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  • 1. welcome
  • 3. Written By DANIEL DEFOE
  • 4. DEFOE was an English writer and journalist who became famous with the novel “ROBINSON CRUSOE.”
  • 5. CRUX OF THE STORY ROBINSON CRUSOE Crusoe born in New York city as son of a wealthy merchant In Nineteen years, he made his first voyage . Unfortunately the ship collapsed , but he escaped.
  • 6. In 1659, he made a sail from Brazil. But the ship crashed in a storm near a West Indian island.
  • 7.  All the sailors drowned except Crusoe. He reached in an island. He collected food and other items from the stranded ship.
  • 8. He built a house there and started hunting.  Later he started cultivation and making breads.  He made a boat and acquired many other skills
  • 9.  One day some cannibals reached the island with some slaves.  Crusoe saved a person from them and named him as “ FRIDAY ”.
  • 10.  Again cannibals came with three persons including Friday’s father.  Crusoe and Friday killed cannibals and rescued them.
  • 11. An English ship anchored near the island and they reached the island with some prisoners. The prisoners included the captain of the ship
  • 12.  Crusoe made an agreement with the captain that if he save the captain he should bring Crusoe to England.  Crusoe and others defeated the mutiners.
  • 13.  Crusoe left the island in the year 1686 after his life of twenty seven years, two months and ninteen days in there.  He landed in England in the June of 1687
  • 14. THANK YOU
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