Early Parrot Education - Program Introduction

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  he Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) presents the Early Parrot Education (EPE) & Weaning Program… an educational process that coincides with the young parrot’s most opportunistic moment of physical and mental growth. The EPE & Weaning Program prepares the bird with lifelong lessons for his journey as a companion animal. Program Introduction Comprehensive and easy to follow, HARI's EPE Program is available on 10 DVDs and comes with supporting documents including forms and charts (all provided on a CD), as well as complimentary reading material. The cost is only $70.00 for the complete program and supporting materials. To order HARI’s EPE Program: Canada (international orders) order: http://ca-en.hagen.com/Bird/Variety-of-Books/B3025 USA order: http://usa.hagen.com/Bird/Variety-of-Books/B3025
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  • 1. Early Parrot Education: Seizing the Moment ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 2.  wean on to a healthy extruded diet (which is a fundamental building block of a structured educational foundation) vs. a seed-based /cafeteria style diet  mature towards healthy independence  understand the established codes of conduct & respect that will position them within the hierarchy of the human/ feathered flock  participate in & enjoy occupational activities such as misting, preening, foraging & play  desensitize & appreciate various enrichments Let’s explore the potential of Early Parrot Education… We believe that this education will allow the chicks to : ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 3. Why is Early Parrot Education Important? • Nurturing & hand-feeding is all that is needed to prepare the chick for companionship • Chicks do not get any form of early parrot education in the wild! • It will consume too much time • It will not be profitable in the end • It is much easier to wean them onto a seed-based diet • They can get their education later on…breeders have no time for this It is often believed that… ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 4. If caretakers play an active role in laying down the building blocks for a structured educational foundation, it will: • Provide the chicks with a solid foundation to lead healthy lives as companion pets • Increase the respect for our profession • Increase the value of the chicks we raise Yet… perhaps we’ve underestimated the extent of responsibility aviculturists have in raising these feathered creatures for companionship ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 5. What factors influence the domestication potential of a future companion parrot? • Selection of optimal gene pool (physical health & temperament) • # of generations born in captivity • maintenance of physical & psychological health of breeding pairs and offspring • Parental rearing or hand rearing • Early Parrot Education ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 6. Plateau phase Lag phase Log phase Wt  10 % daily Fledging Wt ( 10%) ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 7. From the Neonatal Age to the Early Pin Feather Age Early Parrot Education has not yet begun Chicks are fed 100% hand-feeding formula Nurturing and Monitoring ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 8. Weight is monitored daily and recorded in Chick Growth Chart. ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 9. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Used to monitor weight & feeding from the 1st to the 5th stage of early parrot education ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 10. TOOLS Primary lessons Characteristics of this Stage Educational Focus Housing Feeding Strategy Stage of Early Parrot Education ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 11. Stages of Weaning & Early Parrot Education 1st : Introductory Stage 2nd : Pre-Fledgling Stage 3rd : Fledgling Stage 4th : Advanced Foraging Stage 5th : Fledgling Acquiring Independence 6th : Feeding Enrichment ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 12. Caretakers should strive to build a solid foundation during the Early Parrot Educational Stages through the use of these tools: Nurturing Monitoring Socialization Desensitization Modeling Mentoring Play TOOLS ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 13. Water Bottle Education Primary lessons ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 14. Learning Discipline During Training Sessions Primary lessons ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 15. Primary lessons ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 16. Primary lessons ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 17. Primary lessons ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 18. Primary lessons ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 19. ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
  • 20. ©2005-2015 HARI, all rights reserved
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