Dyson dc39 animal canister vacuum cleaner review

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  Best vacuum for pet hair(http://vacuumforpethairguide.com) - Dyson dc39 animal canister vacuum cleaner review
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  • 1. Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Vleaner ReviewThese days, most people have some kind of pet in their homes. Whether it be a cator a dog, theres typically at least one per household and this leaves many familiessearching for the best vacuum for pet hair. Many people find that there are oftentoo many choices on the market and theyre unsure which one will be able to dothe cleaning properly without being too complex and confusing. This being said,one of the vacuums designed specifically for this is the Dyson DC39 AnimalCanister Vacuum Cleaner. Heres a small breakdown of the vacuum and what itoffers:Benefits:Built-in Cyclone Technology: Out of all the vacuums on the market today, Dysontakes the lead in terms of innovative technology. You can rest assured that afterjust one pass with a Dyson machine, your floors will be spotless!Easy Maneuvering: Dyson is also well known for their maneuverability that goesalong with their machines. Theyve taken special care to ensure that no matter howbig or small the operator is or how narrow or oddly shaped the space is, a Dysonmachine can get the job done without much difficulty.Warranty: As with most vacuums, youre offered a 5 year warranty for the DysonDC39. This allows you to rest assured that for the next 5 years after your purchase,youll never have to buy another vacuum because Dyson has your back!
  • 2. Saves Time: As was mentioned in reference to the cyclone technology, thesemachines only need one pass over an area rather than multiple passes to ensure itscleanliness.Cyclone Technology Breakdown:Although cyclone technology is becoming more and more popular, many peoplearent aware of how a vacuum cleaner is able to pick up dirt without the use of abag. Traditionally, when a bag is used as previously described, the more dust anddirt thats picked up, the less suction the vacuum is able to put out, so in all reality,bagged vacuums are counterproductive. This being said, with cyclone technology,whats picked up is spun at a high speed in order to prevent the suction holes frombeing clogged enabling you to have full suction no matter how full the vacuumgets.Ball Technology Breakdown:Another major innovation thats prominently displayed in the Dyson DC39 VacuumCleaner is the ball technology which overcomes the limitations of wheels. Basically,with a traditional vacuum, the wheels can easily hold you up and limit themaneuverability of the machine, but when a ball is implemented, its able to movein any direction, thus solving this issue.HEPA Filter Breakdown:A HEPA filter is able to pick up much more fine dirt and only needs to be cleanedtwice a year! The great thing about these filters is that theyre reusable and the onlymaintenance required is to hand wash them when they become dirty.Overall Pros Of The Vacuum: Has a mini-turbine installed specifically for picking up hair. Has high maneuverability due to the ball technology. Has HEPA filter built in for more efficient cleaning and saving money onbags. Has a telescopic wand that locks into the back of the vacuum for easytransportation. Has a 5 year warranty included with it. Has an cord which automatically retracts.
  • 3. Overall Cons Of The Vacuum: The price-point is rather high. Doesnt include a tool dedicated to hardwood floors. There is no option to adjust suction power. The brush bar always turns on with the vacuum, so if you start it on ahardwood floor, you could damage it.All in all, if youre looking for the best vacuum for pet hair, the Dyson DC39 shoulddefinitely be considered. The ball and cyclone technology put this machine headand shoulders above anything else on the market right now and youre bound tobe happy with the results left behind by this particular vacuum.Read More: Best Vacuum for pet hair.
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