Commercial LED Lighting Applications

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  LED lighting technology is applicable to various residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Check out the various ways in which LED is used and how it helps in saving energy and money. For more details, visit
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  • 1. How LED LIGHTING Finds its Application in Various Sectors
  • 2. If you are planning to install new lighting in your home or to upgrading the existing one, LED is always the best option to be considered. You can enhance the look of your favorite showcases, or adorn your backyard swimming pool with dramatic LED lighting, which also finds its application in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
  • 3. The right amount of creative and dramatic lighting makes a pleasant working environment for the employees. Due to its portability and different colors, LED offers flexibility to illuminate any shape and design. The controlled intensity and focused direction of LED sets the perfect mood at workplace. SETTING MOOD AT WORKPLACE
  • 4. Industries and factories are usually huge in size and work 24/7. These places require brighter light to work efficiently and in need to reduce energy consumption. Thus, LED is the smart move for them. Switching to LED light reduces energy cost without compromising with light quality. INDUSTRIAL AND WAREHOUSE LIGHTING
  • 5. LED illuminates any outdoor space in unparalleled ways with its enhancing visible appearance. Roadways and parking structures are now using LED lights to appeal its visibility and security. Cities are upgrading to LED Street lights to improve light quality and efficiency. Parks, hotels, airport, and railway station are switching to LEDs for better light performance, security and to reduce maintenance expenses. OUTDOOR LIGHTING
  • 6. LEDs are actively used as lighting indicators because of their low energy consumption, low maintenance and smaller size. Mostly one color LED lights are used in automobile and traffic signal indicators. LEDs also act as luminaries for fiber optic cables that uses its light for signaling in telecommunication and for lighting application. INDICATORS AND SIGNALING
  • 7. With the enhancement in technology, LEDs are now available in waterproof form for underwater application. LEDs are now capable to create a dramatic lighting effect in your aquarium and luxurious swimming pool area along with cutting your energy cost. UNDERWATER AND SWIMMING POOL LIGHTING
  • 8. If you are looking to switch to outdoor or COMMERCIAL LED LIGHTING, TruLight LED™ is your ideal choice. To know more in detail, Visit : For further queries, Call : 1-816-888-5707 E-mail : SWITCH TO COMMERCIAL LED LIGHTING
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