Final Paper in Communication Theories

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  1. Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta. Mesa, Manila Emberga, Josie D. BACR 2-1 Kabisera When Andres encountered a murder case on his way and when he found out…
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  • 1. Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta. Mesa, Manila Emberga, Josie D. BACR 2-1 Kabisera When Andres encountered a murder case on his way and when he found out that the one being killed was his friend who was involved on drug pushing he became mad to his son and accused his son that he was taking drugs without giving him a chance to explain. This is an attribution theory because instead of seeking for an answer to clarify about the incident, Andres became suspicious to his son and began hurting him physically and accused him like he was really sure about his conclusion without giving his son a time to explain about his side and without reassuring the truth that maybe that boy was just one of his peers but his son is not doing what his friend did and he’s not planning to make such things. Andres and Jose are best friends since they were still on their younger years. As time goes by when Andres found boxes of Shabu in the middle of the ocean while he was fishing, he thought about telling it to someone who can help him about what he found. It was not easy for him to tell it to anybody because it is dangerous and illegal and it can lead him to danger, threats, and also to death but since he knew someone who is very close to him, he finally thought about his best friend, he told him about the box he hid and asked help from his best friend on how to deal his problem and ask him what to do. It is Social Penetration Theory because even if it is too dangerous for him to tell his secret to anybody he did not hesitate to tell it to Jose because he really admires and trusts him since they are best friends since then and he treats him like his own brother.
  • 2. When Andres’s best friend is convincing him to sell shabu because it will give those lots of money he has doubt because it is too dangerous. At first he made him agree about their deal that he will just give the stone to his best friend and he will take the tasks and other consequences for the illegal transaction but as soon as the stone (Shabu) was bought that he gave to his best friend he decided to stop it but his friend made a way through a car accident involving his son that made his decision changed and later on he was persuaded to sell Shabu in able for him to get more money for his son and for their future. It is Cognitive Dissonance because Andres did not want to continue what he was doing at first but because of incident, he was persuaded because even if it is right to stop what he was doing, it more important for him to make his son safe from danger. His son’s life is more important than any other things. Shift Estela and Trevor were very close on each other since then. They are best friends more than any other. Estela is treated like a boy of everyone especially Trevor because of her mannerism and the way she acts while Rocco is treated like a girl because he acts like what other gay is doing from how he speaks up to his actions. As their time of friendship became longer, their relationship became closer. Estela who is boyish found herself falling inlove from his best friend. Even they are very close friends, it became hard for him to admit his feelings and chose to avoid Trevor even if it was too hard for her. It is Social Penetration Theory because even if they are close to each other, there is something that limits Estela for telling the truth. And also according to the Social Penetration Theory, a permanent guard will limit the closeness of these two people in order to achieve an effective relationship.
  • 3. When Estela started to avoid Trevor and when Trevor noticed about it he asked Estela if there was a problem but he denied it but her action was opposite on what she says, she goes out with her friends, mingle with them except Trevor and always tried to avoid him. It is Interpersonal Deception Theory because it tells a lie that instead of telling Trevor the truth about the main reason why he was avoiding Trevor, she then chose to lie and told Trevor that she’s not avoiding him but nonverbally, her actions did not match what she was trying to say to Trevor. When Estela started to fall inlove to Trevor she chose to avoid him but Trevor doubted about the unexplained actions of his best friend. He then continuously ask Estela but since she was avoiding him, he seek information like going to Estela’s social account and search for any other information that will conclude about Estela’s main reason why she is doing that. It is Uncertainty Reduction Theory because in order to decrease the level of uncertainty or doubts, he then investigate and seek information through going to the social sites of Estela. Blue Bustamante When George went to Japan her wife knows that he will go to other country to work as an engineer there. But as soon as he arrived there, he did not get any letter for him confirming that he is hired for any work as engineer. But because of his friend, he got a job but not related to engineering. His work is good but he continuously keep telling her wife that he is working there as an engineer but he lied as he work there as a stuntman and keep on lying to her wife. It is simply an Interpersonal Deception Theory because he chose to lied to his wife just because of what happened, because all she expected was her spouse is working as an engineer not a stuntman of a superhero.
  • 4. When George did not get any job related to Engineering, his friend offered him a job of being a stuntman. At first he did not get his offer because he has no experience of being a stuntman but his close friend keep on telling good things like the job is not that stressful, that he will just make fun of it. It is Reinforcement Theory because Jun, his friend convinced him about the positive outcome of having the job even if some of the reasons are just fantasy or just to make fun of like if he gets the job he can save the world and he can be a superhero that is well- known in every corner of the world and also even while he’s having fun, he can help his family in the Philippines that made George changed his mind and agreed to Jun’s offer. Other situation is, when Jun, George’s best friend offered him a job of being a stuntmant. He did force him to get the job and gave George a time to think about getting the job. Since he couldn’t find a job related to Engineering he then finally made his decision and accepted what his best friend offered to him. It is Elaboration Likelihood Model and it’s in the central route which uses message elaboration, and can produce a major positive attitude change. Jun gave George time to think of his offer and when he had no choice rather than hav no job, he then accepted Jun’s offer. Ganito Kami Noon Paano Kayo Ngayon? Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon is a movie portraying the time during the era of the Spanish colonization and American colonization. It shows how was the lifestyle of every Filipino from the very first era until it was changed to other. A chaotic situation which shows how dangerous and unsure life was. Filipinos before live in a very simple life and most of them were poor. From the transportation they have up to their works. It also shows the transition of
  • 5. foreign people from different countries who went to the Philippines like the time during Spanish, American, and Chinese. It also shows the lifestyle of every Filipino and the common scenario like how love life was during that time. Filipinos before were poor and living in a very simple life with their simple source of living. The movie tells the viewers that Filipinos before did not think that they are Filipinos because all people says that a true Filipino is a person who is willing to fight for his country and it is for the person who is educated. They thought that they are just people who are living in the Philippines and foreign people are the true ones. But as time goes by, the message of the movie is that no matter what is our position in the country as long as our heart is for it and we are born in Philippines, we are Filipino. Attribution Theory is the theory which is evidently portrayed in the movie. “Attribution theory deals with how the social perceiver uses information to arrive at causal explanations for events. It examines what information is gathered and how it is combined to form a causal judgment” (Fiske, & Taylor, 1991). According to Simply Psychology, Attribution theory is concerned with how and why ordinary people explain events as they do. As we can noticed, all people on that time believed that they are not Filipinos. Basically, they did not even know who they are. They just know that they live in the Philippines but they are not called Filipinos. This was their beliefs because they grew up in the philosophy that the one being called Filipino are the one who are loyal to the country and the other foreign people.
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