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  Crescent pure Pranil
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  • 2. THE HISTORY Peter Hooper founded Crescent in 2008 Demand for the product grew locally in Crescent, Oregon Michael Booth, CEO of Portland Drake Beverages (PDB), discovered Crescent acquired the product in July of 2013
  • 4. THE CRESCENT ADVANTAGE 70% less sugar than leading energy and sports drinks contains as much caffeine as one cup of coffee energy boost is delivered through all-natural herbal stimulants quality, organic product at an affordable price(2.75$)
  • 5. THE PLAN •Soft launch of the product in January 2014 in 3 western states •750000$ advertising budget •If profitable, crescent pure to be launched nationally in 2015
  • 6. DECISION TO BE MADE Sarah Ryan, vice president of marketing for PDB must now decide how to position crescent pure.
  • 7. SPORTS DRINK-THE PROS 42% of sports beverage drinkers considered sports drinks “anytime beverages” Market is $6.3 billion Attract a wider consumer base consumers described sports drinks with words such as refreshing, healthy, affordable, functional, fun, and hydrating more often than energy drinks
  • 8. SPORTS DRINK-THE CONS Market is $2.2 billion less than energy drink market Crescent’s $2.75 price point for an 8 oz. can is significantly high Recent government-mandated guidelines to remove sugary, high calorie drinks from school vending machines including sports drinks pose a threat
  • 9. M
  • 10. ENERGY DRINK-THE PROS Unique in this market as it contains much less sugar than competing energy drink 40% growth in market over 2 years Consumers viewed “energy” as Crescent’s most descriptive characteristic Average price of an energy dink is higher ,allowing PDB a chance to increase their sale price.
  • 11. ENERGY DRINK-THE CONS Regular consumption of energy drinks has fallen due to negative media attention about health risks Less energy content than hoped. Competitors – 85% not much wiggle room for new
  • 13. THE ORGANIC DRINK Ability to have a more premium price in this market as the focus is on quality ingredients Organic beverages claim a price premium over conventional beverages of the same variety (on average 25%) Would allow for a much wider range of consumers
  • 14. THE HOT SOUP By focusing on just the health attributes, PDB might risk excluding important customer segments  Timing is critical and the broad approach would complicate efforts to develop and execute a marketing strategy in time for the “soft launch” With such a wide range of consumers, the $750,000 advertising budget may no longer be feasible  More distributors and retailers would be necessary and would need to be evaluated
  • 15. DISCLAIMER • Created by T PRANIL CHANDRA, VNIT NAGPUR during a marketing internship under prof. Sameer Barua.
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