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  1. Data Centre Services 2. Our Solutions... Compliance DC Discovery and Migration Audit and Discovery Business Case Creation Dependency Mapping Migration Planning…
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  • 1. Data Centre Services
  • 2. Our Solutions... Compliance DC Discovery and Migration Audit and Discovery Business Case Creation Dependency Mapping Migration Planning Migration Execution Data Centre Exit Decommissioning, Moves and Asset Disposal Data Centre Decommissioning and Exits Data Centre Moves (Lift and Shift) Data Erasure Shredding Secure Transportation Asset Removal IT Recycling and Brokerage PC Disposal PC Recycling Hard Drive Destruction (Onsite and Certification) Asset Brokerage and Realisation Managed Services Asset Management BAU Disposals BAU Moves and Changes Software Rationalisation Migration Factories
  • 3. ISO 9001, 14001, 270001 accreditations ADISA and CNPI certified mobile shredding solutions Comprehensive commercials insurance cover ICO Data Protection registered Security cleared personnel Government approved data erasure standards Safe Contractor approved Approved by the Environment Agency to handle and treat waste Accreditations, licenses and permits... AJC and its partners together provide one of the most certified IT Recycling services in the UK today. We are proud of our accreditations, reassuring our customers they are dealing with experts in IT recycling focused on security, processes and the quality of service. A summary of our accreditations are as follows:
  • 4. Business Case Generation – Supporting the plan to move or change DC, including migration to the cloud, hybrid cloud, physical lift and shift, or combinations of. Discovery and Audit – Working with clients to understand their current infrastructure and the available options in terms of how the data moves, creating a platform for mapping and planning the execution. Dependency Mapping – As part of the discovery we work with clients to ensure the services are mapped to the correct underlying infrastructure, leading to the creation of logical and physical move groups. DC Discovery and Migration AJC offers a wealth of experience in supporting clients through change. During the lifecycle of a Data Centre, one of those changes will be a move or migration, which at outset can sound simple, however only those that have tried, truly appreciate the challenges it brings! Here at AJC, we have helped several clients plan and execute such moves from; business case creation to supporting financial justification, through to the creation of an end-to-end migration factory. Combining all the above, AJC Consulting offers: BusinessCase Generation Discovery and Audit Dependency Mapping Migration Planning Execution Data Centre Exit Migration Planning – Working with the data collected from Discovery and Mapping, we help clients create a strategic migration plan to include; time frames, resources, costs, governance and reporting. Execution – It’s essential to maintain clear reporting at such a critical stage. Working with the client’s available resources, our highly skilled teams have successfully delivered many projects through the execution phase ensuring comprehensive stakeholder engagement. Data Centre Exit – Managing the processes, people and logistics to ensure that relevant expired assets are appropriately retired, certificated and reported including the secure shredding of media and asset recycling.
  • 5. Decommissioning, Moves and Asset Disposal AJC has many years experience delivering change projects to its clients. From data centre moves & consolidations to full exits, our philosophy to a successful and trouble free project has always been one of compliance and fail-safe procedures. Our approach ensures our clients receive a professional solution, supported by skilled and seasoned engineers well versed in data centre move and decommissioning activities. Any activity undertaken is agreed in our statements of work (SOW) and signed off by all parties. All aspects of the project are tracked and reported back to our clients throughout our engagement. AJC can support you from audit through to an end to end managed project, arriving safely and economically at your new location. Simplistically, let us know which of the below services we can help you with and we’ll be your ”safe pair of hands” in getting you there! Data Centre Decommissioning and Exits - Allowing realisation of the intended ROI of any DC decommissioning and exit projects ensuring a robust compliant process. Working alongside of BAU activity to drive the required outcome. Data Centre Moves (Lift and Shift) – Working with clients to seamlessly move equipment between data centres ensuring appropriate risk mitigation, compliance and procedures to secure your assets whilst on the move. Data Erasure – In a world of growing security, risk and compliance, we help our clients dispose of any unwanted or unneeded data. Whether from tapes or HDD’s – ALL are erased and certificated on site whilst working in conjunction with your compliance team. Shredding – Following on from data erasure, AJC has a fully accredited fleet of secure compliant shredding trucks, ready to reduce your unwanted data media down to unrecognisable shards, at your site if required. Secure Transportation – Whether part of a wider services agreement or as a separate requirement, AJC has satellite tracked vehicles with all the required foam cases and transportation equipment to safely and securely handle your assets. Asset Removal – AJC can work to help you maintain a current CMDB, keep your DC environment clean and up to date by removing any unwanted assets in the appropriate certificated manner ensuring compliance. DC Decom and Exits DC Moves Data Erasure On Site Shredding Secure Transportation Asset Removal
  • 6. IT Recycling and Brokerage Unwanted electrical and electronic components is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. Together with our partners, we have overseen in excess of three million devices through the IT lifecycle. This knowledge coupled with our first class facilities ensure our customers receive the best possible service and solutions in the market place today. As an experienced IT recycling supplier within all sectors, AJC’s services are perfectly placed to provide its customer’s guidance through this complex market. We provide the entire lifecycle management service through four very easy steps: PC Disposal - AJC provide a detailed report with data erasure certificates for each device processed, ensuring all desktop assets are tracked and disposed of in a compliant and auditable manner. PC Recycling - Equipment is returned to our operation for data wiping and assessment for any potential residual value to be passed back to the client through its resale. Hard Drive Destruction (Onsite and Certificated) - Security Cleared (SC) engineers attend your site in our purpose built shredding trucks. All devices are collected and placed in secure containers prior to being shredded to 11 or even 6mm (MOD level) with certification. Asset Brokerage and Realisation – Depending on the clients requirements, AJC will sell or dispose of any unwanted assets. If agreed, any resale realisation can then be agreed and used to offset future disposal services or even future hardware purchases. PC Disposal PC Recycling Hard Drive Destruction (Onsite and Certificated) Asset Brokerage and Realisation
  • 7. Managed Service Asset Management BAU Disposals BAU Moves and Changes Software Rationalisation Migration Factories Asset Management and BAU - Take the opportunity after your DC Move or Transformation Project to maintain that real time snap shot of your clean environment. By allowing us to work with you on an ongoing basis, we can help you maintain this view. Whether acquiring, removing or retiring assets, we can track this by using our clever IP and tooling. This helps us work with your finance and infrastructure teams ensuring everything is up to date in real time, including assets that can be decommissioned and disposed of appropriately. Software Rationalisation - AJC has the IP, processes and people to manage and maintain your entire software install base, giving you a true picture of any over licenced and under utilised software. This is a real time view of your estate allowing instant visibility and decision making capability on all and any software installed on your network. In some cases, this has proven to save the customer £M’s in software licence fees with reduced complexity and lower compliance risks for many years. Migration Factory - AJC has a proven track record with the required skills, IP, Methodology and best practices to safely move and migrate you to any new location whether physical, virtual or both. So to help keep your BAU resources focused on running the IT for the business, why not let us come in and take the pain away from a disruptive move. We can audit, plan and manage the execution for you, either in its entirety or as a hybrid with your own teams. We’ve learnt a great deal delivering this solution many times over, all leading to an approach of continual improvement. Let us share this valuable experience with you and mitigate your own risk. Our clients would agree that: Having refreshed your data centre and completed your transformation, there is no better snap shot of your current IT estate. Supported by IP and process, let us show you how we can maintain that view. A one stop-shop for asset management, providing an economical solution that ensures you always only utilise and pay for what you need and can stand up against the toughest of audits… “We are a safe pair of hands enabling you to focus on what you do best, because this is what we do best!”
  • 8. A proven referenceable safe pair of hands, no matter which service you require Certified, secure and compliant managed asset solutions Highly secure and certified DC decommissioning, moves and asset disposal solutions Full DC audit capability Creating any up front business case and cost models, prior to any migration or moves Infrastructure and service dependency mapping and creation of logical and physical move groups prior to any migrations Full execution and delivery capabilities, including full end to end migration factories and managed services Summary At AJC, not only do we help clients understand the journey ahead when moving their data, we also have the ability to then execute your preferred solutions. Our board of directors and senior management team have over 65 years combined experience in running large scale IT recycling, data centre migration, moves and exit projects. During this time we have overseen the disposal and sale of over three million devices including complex servers, laptops and telecoms systems. Our promise to our clients is always to deliver first class IT Consulting, Recycling and Resourcing services across the private and public sectors in a cost effective manner, our main differentiator to our competitors. Choosing AJC you will receive: “First Mobile ADISA & CPNI certified solution in the UK!” “65 years combined management experience in the IT Consulting, DC migration/exit and Recycling world” “We’ve don’t it many times, it’s what we do best!”
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