Four schools of thought in cultural geography (to help in school)

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  To learn about the Four Schools of Thought (if you're in one of these types of classes you will understand what this means).
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  • 1. Four Schools of ThoughtFour Schools of Thought in Cultural Geographyin Cultural Geography Preston GloverPreston Glover 3B3B 11/05/1311/05/13
  • 2. The Four Schools of ThoughtThe Four Schools of Thought • Environmental determinism • Possibilism • Environmental perception • Cultural determinism
  • 3. Environmental DeterminismEnvironmental Determinism • Physical environment, like climate and landscape, dictate many aspects of culture, creating responses almost completely molded by the environment. • Ex.: Mountainous people are generally more laid back than people of a temperate/coastal climate.
  • 4. Environmental DeterminismEnvironmental Determinism • This mountain home shows the simple architecture that is generally found in traditional, mountainous areas.
  • 5. PossibilismPossibilism • Cultural heritage is as important as the environment when shaping human behavior. • Ex.: Technological cultures have more control than their physical surroundings in many cases.
  • 6. PossibilismPossibilism • This photo symbolizes the impact peoples’ cultures have on the environment.
  • 7. Environmental PerceptionEnvironmental Perception • Stresses the importance of human perception of the human environment. • Ex.: Culture dictates our view and reaction on different natural disasters.
  • 8. Environmental PerceptionEnvironmental Perception • People have created policies and mandates regarding the environment, partly due to fear of the consequences due to their beliefs.
  • 9. Cultural DeterminismCultural Determinism • Culture more important than the environment in regards to dictating human actions. • Ex.: Movements to help keep the earth clean are to help prevent what some people believe is global warming.
  • 10. Cultural DeterminismCultural Determinism • This picture indicates what, according to our culture, the United States is perceived to be divided into, as seen by how each culture varies by region.
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