Gregory Barnes Bey Affidavit Of Fact Gsnama

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An A飾.davit not rebutted after 30 days, becomes the judgement in commerce. A T珊血A飾davit / A縦davit of Facts, under commercia1 1aw, Can Only be satisfied by: Tn請h A飾davit rebu請ed-POint for point, by payment, by agreement, by reso山ion Or by Common law rules, by ajury. Equality under the law is paramount and Mandatory by Law. Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent, Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal. FACT l. The Great Seal National Association Of Moorish A厳正s makes no mention on any of its news sites the instructious for members to can∞l adhesion contracts wi血the corporate state血rough血e commereial registry Prior to attempting to correct their standing. https :// Y5 AX40GM&t= 1 7王Zs and h什D ://rvbevpublications. com/id70.html. FACT2. Specker-Representative James Traficant Jr (Ohio), addressed血e House狐d stated血at the Hi印ublic of The United ofAmerica] has been dissoIved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-7 1 9; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and iusoIvent. H.J.R. 1 92, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 - Joint Resolution to Suspend血e Gold Standard and Abrogate血e Gold Clause dissoIved the Sovereign Authority of血e Urited States and血e o餓cial capacities of all United States Goverrmental O餓ces, O能cers,狐d Departments and is餌her evidence血at the United States Federal Goverrment exists today in nane only. htto://www.afu.or蜜/聖OVem化ankruptcv.html. FAC冒.3. GSNMA and MSTA do not have bonafide, PrOVen universally accepted procedures within血eir organization to Show every member exactly how to free themselves from their coxporate/commercial cha請el slave status and to COrreCt their standing at law.距ps://姦Y5AX40GM&t二1 737s. FACT4. Every Moor associated and a能Iiated wi血GSNMA and MSTA are still commercially classi丘ed as Black and/or African American; Which has no standing at law, u血ess血ey have completed Standard Fom 1 81 and faxed or mailed it registered mal to the O触ce Management and Budget in Washington D.C. httos :// l d l Hc7TNb芝. FACT 5. The GSNMA The goveming body has no intemational recognition and no power whatsoever to assist Moors/Autochthons/Indigenous Peoples in commercial contracts, business contracts, Civil law, Or any Other administrative contracts or controversy. 田ACT6. GSNMA and MST teach Constitutional while coincident獲y accepting federal reserve notes from a privately OWned, unCOnSti請ional corporation, Which is treasonous in practice. 頭重:// FACT7. GSNMA discouraged the membership from leaning狐d using the UCC because it is dealing in commerce, While neglecting to teach the facts the their current slave condition is de宜nitely commercial in nature due to Cestui Que Vie Trusts and all mamer of fictional adhesion contracts血at is directed to瓜e Moors commercial StatuS aS Black, A紅can American, etC. h哩s:/佃 73Z§. FACT8. The word “vessel" is used in the Treaty ofPeace and friendship to denote a ship, however, in Maritime law, a `年essel" is your body. The UCC-1 estわlishes your controI ofyour旬essel" as it is not pirated, lost at sea or imprisoned. Moroccan Treaty of Peace and friendship Article 5, rvbeypub l ications. com/sitebuilderc onten偽itebuilder制e s/treatyofPeace餓endship. pdf主 FACT9. The U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision血at serves to allow judges to void the Consti請ion in their COu血OOmS. The decision was issued on January 1 8, 201 1, and也e Court did not even explain the decision (Docket No. 10-632, 10-633, and lO-690). One word decisions: DENIED. http://www.理 releases/us-SuPreme-COurt職issues-landmark-decision-COnSti請tion-is-VOid- 1 1 4 1 5 7799.html. FAC冒lO. GSNMA and MSTA, MOOtheR Ministers, Teachers, Sheiks, Grand Sheiks and Adepts are not teaching Moors the necessity of being collectively acknowledged by the United Nations, al血ough the UN is血e “Family of Natious” wi血whom we,血e Moors are Commanded tore-align ourselves by Noble Drew Ali. h請D : /rvbevDubl i cati ons. com/sitebui l dercontent/s itebui l der創e s/Dre S Srel eas e. odf. FAC冒宣l. To my knowledge, GSNMA and MSTA have never tanght or encouraged Moors at large to co11ectively Organize intemationally in order to become a global presence in血e world. The focus of血eir instruction has been primarily domestic. Why Moors Aren’t Mentioning :At-Sik:Hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moors? https :〃 EvK4YP4. FAC冒12. GSNMA nor MST are a能Iiated wi心血e :At-Sik:Hata :Nation of :Yamassee-Moor, Whose :Plenipotentiary : ChiefiNanya-Shaabu:E正(R)(C)TM is publicly teaching the Indigenous Moors proven practical me也ods to establish血eir true standing as indigenous to血e planet and gain full recognition intemationally. NOTE:, al血ough血eir Grand Sheik Divine Minister T勾Tarik Khatib Bey;圭哩岬ey. Pe寄ured himself to the contrary. https :// 1 UUTNUla LwThm4O-T2V I KIO. htt置)S://笈1 xVnHOGss&list=UUTNUIa LwThm4aO-T2V I KIO&index=22. FACT 13. Moorish American is NOT a Nationality as血e su飾x “ish” meaning ``wi血a sense of belonging to”, after血e mamer of ``, inclined or tending to”, near Or alrout”, h帥://www.dictionarv.com他rowse/ish. FACT14. GSNMA and MST have been stating consistently for at leas光20 years that血e pyranid/ Great Seal on the federal reserve notes is血e property ofthe Moors, but to my curre血knowledge, nOt One Ofthe reeognized Ministers, Masters, Teachers, Sheiks, Grand Sheiks or Adepts have創ed a complaint under intematiohal law for 瓜eft of血e Moors’intellectual property. htt D : /rvbevDublicati ons. com/si tebuil dercontent/sitebui lderfi le s/DreSSre] ease. Ddf. FACT15. RV Bey with GSNMA stated in the press release “The Sovereignty You Seek” that血e coat ofAms that the Pope wears IS PrOVen to belong to the moors and血e lineal descendants of the Moors, however, nOt One Ofthe recognized Ministers, Masters, Teachers, Sheiks or Adepts have創ed a complaint under intemational law for 血eft of; or illegal use of intellectual property. h請0 :布vbevDubl ications. com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfile s/ore s sre lease.1)df. FACT16. The Moorish Science Temples of America are listed on Dum and Bradstreet as incorporated companies. This meaus that they are misleading血e membership to believe that血ey are becoming free national soverelgnS, but in fact are keeping血em enslaved as MSTA is commercially wi血, and under血e jurisdiction of the corporate fiction USA. https :// EvK4YP4. htto :〃脚/wcststores/servle肌ballValidationCmd?storeId= 1 1 1 54&catalogId=7. 1 1 54 & searchTvDe=B SF & busName=Moori sh%2 0 Science%Temol es%2 0 o f%2 0America& state=NJc ountrv=U S &cm mmc=dnb- -home- -retail○ ○lookuD -tOObar#. h請D :// 1 1 1 54&catalo蜜Id=7 1 1 54& searehTvo e=B S F&busN ame=Moori sh%2 0 S cienc e%TemDle s%2 00 f%2 0America& state=PAcountrv=U S &cm mmc=dnb- -home○ ○retail○ ○lookuD -tODbar#. FAC冒17. The ONLY Intemationally recognized organization of血digenous Pcople/ Moors of Atlan, Amexum, Tu皿e Island, Land OfThe Frogs, Egypt ofthe West [MISNOMER No血h, Central & South America] is the :At-Sik- hata Nation whose Plenipotentiary is :C址e葺Nanya-Sh磁心u:Eil :(R) :(c)TM httos ://sites.鵠00封e. com/site/authenticexport/9. FAC冒18. :Chief:N狐ya-Shaわu:E虹(R) : (c)TM Plenipotentiary Of the :At-Sik-hata: Nation of Indigenous Yamassee Moors is the o血y moo班ndigenous Autoch血on, Melanianite to claim all of our Moor Crests, retuming血em to the rightful owner.虹tD:〃 and httDS :〃sites.寝貼1afa- 1. CONCLUSION The Great Seal National Association ofMoorish A餓壷s has been miseducating and mis宣eading the membership for at least as long as my initial a餓Iiation wi心血em in 1 990. From that year, I have been diligently studying within the scope that GSNMA iusisted that I remain. GSNMA, MOORthe星and MSTA have cousistently taught Moors to stand on the ∞nstitutien for仙e unjted states of America wh‖e they were accepting federal reserve notes from a private bank, Which has no oath to support or defend the constitution for the united states ofAmerica. Further GSNMA距erature has proved to be co血radictory and at the least, lacking the substance to a征討t cousistent unifom change throughout the so-called movement. The GSNMA, MOOtheR, and MSTA Ministers, Masters, Teachers, Sheiks, Grand Sheiks and Adepts whe血er individually or collectively, have deliberately discouraged血e Moors from credible UCC/commercial remedy to correct their race and ethnicity via血e Standard Fom 1 8 L皿s is leaving the Moors in State of chattel slavery as Negr。, Black and CoIored with no standing at law, nO血temational recognition as a Nation and no a範1iation that deserves respect from any govemment. Due to血e above listed facts and血eあsolute fraud that has been committed by GSNMA, MOOtheR, and MSTA; ANY AFI彊LIATION WITH THE GR田AT SEAL NATIONAL ASSOCRATION OF MOORISH AFFAiRS AS WELL AS THE MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA; CORPORATION,MOVEMENT, ORGAFRATION, ASSOCIATION, TEMPLE, SCHOOI., ROUND TABLE, ETC., THAT PRESUMES A CONTRACT VnH ME IN ANY FORM IS HEREBY RENDERED VOII) AB II¥ⅢO. 蹴圏L耳田F SOUG龍田        。 A皿proceeds, Products,亜x鳳res which may have been used’to create a seourity血at may be traded on血e stock maIket / fidelity investments retumed to me. This is not limited to Principals and Iuterests in血e temples / organizations which may have a 50 1C3, tO be di§tributed to ALL members and DISSOLUTION of血e organization / temple / etc. Should血e Temple / Onganization nothave adeq鵬te finances,也en the orga血zation iS to be dissofved. NOTICE: Yo耽have (10) days癌om也e receipt of他is le請er to respo皿d. CAVEAT: Lack of written respo皿Se, nO reSPO孤Se, aCquiescence wⅢ be accepted as ta前consent and agreement to a岨facts stated in this A縦davit.                dy NOT量CE Using a notary on血is docume如does not consti請e any adhesion, nO主does it alter my Indigeno豆s Standing in any mam乱The Puxpose for notary is verification and identification purposes o血y and not for er血ance into any foreign j町isdiction as an advantage for Se請lers, Confederates, Europeans, Caucasi狐S, Amorites, Canaanites, Co呼orations and fic舶ous entities to implement co呼orate laws, fictitious codes and commercials contracts over my Na血ral Indigenous / Autoch血onous Flesh and BIood, Melaninite Body. Ju賞租t United Nations Declaration on the Rights of血digenous Peop量es ( http :〃ww. un. or圭昨sa/socdev/un p fii/documents信RTP S en. PdB UN I光c且aration o岨他e Rights of Indige血Ous Peoples, UN Conventio皿On Ecomo血ic, Social & Cu鳴ural Ri如is, United Natio孤S C血arter; Articles 55 & 56; Presidential Proc量amation 7500,-H.j.R. 194, S.Con. Res 26, S. 1200, ⅢⅢし3. A範a血t UCC l-308 Wi血out Pr句udice Affi。m。d t。 and su。s。脚b。f。r。 m。址s丑。f棚謝   2。1,. p。rS。nally Fh。Ⅷ   Pr。dr。。d Id。ntifi。ahon山。 。nd # 。f I。 、植㊧』 ■β臼O引「 圏圏 図回図回 Notary P融班c My Commission Expires 剛c舶筑輌砂食間睦㊨舶鯛坤 的○恥錆Y Puらし樽 co朗的芭負i調印o声V胴G㈹ぬ MY co的鯛Ss調的軟削鵡$免職.執絢約 co舶姻S統o鱒8アブ㈱
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