboration between Monash University and CSIRO.
  • 25. The Challenges Ahead Decisions need to be made regarding the following :  Pathway to regulatory approval  Deciding the path to commercialisation - manufacturing v licensing the Technology  Keeping the company and technology resident in Australia
  • 26. Thank You
  • 27. Miles Browning CEO/Founder ilab
  • 28. Dr Carrie Hillyard - Chairman Carrie has more than 25 years of experience in medical and diagnostics research, development and commercialisation and is the inventor of a number of patents. Miles Browning - CEO Physiotherapist, exercise physiologist and elite coach, co-founder and CEO of Fizzio Clinics and Fizziofit, specialising in musculoskeletal injuries, chronic diseases and ageing. Juanita Browning - CFO Administration co-ordinator of Fizzio Clinics, previously owned 24 hour fitness centres, rehabilitation personal trainer & project manager for Toll Holdings
  • 29. Our Product Direct to consumer condition specific therapeutic exercise programs 750+ therapeutic, self management and strength training exercises applied to over 430 different searchable musculoskeletal conditions and diseases.
  • 30. Today We initially provided the product exclusively to health practitioners. Problem was they just didn’t have time to implement a change in their workflow Result we PIVOTED Sourcing other commercial arrangements
  • 31. The Challenge Establishing channels to market Virtual diagnosis Compliance
  • 32. Thank You
  • 33. Darren Rogan CTO/Co-founder ilab
  • 34. Online wellbeing & counselling. Anywhere. Anytime.
  • 35. What we do – Mindstar is an innovative new health and wellbeing platform connecting adults & children with internet-based support programs & counselling. – The Mindstar website provides a choice of online wellbeing programs, or individual online counselling by professional, qualified therapists.
  • 36. mindstar wellbeing Personalised, interactive self-help program Web-based mindstar online Individual counselling choose your own therapist Peer to peer Mindstar Programs
  • 37. Stage of Development 1. Partnerships developed & evidence base – Qld Health & USC clinical trial 2. Website under development 3. Series A Investment secured 4. Soft launch of website in December
  • 38. Challenges – Scaling 1. Youth & Families – immediate success through institutions such as schools & government (e.g. partnership with Qld Health) 2. Men’s health – regional & rural; links with professional sporting organisations 3. Women’s Programs – brand ambassadors; career related; new parents 4. Corporate & Government
  • 39. Thankyou
  • 40. Gary Hunter
  • 41. Who are we? • Brisbane-based and Australian-owned • 6 employees • Expertise and experience in: – nutrition issues – food composition data – software systems for nutrition analysis • We design and build nutrition analysis software • We develop food composition databases
  • 42. Our products/technology FoodWorks® nutrition analysis software • Windows-based software for nutrition professionals • Used in: – Health (dietetics, hospitals) – Education (universities, colleges) – Nutrition research – Food industry (nutrition labelling and new product development) • Version 8 under development Easy Diet Diary calorie counter & nutrient tracker • Free iPhone App for consumers • Australian data • Diaries can be exported to FoodWorks for further analysis by a health professional • Version 4 for iOS8 just released • Continuing development
  • 43. Where we are today FoodWorks • Established market leader in nutrition analysis software for health professionals in Australia. • Our bread and butter. Easy Diet Diary • The most popular Australian-made calorie counter for iPhone with over 500,000 downloads. • Interest from the health sector for both health care and nutrition-related research. • Self-funded.
  • 44. Challenges Big ideas! Limited funds… • So many interesting possibilities – To improve the user experience of EDD – To cater to specific needs e.g. health conditions, elite athletes – To build the tools/systems for connecting EDD users with professional help – To enhance and expand the food composition data • Monetisation? Funding? Resourcing?
  • 45. Thankyou
  • 46. Pauline O’Sullivan Co-Founder Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast “Victus”- That Which Sustains Life/Nourishment.
  • 47. The Global Problem: Common Denominator = Poor Nutrition Fact: 2/3 rds of U.S. adults & 1/5th of children and teens are overweight or obese Escalating Food Allergies/Intolerances Fact: In US, 1 in 88 children on the autism spectrum (1/54 boys and 1/252 girls) Fact: Food producers use any of 14,000 laboratory-made additives Standard Advice Ailing Healthcare Systems Hasn’t Worked FACT: 400% rise in Food Allergies & Intolerances In the last decade Autism Epidemic Chemicals & Additives Fact: By 2020 US healthcare will be 20% GDP
  • 48. The Victus Health Solution We are leveraging our extensive intellectual asset base, industry contacts and channel partners to deliver an online portal that empowers Practitioners to deliver personalised nutrition programs that: • SIMPLIFIES complex dietary protocols • CATEGORISES 500+ Ingredients • SMART TAGS 40 Allergens & 15 Food Chemicals & 20 Diet Protocols • CROSS REFERENCES molecular changes during cooking • INCORPORATES scientifically validated food charts • DELIVERS over 1,500 tailored recipes
  • 49. VICTUS HEALTH Practitioner Deliverered Online Nutritional Platform: Gives Practitioners the ‘systems’ to: • Deliver dynamic, patient centric solutions • Operate a paperless, time efficient system • Improve patient compliance, retention & referral • Build a more profitable and enduring business • Digitally connect with patients & family/friends
  • 50. Thank you “Victus”- That Which Sustains Life/Nourishment.
  • 51. Erik Anderson CEO SEME X ION Put t ing more X into sex Se-mex-ion
  • 52. Semexion - Product/technology The technology that we are working on will be used in Artificial Insemination and will endeavour to allow the X chromosome to finish first in the race to fertilise an egg. The outcome will be the birth of more female offspring. The application will be used in animal production industries (dairy and pigs).
  • 53. Semexion - Where we are today We have had success with tests with mice. We are currently testing with pigs. We are currently starting full scale clinical trials with mice.
  • 54. Semexion - The challenges Once we know the technology works, the challenge will be to develop a product that is affordable. What do we do with all the female mice?
  • 55. David McCallum & Selina Box Founders “Very Passionate Founders”
  • 56. WHO WE ARE…  Social enterprise  Dedicated to delivering innovative evidence-based preventative health programs  Better solutions to social problems and unmet community needs. © Eduhealth Plus | Private & Confidential
  • 57. OUR PRODUCTS… KEY OBJECTIVES:  Creating Healthier Communities  Improve nutritional intake and increase physical activity in primary schools and communities nationally and internationally  Promote lifelong healthy eating and physical activity habits  For all schools to be Eat Smart B Active® schools!
  • 58. WHERE WE ARE TODAY…  Since 2012 the Eat Smart B Active® | Healthiest School Awards® program has been delivered to 16,500 primary school students across South-East Queensland.  Real World Study implemented in partnership with University of Queensland identified that the program significantly improved children’s nutritional knowledge, attitudes, but most importantly improved nutritional intake  Partnered with not-for-profit Happy Healthy Kidz Australia to help fund the program delivery  Media partners - Channel 7, 96five Family FM  Pillars of growth: Health, Technology, Food , Education  Growing database: Communications Portal
  • 59. CHALLENGES AHEAD…  Program delivery relies on funding  Monetise the business model  Secure partnerships and sponsorships  Build brand profile
  • 60. Thank you
  • 61. Semexion Thankyou
  • 62. Dr Robert MacLeay
  • 63. Dr Bruce Green Co-Founder Founder, Model Answers Experience at FDA D Pharm (Pharmacometrics) Practising Clinical Pharmacist Dr Robert McLeay Co-Founder PhD (Bioinformatics - Modelling & ML) Led Dev Team, iseek Communications Developed software used by 100,000+ – Who We Are • Dosing 1.0: We really hope that you’re an average person. • Dosing 2.0: We accept that everybody is different. We measure your ability to process medicine.
  • 64. Our Product / Technology • Halves mortality in gram negative sepsis (van Lent-Evers, 1999). • Improves leukaemia survival by 15% (Evans 1998). • Halves side effects for chemotherapy patients (Relling 1994). • Reduces stay length by between 4 and 16 days (drug-dependent). • Cost-benefit ratio of between 4:1 and 52:1 (drug-dependent).
  • 65. Where we are today Apr 2014 – Obtained seed funding round July 2014 – European Medical Device approval Aug 2014 – Australian Medical Device approval Nov-Dec 2014 – US Medical Device submission Not shown: 1. Pharmaceutical companies 2. National or state-wide providers
  • 66. The Challenges Ahead – US Medical Device submission – Series A round – Accelerating and managing growth across AU / EU / US – Identifying right partnering opportunities (with our API) Questions / Comments: Video:
  • 67. Thankyou
  • 68. G Gordon Cooper CEO/Founder
  • 69. Australia’s leading patient engagement system for healthcare Improving access patient engagement connected healthcare management
  • 70. Our product & technology
  • 71. Where we are today Top 10 app-store rating every day in 2014 368,000+ patients registered 38.2% university health centre market share 6.2% of Australian GP market share
  • 72. Where we are going
  • 73. Challenges Staffing – Developers and Customer Service Funding Geographical market expansion – we’re hiring – we’re seeking – we’re growing
  • 74. G Thankyou
  • 75. Team:  CEO: Maryam Jarahi  CTO: Karl Pietsch  CDO: Dr Mehrdad Khodai  Director of Research: Dr Fariba Shadabi  Medical Advisors: Professor Michael d’Emden, Dr Farzad Bashirzadeh, Dr Chris Zappala Collaborators:  University of Canberra E-health research group
  • 76. Our product/technology Tools Developed • “Medaxs” - health social network – Providers and Services – Groups – Events – Blogs • “Media Pulse” - aggregated health news and social media • “” - Semantic Health Wiki – Collaboration – Internationalisation – Data mashup
  • 77. In Production: • Medaxs Social Network • Media Pulse • Due for Release soon: • Reach: • 250K sessions • 470K pageviews • Social Media: Where we are today? • 280 registered users • Listing of over 20k Australian hospitals, pharmacies, imaging services and healthcare providers.
  • 78. The challenges ahead
  • 79. Apologies Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre ETri "Transforming emergency department access, assessment and admission” Silicon Lakes, Gold Coast Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre Lifestyle change programs
  • 80. Open Forum & Panel Discussion Agenda: to Create an Agenda and Charter for Transforming Healthcare Innovation In Queensland Panel Dr Carrie Hillyard, Scientist, VC, Chairman FizzioFit, Fitgenes and Deputy Chairman of the Mater Medical Research Institute and more Dr Clarence Tan, Asia Pacific Ambassador Singularity University , Angel Investor, CEO and Chairman, Bond Wireless , Adjunct Professor Bond /Griffith Universities Steve Baxter, Founder, Founder of River City labs, a serial entrepreneur has a very successful background in starting Internet based companies in Australia and working overseas on large scale data networks Bruce Satchwell, Alive Technologies Biomedical Engineer and serial entrepren
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