Analysis of 3 music magazine covers

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  1. Analysis of front covers (3x) 2. For the first cover I have chosen to do a Top Of The Pops magazine cover. The genre of the music is all pop and all the kinds of music…
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  • 1. Analysis of front covers (3x)
  • 2. For the first cover I have chosen to do a Top Of The Pops magazine cover. The genre of the music is all pop and all the kinds of music that are the most popular and relevant to the most famous celebrities. The first magazine is a Top Of The Pops cover. The cover shows the band Little Mix, who are a big band around this moment in time. There are other celebrities on the page who are in the news and music industry at the moment, and there are several different stories on the magazine. There are different topics on the magazine cover that indicate that the magazine is not all on Little Mix. There is a puff on a 'real life reader's' story. The three topics on the left third are about three celebrities who are popular and famous at the moment. The magazine is a BBC magazine and it has a bar code, a price and the website published on the cover. The main headline is about one of the girls from Little Mix having a secret, and to find out who it is you must read the article. The magazine cover is quite busy, and because of it being busy it draws in attention from readers making them want to read it because it is all full of 'gossip' and news on the most popular celebrities at the moment.
  • 3. The next magazine cover is VIBE. The genre is a more hip-hop and r'n'b than pop. The people who are featured within the magazine are still as famous, just are from a different genre of music. The celebrity featured on the magazine cover is Nicki Minaj, one of the biggest rap artists around at the moment. She is wearing a tiara, as she is dominating the magazine cover she is also dominating the music industry at the moment. From what she is also wearing, it shows that she is 'queen/king'. This magazine cover is less busy than the other cover, with only having a few article issues posted on the cover. The magazine has the barcode, the website and the price tag also on the magazine cover. The articles on the cover are all to do with male topics, and men based articles. So having a woman on the cover makes it look like the r'n'b world is a mans world. The magazine cover's house style is orange and white. They are the main two colours, apart from the writing in black.
  • 4. The last magazine cover is a cover from Kerrang. The genre of music is more pop, punk style than pop etc. It is again a My Chemical Romance based cover. The magazine issue celebrity is Gerard Way (lead singer.) He is holding up his hands and making them guns because of his at the time song that came out. Only readers of Kerrang or fans of My Chemical Romance would be able to interpret-ate that. The clothes he is wearing are from his new video 'Na Na Na' and the article involving Gerard Way and is band are on the new album they would of just published called 'Danger Days'. Aside from the MCR articles, there are also hall of fame poster specials. This shows that the magazine not only keeps in with the newest bands and music, there is also old music like Ozzy Osbourne and Slash within the magazine. There is still a bar code and a price tag, and the dates issue. There are a few pieces of text on the readers attention would cling onto like 'The UK's biggest gig guide!' and 'Exclusive MCR' etc. These are the bold, house style fitted texts that they would fit into and make the reader grab onto.
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