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  1. My distribution company 2. 20th Century Fox 3. Why this company?  20th Century Fox was founded in 1935, and is now one of the biggest production companies in the…
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  • 1. My distribution company
  • 2. 20th Century Fox
  • 3. Why this company?  20th Century Fox was founded in 1935, and is now one of the biggest production companies in the world.  I chose this company, as although there are not many, the films in the same genre category as mine that they have produced have been huge successes.This includes films such as ‘Gone Girl’.This film was produced in 2014 and due to the high profile actors such as Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, it created a lot of public attention.This film was not only advertised through trailers and promos, but also through other means of advertisement such as billboards and bus sides. On its opening day, the film brought in $13,179,535.  This proves that my film would receive large amounts of public attention which would boost sales.  This company has also produced films which I have thoroughly enjoyed such as ‘Lets be Cops’ and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. This means that as a company, I know that they have a strong screening process which gives them a good reputation within the public for only producing high quality films.This means that if they chose to produce my film, more people would be likely to go and see it.
  • 4. How my product would be advertised  Advertising is a key stage to go through when wanting to successfully launch a film.  There are lots of different ways I would advertise my film, including conquering the online market and using offline advertising techniques such as posters and billboards.  This is another reason why I have chosen the production company that I have, if they have a sound reputation then they will have more funding for advertisements, and can afford to advertise films in expensive plots such asTimes Square in New York  This means that more people are going to see my film, and it will be more of an overall success.
  • 5. BILLBOARDS  Billboards are a way of increasing the films exposure to a large mass of people.  Production companies regularly use this as a form of advertising as it not only increases the films exposure, but it also means that you can advertise the film in all different areas within the country.  This is one of the ways I would advertise my film, as it is one of the best ways to increase the amount of people who become aware of my film, therefore increasing the amount of people who come and see it.
  • 6. THIS IS WHAT MY FILM WOULD LOOK LIKE IF IT WAS ADVERTISED ON A BILLBOARD… The fact that it is next to a main road, means that everyone driving past will see the advertisement.
  • 7. Transport advertising  This is another popular way of advertising and is another way of increasing a films exposure.  Having advertisements on the sides of busses in built up areas such as London is a popular way of pushing a film.  Production companies use this primarily in order to increase the number of places being exposed to the film. As the bus travels around the area in which it operates, it not only carries out it’s primary function, but it also increases the amount of areas that have exposure to the film.  I would have my film advertised this way, on busses in heavily built up areas of the country such as London, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool.
  • 9. Television advertisements  This s one of the most popular was to advertise a film, and is one of the most common.  One of the reasons why this is a particularly popular way of advertising is due to the growth of the internet. You can now not only upload and share trailers on ‘YouTube’ but also on ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ and other major social networks.  Production companies such as 20th Century Fox can have their own channel on ‘YouTube’ which people can subscribe to and they can then upload all of the trailers for their up and coming films. Click here to go to the 20th Century Fox’s ‘YouTube’ Channel.  Trailers can also be aired on television which means significant public exposure throughout the day. Before other films are shown at the cinema, trailers for other films are also shown then, so that people make another trip to the cinema in order to see a film that they saw advertised last time.  I would use this to advertise my own film, as this is the main way in which I find out about new films, and is how I judge whether it is the kind of film I want to go and see. This proves that it is a highly effective way of advertising. ‘Gone Girl Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym3LB0lOJ0o ‘Camp X-Ray Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1MDrwqjeGo
  • 10. Social Media  This is one of the most recent developments in film advertising, and is now one of the most influential.  By creating an account on ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Instagram’ or any other major social network, it allows you to post and share updates, trailers and pictures of the film. Click here to go to the 20th Century Fox Facebook page.  These can then be spread about the network which increases the amount of attention brought upon the film and also massively increases the films public exposure.  This is something which I would use to advertise my film, as it is one of the easiest ways to attract a lot of attention.This is mainly due to the large amount of online support that 20th Century Fox receives. It’s Facebook page has 15,195,424 likes, and it’sYouTube Channel has 373,070 subscribers.This means that all of these people will have access to my film, plus all those who observe the items, yet don’t follow the pages.
  • 11. This is what the facebook page of my film would look like…
  • 12. Distribution of my film  The initial way in which I would distribute my film would be film festival such as Cannes.This would be the job of 20th Century fox to push the film at popular festivals that will catch the attention of those there, and though the word of mouth, the general public.  The next stage would be to show the film at large-scale popular cinemas such as ‘Cineworld’ and ‘Odeon’.This again would not only produce profit, but would also cause large amounts of people to view my film.  The next step would be to distribute my film via hardware such as DVD and DVD Blueray.This means that people could have and watch the film at home. This creates profit in DVD sales and again increases the amount of people exposed to the film.  The third and final stage of distribution would be online, through film streaming websites such as ‘Netflix’ and ‘Blinkbox’.These software allow you to stream and download films online to watch on both TV’s with internet capabilities and portable technologies such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones.This would extend my audience even further, and maximise the number of people able to watch my film.
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