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  1. These are my kids and the reason I strive to give them a better life then I had. 2. I love my pets, their basically my two Other kids. 3. I’m a chef. I love to eat…
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  • 1. These are my kids and the reason I strive to give them a better life then I had.
  • 2. I love my pets, their basically my two Other kids.
  • 3. I’m a chef. I love to eat and come up with different meals to satisfy my hunger.
  • 4. I’m a gamer. I can be found on all platforms, this is my gamer tag the one and only.
  • 5. I like to think am an artist. I scribble from time to time.
  • 6. Some places my creativity comes from are…..
  • 7. Music is a big part of my life. I do a concert twice a day in the shower.
  • 8. This one piece is two songs but together. My favorite song at the time put with my ex favorite song at the time.
  • 9. Movies with great stories and visuals really get my creative writing and ideas going.
  • 10. Miami showed me a different style of art and living. Their style was so different from New York. Miami helped me develop my own style.
  • 11. h"p://chiefexecu,ve.net/excellence-­‐in-­‐embedding-­‐crea,vity Posted by: CJ Prince June 8, 2012 Excellence in Embedding Crea0vity contemporary city | descriptions and projects April 14th, 2014 New York City http://contemporarycity.org/2014/04/new-york-city/ Miami SOLO Makes Its Debut Posted on November 30, 2011By ldammannABN http://artbusinessnews.com/2011/11/miami-solo-makes-its-debut/
  • 12. Slide 16 picture from http://www.brooklynstreetart.com/theblog/ 2008/08/21/inner-damonsional-street-people/#.VERFuN69Pkg artist Damon Ginandes Slide 17 picture from http://animalnewyork.com/2013/buff-monsters-contribution -to-the-bushwick-collective/ (Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork) http://www.streetartnews.net/2013/08/case-new-mural-in-new-york-city-usa.html Case New Mural In New York City, USA Posted by StreetArtNews at 8/26 Slide 18 picture from h"p://www.g2photosmx.com/Events/Miami-­‐Street-­‐Art-­‐2010/14269339_QMsVKB/1055182460_nt8fMns#! i=1055182460&k=nt8fMns © Glenn T. Gardner...G2Photos Slide 19 pictures from Photo Sharing by SmugMug h"p://www.npr.org/2012/12/03/166099114/street-­‐art-­‐brings-­‐life-­‐to-­‐a-­‐miami-­‐neighborhood by GREG ALLEN November 28, 2012 3:46 PM ET h"p://www.streetartnews.net/2013/09/street-­‐art-­‐mural-­‐by-­‐abstrk-­‐in-­‐miami.html pics by Diana Larrea Posted by Street Art News at 9/04/2013 10:31:00 pm Slides 20 pictures taken and created by Enrique Diaz-Salazar Slide 21 picture taken by Enrique Diaz-Salazar. Programs Photoshope, Z-brush, Maya Slides 22-23 pictures taken and created by Enrique Diaz-Salazar Slides 24-25 References.
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