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  1. Investigating A Media Institute Celador Films : (Owner Ship, Operating Model, Products, Market Position, Competitors) Show understanding of Celador Films Lo1-(A)…
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  • 1. Investigating A Media Institute Celador Films : (Owner Ship, Operating Model, Products, Market Position, Competitors) Show understanding of Celador Films Lo1-(A) Jarrad Carey
  • 2. Ownership • In 1983 Celador set up by Jasper Carrott and Paul Smith CBE and later on was taken over by complete communications, and this bought out share holders who included Paul Smith and Jasper Carrott. Celador used to be an independent product company in 1983 and it also a global light entertainment company. In 2006, Celador offered the rights and UK program library of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? for sale, with a view toward the eventual sale of other parts of the business. • In 2004 Celador took legal action against Disney for what it claimed were unpaid profits from Disney’s screening of the program in the US. • At a trial by jury in Los Angeles in June 2010 the jury awarded Celador (£177m) in damages after ruling it failed to receive a fair share of profits. • They have now became their own independent company because they have bought them selves out.
  • 3. Operating Model • Celador is a small product company. They can be funded by their parent company, but this would not be the case in Celador positions. • Co-funding and partnership can be an option for founding the movies, normally lots of smaller companies will create a film with each other and put together their funds. • To get their films made they contract freelance staff, this means that they are there to only make a certain film. • Celador does not use full contracts, they use freelance production crew to produce the film. • They sold distribution rights for Descent to the company Path’e. Path’e could then make as much copies as they want and sell as many as they want. • Path’e gives am example what what the film will be like to Celador for an amount of money and if Celador are interested they would give them the money and so they can make the film and then give it to Celador and then they can release it anywhere they want.
  • 4. Products • In 1999 Celador began to make films and altogether they have made seven in total since 1999 in a full 10 years and these seven films are: • Dirty Petty Things (2002) • The Descent (2005) • Separate Lies (2005) • Slumdog Millionaire (2008) • The Descent Part 2 (2009) • The Scouting Book For Boys (2009) • Centurion (2010) • At the moment they are working on a film production, music publishing, theatrical production and radio broadcasting. Breeze and Jack FM are two radio stations that they have. • TV: • All About Me BBC • The Detectives BBC • Many Jasper Carrott stand up shows, such as canned Carrott You are what you eat Channel 4 • Its been a bad week • The Hypnotic world of Paul McKenna National Lottery Winning Lines • Richard Digances Greatest Bits • Commercial Breakdown • Talking Telephone Numbers •
  • 5. Market Position and Competitors • Celador Films are in a competitions with ticket sales and DVD sales but the DVD sales would be later on after the release of the film. • Another company also release about several films a year which is Sony picture entertainment where as Celador have only done seven and Sony could easily produce in 2 years due to the money and budgets they have. • Though Celador is a small company they still have big competitors. The Smurfs and After Death cost over 100 million and were released by Sony. • Celador still have more big competitors like DNA and Film4. When they released 28 days later it in 2002 they had a budget of £5,000,000 and world wide and made a profit of $82,719,885. • When Path’e released The decent it had made a profit of $57,029,609 and was less successfully then 28 days later. • When Film4 released This is England they had a budget of £1,500,000 and they made a profit of £5,058,600 and made a lot less profit then The decent meaning the Decent was more successful. • They are more successful than Film4 but they aren’t more successful than Sony.
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