Bethany kludt | Tips of Staying Active and Fit

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  Bethany kludt | Tips of Staying Active and Fit
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  • 1. Bethany Kludt: Tips of Staying Active and Fit
  • 2. Bethany Kludt is a fitness buff who is dedicated to staying in- shape and remaining active. She has been blessed with parents who didn’t discourage her from being active outside of the home. She has many years of experience in gymnastics and was participating in the sport from the age of 3 until middle school. In high school she was active in golf, diving, and cheering.
  • 3. Staying healthy and fit is shown to improve one’s overall mood. According to, working out at a gym or in another way, such as participating in a round of golf or a competitive bike ride, can give you an emotional lift. In fact, their research has shown that physical activity stimulates certain brain chemicals that might promote happiness and relaxation.
  • 4. • Staying active also boosts energy and makes it less likely for one to become winded by doing everyday tasks like household chores or going grocery shopping. Yes, regular activity does require a certain level of commitment, but isn’t your health worth it? Your heart and lungs working more efficiently can provide you with more energy to go about your daily life with ease.
  • 5. • When it comes to staying active and fit, the motivation for many to jump on the ‘bandwagon’, so to speak (at least initially), is often to control their weight. Indeed, exercise is effective in preventing excess weight-gain as well as maintaining weight loss, according to
  • 6. • Staying active throughout the day can be just as beneficial as doing an actual workout and may be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • 7. • Bethany Kludt has not only found enjoyment in staying active, but also understands the importance of doing so for her overall health and well-being.
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