Facebook marketing map 28 days to a better business on facebook

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  Discover how to use Facebook for your small business. 28 quick tips you can use every day to generate more leads, exposure and sales for your business on Facebook.
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  • 1. Facebook marketing map 28 days to a better business on facebook by andreabolder www.facebookleadsfactory.com
  • 2. Are you ready to get a fresh start with Facebook? Want to get more leads, generate more exposure for your business and build better partnerships online? I am going to share with you 28 tips you can implement over the next 28 days to help you get exactly what you want out of Facebook - without spending tons of money and time...You’ll discover some of the very best strategies that actually work on Facebook - So you can begin to turn Facebook into a lead generating sales machine!
  • 3. About a year and a half ago I decided to take the plunge and start building my home business online. The fact that I had no clue what I was doing, or that I had not yet generated a single lead on the Internet didn’t deter me - All I knew was that I needed to find a way to build a better business and tap into a larger pool of prospects. I needed to find a way to WIN and I was going to do whatever it took to succeed as an entrepreneur. (It’s just the athlete in me!) I will never forget my mentor saying - .......................................................................................... If you don’t have leads - you don’t have a business...and if you don’t have any one to promote your business to - you can’t make a sell. .......................................................................................... I quickly realized that leads were the lifeline of my business and without them my business was on the fast track to failure. BUT what I had to figure out is, how to actually generate leads and convert those leads into profits? I’m about to share with you a marketing plan that will solve your biggest dilemma - generating leads online. This 28-day marketing map is going to outline some of the best strategies that have been proven to work for getting leads on Facebook. With the right how-to, anyone can start generating leads and building their brand on Facebook. Turn the page to find out how.
  • 4. As a serious business owner it is important to find out what works and what doesn’t - quickly. I mean really, who has time and money to waste on marketing methods that don’t bring results. Your business is your # 1 priority! The number one reason people are failing on Facebook: Their business needs leads. But the average business building online is using Facebook the wrong way. So after spending hours and hours online, “thinking what you’re doing will explode your business,” you look up 30, 60, 120 days later tired, frustrated and still lead-less. NO leads, No customers, No booming business... Why? Because so many people jump into Facebook, drawn by the hype and popularity of this social media bohemoth, with no guidance, no strategy, no game plan....and they end up with no results. Then they conclude that Facebook is nothing but a big waste of time. Facebook is a goldmine, a free marketing tool for businesses, marketers and brands to monetize social media. 845 million people are on Facebook - your customers and potential partners are hanging out on Facebook.
  • 5. Your target market is...you got it...on Facebook! Look, contrary to what you may feel, Facebook is not as intimidating as you might think. If you commit to starting small and to starting the right way - Facebook will be the game changer you expected...and much more. That is the reason why I created Facebook Leads Factory - a step by step guide to navigating Facebook. To succeed at anything you have to have a map. A map let’s you know exactly where you’re starting and where you are going - and if you know your final destination on Facebook you can begin to take the correct actions to accomplishing your goals, which is why I put together this 28- Day Marketing Map for you. 28 days of manageable steps you can take toward generating more leads, making more sales and creating more profits for your business - all from Facebook. Take it one day at a time and before the month is up you’ll find you have a whole new business! Andrea Bolder Creator of Facebook Leads Factory Founder, SocialMediaConnect360.com
  • 6. Day 1 ................. Get Going on Your Goals Know what you want out of Facebook? If you don’t know why you are on Facebook in the first place, you’ll miss your mark every time. List the top 3 reasons why you want Facebook to work for your business? (in other words what are your Facebook goals) __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ What’s the # 1 most important result you want to see from your Fan Page? __________________________________________________________________ Facebook Fans Today___________ Facebook Fans 28 Days ___________ ......................................................................................... First, be clear on what your primary purpose is for your Facebook page. Examples include raising brand awareness, enhancing customer service, building your email list, driving traffic back to your blog, building community, connecting with influencers, finding new partnerships. You may have multiple objectives, and that’s fine; be sure to prioritize your objectives.
  • 7. Day 2 ................. Build A Strong Your Bio Before you start connecting and adding fans to your Page, you want to create a strong Facebook profile. Why? Your info page is not just where your Facebook fans come if they want to learn more about you, it’s a prime opportunity to give people a compelling reason as to why you are someone they NEED to be connected to. Don’t forget to insert your blog or website url, along with the most relevant keyword(s). Day 3 ................. SEO Your Bio Speaking of keywords, depending on the type of Facebook Page you create, you’ll be presented with options for filling out your information. So many times I come across pages and profiles that are not complete and don’t contain targeted keywords that attract the
  • 8. traffic. Don’t make the same mistake. Use this opportunity to share exactly what you do, make sure to include target keywords based on your industry and let people get a full understanding of what your brand and business are all about. What makes Facebook so cool and convenient is that it can be used like a mini-website. People can actually see your content on the search engines without having a Facebook account themselves - making it easy for you to promote your business. Day 4 ................. Create A Compelling Page Design Presentation is everything online and in the increasingly noisy world of social media, you have to stand out on Facebook. And you do this by looking the part of a professional that can deliver quality content, services and products while building down-to-earth, authentic relationships with potential prospects and business partners. Get a Facebook profile page that people can connect with. Keep your Page clean, make it eye-catching and easy to navigate so you give your fans an experience that will keep them coming back for more.
  • 9. Day 5 ................. Find Your Target Market To be successful on Facebook (or any social media platform for that matter) you have to know where your target market is hanging out. Where are they from? What do they look like? What are their interests? What groups are they active in? Are they influencers? Know your audience and you’ll be more effective in your Facebook strategy. Day 6 ................. Get Familiar With Facebook Insights Doing business on Facebook is just that - serious business. Understand the anatomy of your fans. Good thing for you that Facebook, a c t u a l ly t r a ck s a l l o f t h i s information for you. (learn more about Facebook insights here) Get Familiar with Facebook Insights. I know all the graphs and
  • 10. data can feel intimidating but to truly know if you are hitting the mark with your Facebook activities, you gotta track the trends, understand fan growth and analyze your engagement strategy. If you are tracking your activity, you’ll know where your audience is…only when you know where your ideal customer is can you effectively begin to engage and connect with them in a way that cultivates relationships and puts your brand and business in a position to be seen and heard by the people that count. Day 7 ................. D e v e l o p Yo u r Content Strategy Ideally, just as with your blog, you should map out a plan for publishing and promoting a mix of updates, photos, videos, and links. For a sample social media calendar, see this Google doc. Use a platform like HootSuite to pre-schedule your content. Use the 50/50 Mix - publishing 50% your content and %50 “OPC” (other people’s content). Sources of quality OPC include Guy Kawasaki‘s AllTop, Technorati, Mashable, Listorious (a directory of Twitter Lists), along with your favorite blogs (subscribe in Google Reader or via email). Plus, remember your own Facebook and Twitter Friend Lists!
  • 11. Day 8 ................. Find People With Clout Who are your influencers? A research report from Meteor Solutions found that the type of people who follow or friend you are more important than the numbers. Influencers are the people who create viral action, who share content that drives a flurry of activity. Influencers create value in the social media space, because you can measure your success based on their activity. Create a list of 25 key influencers and connect with 5 of them daily. You can go to Twellow or do a targeted search on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to find out who’s making waves in your industry. Make comments, share their links, answer their questions… Day 9 ................. Build Buzz on Your Blog Take ever opportunity you can to promote your Facebook Page from your sites. Integrate social media sharing buttons on your blog using WordPress plugins making sure to include links to your Facebook Page.
  • 12. Include links or share buttons after each blog post, as links within your content, in your sidebars with a “like box” and on your thank you pages after confirmations to webinars or newsletter subscriptions. Day 10 ................. Maximize Email Instead of promoting your Facebook personal profile, include a link to your Fan page in every email you send out. If you use web-based email, check out the Wisestamp signature addon. This really cool and easy to use plugin can be used for both your personal and subscriber email lists. Day 11 ................. Promote The best way to drive traffic to your business on Facebook is to promote it. You can promote your Page from your website, blog and other online platforms. Businesses should utilize features such as Facebook Like Box, Share Button and Facebook Comments for WordPress.
  • 13. Day 12 ................. Engage. Engage. Engage The easiest way to stay active on Facebook is to add relevant content surrounding your niche. Facebook presents a unique opportunity for you to establish yourself as a thought leader in a space where your competition may not be actively participating…YET!! Get to know your audience by asking questions, sharing content and interacting. Day 13 ................. Tell Your Friends Another creative and yet overlooked way to communicate your Facebook presence is via voicemail. When recording your voicemail message, take an extra 5 seconds to let callers know that posting on your Facebook wall (don’t forget to leave the URL) is a great way to get in touch and stay updated! To get in touch quickly and to stay in the know on our hottest offerings, make sure to stop by our Facebook Page!
  • 14. Day 14 ................. Hit Subscribe What’s an even faster way to get followers on Facebook? Enable your Subscribe button (Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or public figure there’s something huge happening here and you must get on this “train”!) Day 15 ................. Take Facebook Offline Put your Facebook fan page link (and the logo) on your business cards. Moo.com, the online business card and printing specialists recently collaborated with Facebook to launch a range of business cards that take information straight from your shiny new Timeline and reproduces it on springy printed cardboard. Talk about a sophisticated and cool way to promote your online entity offline!
  • 15. Day 16 ................. Quality Quotes Facebook is quote central...Why? Because people love quotes, and even better for you, they love to like them on Facebook. Create a list of your favorite inspirational, motivational witty and insightful quotes and affirmations. These are guaranteed like getters! Adding a call to action with your quote can add instant massive engagement to your Facebook Page. Day 17 ................. Study Other Facebook Pages “ To get a sense of what’s possible for your own Facebook page, look at a variety of examples in your own industry along with industries that are related. Here is Facebook’s own Directory of Pages. Gather ideas on what makes some Pages successful and others not so much. Take a look not only at their design, but how they engage and interact wi th thei r community. What type of status updates are they posting?
  • 16. What creative techniques and tactics are they implementing to grow their fan base. To be the best you have to model the best. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel - pay attention to what works, take and get to work. Day 18 ................. Ask A Question Want people to leaves comments and like your content? Ask a question. Ask entertaining, witty, or funny questions that get the conversation started? Ask people what they think about certain topics related to your business and encourage them to share their insight with your community. Ask people how you can serve them better or about the challenges they need solutions to. Keep it fun, keep it light and ask questions in a way that make it easy for them to answer. Remember nobody wants to write a novel just to answer a question.
  • 17. Day 19 ................. Photo Fun Pictures are extremely popular on Facebook and get more clicks and likes than any other form of media posted - even more than videos. Use pictures to attract more people to your content and make it a habit of updating your photo albums regularly. Share infographics, pictures that show you attending events, that highlight your products, or showcase your lifestyle. Make sure your photos are captivating, eye-catching and fun! Images are powerful in increasing social media engagement and bright, colorful, fun pictures is what catches people’s attention and moves them to increased engagement. Day 20 ................. Share Your Resources People love tools, tips, tricks, apps and resources they can download, upload, install, and apply to their business. People love useful sites, cool applications and resources that make life easier. Share useful tools to get more “likes” and post regularly about free resources that you use to grow your business. People will love you for it.
  • 18. Day 21 ................. Go Mobile If you have a smartphone such as an Android or iPhone like I do, you can enjoy the benefits of the Facebook app. Simply visit to app store, search “Facebook” and click the green install button. The application is FREE and you can use it to view your news feed and profile, post updates, check your notifications, and view photos. You can also use it to start a new conversation with fans via the Facebook instant messenger feature. Day 22 ................. Packaging Your Page Put your Facebook URL on all your packaging, labels, invoices and receipts. Just think about how quickly you can increase your fan base by adding the Facebook logo on all of your packaging and asking your consumers, customers and clients to join you on Facebook
  • 19. Day 23 ................. Link To Twitter Link your Twitter account to your Facebook fan page and automatically post your Facebook content to Twitter. You can edit what gets posted, choosing from Status Updates, Photos, Links, Notes and Events. Day 24 ................. Facebook Timeline Add your Facebook cover and share your story. F a c e b o o k r e c e n t l y introduced a new feature called Timeline. Timeline is the new Facebook profile that helps you share your life story with friends.
  • 20. Day 25 ................. Photo Strip It There are 5 photos that appear right at the top of your profile pages. Use them wisely. The pictures you place in these 5 prime spots should showcase your products, services and skills. It should paint a story of who you are, what your brand is about and the value you bring. Take the time to fully utilize the photo strip underneath your headline to display the photos that best showcase you and your brand. Here is a really cool example of how Coca Cola highlights their brand. Day 26 ................. Change Your Employer Change your employer to be your actual Fan page (recommended!). If you are not using the Facebook Timeline makes sure to add your Fan Page as your Employer. It will create a hyperlink from your personal profile to your Fan Page giving your business more exposure.
  • 21. Day 27 ................. Capture Contacts When generating leads using social media your focus is on building your list. Create a landing tab that allows you to capture leads straight from your Facebook Page. Everything we do is with the focused intent to drive traffic and generate leads so we can convert that traffic into buying customers. Day 28 ................. Reach with Video I probably don’t have to tell you how powerful video marketing is, but when you combine video on your Facebook landing page it can boost your traffic and increase conversions. Video marketing can take your business to “celebrity status” helping you to build brand awareness and creating rapport with your viewers. Although you can post your YouTube videos directly to Facebook, I suggest using the Facebook video uploader.
  • 22. Bonus ................. Your First Engagement Ad Even with a nominal marketing budget, you should be able to boost your fan count and leads using Facebook’s own social ad feature. Facebook Ads are simply online billboards - but unlike the billboards you pass on the side of the freeway - Facebook Ads are only seen by targeted traffic increasing the likelihood of a conversion. There are a number of options when creating Engagement Ads. Facebook Ads for Pages Facebook Page Post Ad Sponsored Stories Use Facebook Ads to increase engagement and up your likes, It’s the most targeted traffic your money can buy. Try creating your first Facebook Engagement Ad Today! ..........................................................................................
  • 23. Ready to get Famous on Facebook? I’ll assume the reason you downloaded the 28 day Facebook marketing map is because you want to be seen and heard on Facebook. You want leads, credibility and profits like the gurus. Maybe you haven’t even launched your Facebook Page yet or you feel like you’re wasting your time posting and liking people’s content all day long- without a return on your time. To make social media marketing work for you, in particular Facebook, you have to have a solid strategy - you must stand out from the noise, be seen as an asset, a valuable resource, the go-to person in your industry. You can’t attract leads, establish yourself as an expert, and make money online if no one can find you. You have to be able to make an IMPACT! That is what makes Facebook Leads Factory so powerful. It puts you in the position of influence - showing you step-by-step how to attract the ideal prospects, wow potential business partners and promote your products and services in a way that generates profits. Facebook Leads Factory is not some guide wit
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