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  1. How did you attract/address your target audience? 2. Universal Introduction ã The Universal introduction was extremely useful for us to open with, as it shows that…
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  • 1. How did you attract/address your target audience?
  • 2. Universal Introduction • The Universal introduction was extremely useful for us to open with, as it shows that our production is big and that will also allow us to draw more people to the film, as if they can see that it was produced by a company as big as Universal then they will know it will be worth watching. The world spinning round into shot shows that we want our production to be aimed worldwide, with the famous sound in the background that everybody knows, showing that in time we would aim to be a well known franchise in the horror market.
  • 3. Behind the Protagonist Shot from behind the protagonist to show that they are entering into something that they will come to regret, as it shows the house, eluding in its sheer presence at the opening of the scene. This shot from behind also implicates that the protagonist is being watched or followed by something; the antagonist. The way in which the scene is shot in an ordinary sort of area draws the point to the audience that this could easily happen to them to.
  • 4. Antagonist POV The first view in the eyes of the antagonist is captured as it mimics the same route taken towards the door as the protagonist’s. This highlights that the antagonist has been following the protagonist and watching him over time. Knowing this is quite creepy and it brings stalker like qualities to the antagonist’s portrait.
  • 5. First Signs of the Antagonist’s Movement The shot of the door handle moving downwards with nobody there symbolises the first signs of the antagonist within the production. This fits in with the one of the key constituents for psychological in which things seem to move by themselves. This also adds to the theme of mystery as you know that something has opened the door, but you don’t know what exactly it is that has done so.
  • 6. Protagonist Close-Up The first instance of a proper close up the protagonist shows the lack of awareness that the character has in terms of his impending doom. The character is shaving, symbolising that his life is slowly about to fall apart, strand by strand. The character is not centrally composed on the screen as to create significance towards the door which shares the same amount of limelight as him. This also connotes from an early stage that the antagonist is behind that door waiting for its moment.
  • 7. Antagonist POV 2 This second POV from the antagonist creates the feeling that it is looking down at the door handle, again with the representation of an object’s importance in the scene. The door handle also appears to sparkle with the use of lighting, again signifying its importance to the antagonist as a way of passage to its victim that it is so clearly desperate to seek revenge in.
  • 8. Blood Has Been Drawn This shot shows the hands covered in blood and it’s as if it seems to be coming from the tap. The focus and the zooming in on the blood emphasises the amount of blood on the protagonist’s hands and adds to the typical horror genre ideologies that the usage of blood entails. The blood sits in the hands, symbolising that the protagonist is trying to cling or grasp onto his remaining life. It also shows that the male character has lesser dominance compared to the evil of the antagonist.
  • 9. Jump Cuts In the next couple of shots are jump cuts, which increase the pace of the tension by showing the simultaneous dominance of the antagonist’s face appearing and disappearing again. This also connotes its otherworldly powers as it has the ability to make itself seen and then unseen again.
  • 10. Protagonist’s Emotion Through Facial Expression As you can see at the end of the opening scene the protagonist lies dead and lifeless on the bathroom floor. His face is shrouded in black. This removes his facial expression, meaning that his emotion of death cannot be seen. This adds to the mystery behind the antagonist’s killing of the protagonist and disallows any further insight into the events that have taken place.
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